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Here’s an announcement from Jurmi Chhowing. I won’t be in Thimphu, but for those who are … please attend.

My apologies for going off the topic!
I’m requesting personal help. We are trying to help raise whatever cash/kind we can for the Tsunami/Earthquake victims of Japan.

Its called “A HELPING HAND” – (With The Journalist, Bhutan Today, Radio Valley, Kilu Bhutan Music School & Japanese friends & colleagues using their resources besides many others). We are building up to the event (a MUSIC concert by STUDENTS from KILU), and trying to create avenues/raise publicity for people to chip in and show Solidarity at this tragic juncture in Japan.

It will culminate with the Concert on Sunday 2:30PM at the Clock Tower. And you are ABSOLUTELY WELCOMED!

Thanking You, Sincerely, Jurmi Chhowing.




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  1. Thanks a Bunch, Hon. OL. Unfortunately Natural Elements (Massive (No Puns Intended!) Rainfall Just as the Show was about to Kick-Off) Prevented the Concert. So not its been postponed to coming Sat. Will have the timings confirmed. But nonetheless, it was still a success! People Hung Around, bought cupcakes, sandwiches, cookies (all offered free by various hotels). We raised about 150000-160000 thousand 🙂 And hoping we can up it some more by the time the show culminates this coming Sat (And JICA is holding a show to mark their 25th anniversary) … Thanks Acho, Really Appreciated You Posting It. Hope You Have a Jolly Good Trip!!!

  2. If you want more, ask ACC and RAA to get it back from Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Bangkok and give it to the Japanese.


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