Calling young artists

Asha Karma and his volunteers at VAST are offering a ten-day basic art course for students. The classes start tomorrow. But, so far, only five students have registered. And they need at least ten to make the classes viable.

The art course is a good idea. Most children enjoy working with their hands. They love to create: to draw, to paint and to build. But good instruction on art and craft is not easy to find.

The VAST course is packed with good instruction and healthy fun. Children will enjoy a range of activities from basic drawing, sketching and charcoal to collage, watercolor and still life. They’ll also get to do outdoor activities like rock climbing and cultural visits.

This is exactly the type of activity that our students say they want during their winter holidays. So if you have children, please consider enrolling them for the course. Otherwise tell your relatives and friends about this wonderful opportunity.

To register your child, or to sponsor a student, you can contact a VAST volunteer at 327248 or


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  1. OP are you marketing for the Vast now. Comon lets make your blog more interesting. Arnt you worried about the new health system of letting the doctors practice after office hours. Can this solve the problem we are facing. People like us would not get good doctors who are already over stressed working after office hours.

  2. On the contrary, I quite like this gesture on the part of the OL. He is after all a peoples’ leader. A true leader leads through examples, not by dictating or ordering from the comfort of a well decorated chair and a warm room.

  3. this is a very good information…i am sad to know that many people aren’t aware of such activities. how do we get access to such information? i am sure there are many parents who would jump on such offers and love to send thier children for such courses…

  4. i couldn’t think of anybody else who would do this…. i am personally a big fan of VAST… they do a great job all the time… hope your own children going there too.

    and thanks for all the concern that you are showing in the national assembly.

  5. Asha Kama
    Boss Thanks for your concern, we finally got 14 participants and the course is in full swing, we are forwarding the program sheet for your kind information.

    25 Jan to 3 Feb 2009

    Day 1(Sunday) 25 Jan. 2009
    Introduction to Art / Art Materials Asha/Rajesh/Dorji

    Day 2 (Monday) 26 Jan. 2009
    Introduction to basic drawing and sketching through demonstration on still Life, shapes, sizes and hands on exercises Rajesh/Pema/Tenzin

    Day 3 (Tuesday) 27 Jan. 2009
    Introduction to figure drawing and on the spot quick sketching. An out door activity Rajesh/Pema/Asha/Pasang

    Day 4 (Wednesday) 28 Jan. 2009
    Introduction to Traditional Art and visit to Changangkha Lhakhang and Zorigchusum, Kawangjangsa Asha/Pasang

    Day 5 (Thursday) 29 Jan.2009
    Introduction to Colour Theory through demonstration on collage, Pastel and Water Colour with hands on exercises Rajesh/Pema/Dorji/Tsip

    Day 6 (Friday) 30 Jan. 2009
    Out door Water Colour exercises at Centinary Park,
    Changlingmethang Rajesh/Pema/Dorji/Asha

    Day 7 (Saturday) 31Jan.2009
    Outdoor education on discovering the spirt of team work and lunch provided by master Tashi Namgyal in celebration of his 7th birthday at Motithang or Yannick’s place Gelay/Kueron/Mam Yannick/Usa

    Day 8-9 (Sunday and Monday) 01 and 02 Feb. 2009
    Introduction to camping, night out survival, art and nature discovery, development of confidence/self esteem and bonding with friends at Cheri by the riverside, 30 minutes walk from the road head.

    Parents are most welcome to participate,
    its only one night out in the wilderness! Gelay/Tandi/Babyla/Tenzin/Ajay/Usa

    Day 10 (Tuesday) 03 Feb 2009
    Preparation, certificate awarding and Grand Exhibition for parents and visitors Asha/Babyla/Tenzin/Dorji/Phurba

    The exhibition is open to all so please come and enjoy.

  6. What VAST is doing is amazing.
    My support and congratulation to them.

  7. tchoden again..Gosh!

  8. VAST is an NGO, non-profitable and helping the youths of this country from straying away into drugs and other social issues. Anyone can support or market VAST…including the Opposition Leader or the Prime Minister of Bhutan if they are interested. It’s non of anyone’s problem. After all supporting VAST is for a good cause. There is no harm done in upholding VAST. VAST is the future of contemporary art. VAST is the the future of young artists. So please don’t be jealous when VAST is being supported.

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