Dragon Mania

There’s a festival going on at the Clock Tower Square. It’s an art festival. And it features the dragon, our county’s namesake. Young artists have gathered to create dragons of all types, sizes and colours. And our children are invited.

Take your children there. It’s warm and sunny outside. And the organizers have put together a range of activities to keep children and parents busy and interested. Naturally, there are plenty of dragons. Plus there are exhibitions, calligraphy, music, outdoor chess, street art, juggling, on-the-spot art classes, and rock climbing.

Rock climbing? Yes, rock climbing. The clock tower, it turns out, makes the perfect wall for children to try out vertical climbing.

Dragon Mania is organized by VAST, Voluntary Artist Studio, Thimphu. This festival, like all their activities, is carried out entirely by volunteers.

VAST is the brainchild of Karma Wangdi, popularly called “Asha”, one of Bhutan’s foremost social workers. Asha, himself an artist, left his government job in 1998 and set up VAST to promote art and social service among our youth. Why? Because while he, as a student, always had a qualified art teacher (his favourite was Mr Narendra Singh Gupta from Uganda), none of our schools today give art enough attention. Asha, by the way, studied in YHS from 1966 to 1976 – no prizes for guessing what I think is happening to our schools.

During the last 10 years, Asha and his team of exceptionally dedicated volunteers have organized art classes, camps, exhibitions, seminars, competitions and campaigns. In the process, they have influenced the lives of a thousand young Bhutanese. And more than a few adults.

So go to the Clock Tower Square. Support VAST. The festival runs through tomorrow.


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  1. Kudos to Asha Karma!

  2. Thank you for your kinds words la. I am from VAST. Unfortunately, when you click the VAST link, there seems to be a problem. The VAST website is: http://www.vast-bhutan.org

  3. Tshering Tobgay says

    Thanks Gelay. I’ve fixed the missing link! And updated the post.

  4. I am also a dedicated member of VAST and on behalf of VAST, I would like to thank you for all the kind and inspiring words about VAST and Asha.
    We all love Asha and VAST. Our imagination and creativity would have been one sided had it not been for people like Asha and organization like VAST.
    Thank you very much for visiting our Dragon Manina Art Festival and congratulations on being the Opposition Minister.

  5. Dear Massive Sir,
    We would have appreciated a little more on the Rock Climbing club.in yopur blog.We work with VAST and continue to help them and for that matter Youth or anybody interested in rock climbing.We at VERTICAL BHUTAN belive that strong country is made by strong youth and rock climbing can be one of the tool. We would like more people to know about us and our club and our goal.We have worked with Youth,Fire Dept and also RBP on variety of programmes ON ADVENTURE SPORTS. Our website is http://www.verticalbhutan.com
    Thank you sir
    “Vertical” Bhutan Rock Climbing Club

  6. i wish the media and ofocus more on VAST and all its activities. VAST has changed the lives of so many people, it gives children what our schools ought to but dont. and it needs support, support support. By the way, they are organising this monthlong classes for kids, saw a lot of good things in the ad, like all kinds of art, more rock climbing and camping. getting your kids to join is a great idea, they will learn a lot. I think it will be a great gift…i wish i could miss work for a month and join too! cheers to asha karma and VAST

  7. Lyenpo,
    This is not only my concern but the all Junior Engineers in this country’s concern plez…we are actually placed in garde 9 previously but it has been cut down to 10? Why this has happened and who is this responsible for it? For this issue we all Junior Engineers has discussed and wishes to forward to you once and than procced to rest so if lyenpo can raised our issed in the assambly plaese?…..

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