Happy Lomba

My mother is a Khengpa and dad is a Haap. So our family has always celebrated both New Years.

Haaps (and Parops) celebrate Lomba, their new year, on the 29th day of the 10th month – that was yesterday.

Celebrating Lomba means eating huge quantities of hoentoe – buckwheat dumplings stuffed with dried turnip-greens, cheese and lots of butter. Good stuff.

Lomba also means sharing this delicacy with friends as an expression of one’s love, affection and loyalty to them.

All this means backbreaking work for Tashi, my long-suffering wife. Lomba would, indeed, be difficult without her!

I wish everyone Lomba Tashi Delek!


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  1. I forgot the number of spices we put in making Hoentoe…Anywyas a very heartfelt lomba to you and your family:) Hope the New Year brings us peace and happiness.

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