Sunday movie

I saw a movie on Sunday.

Drinchen (gratitude) is a love story that contrasts life in rural and urban Bhutan. And it draws attention to growing conflict between traditional and modern values. It is directed by Kezang P. Jigme, and stars Lhaki Dema (Best Actress 2003 for Chepai Bhu), Tshering Phuntsho and Kezang Tobden.

Drinchen is playing in Trowa, Changjiji. You should see it for three reasons.

One, you’ll enjoy the movie. The storyline is good. It has serious messages, but it is light. It’s enjoyable.

Two, you’ll support the local film industry. Bhutan makes about 18 feature films on average each year. The average film project costs about Nu 2 million and employs about 50 people. In our context, that’s serious circulation of money. And that is very good for our economy.

Three, you’ll support Trowa Theatre. The movie hall, which opened in July this year, has 440 seats, state-of-the-art sound system, air conditioning, backup power generator and a good cafeteria. Good money has obviously been invested to build infrastructure that Thimphu needs. Now Thimphu needs to use it. On both the occasions I visited, there were hardly 100 viewers each.

So go out once in a while. Go see a movie. It’s good for our economy.


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  1. I’ve noticed that young kids are one of the main reasons why parents these days are encouraged to watch Bhutanese movies. My son who’s barely 2 yrs old is really happy when he sees Bhutanese movie trailers on BBS or the channel of our cable provider. He’s extremely found of Bhutanese songs. Since then I’ve watched plenty of Bhutanese movies which was something I never did. I’ve noticed the same thing about many other families that I know.
    I think the market as such for the Bhutanese film industry within and outside the country is very good. I guess our film makers just have to be true to the uniqueness of our films and the kind of stories we tell.

  2. It’s very encouraging to hear good words on Bhutanese film industry. It’s high time for Bhutan to encourage art. In art lies the real intangible culture. Art is the core of the culture. Art measures the beauty of the soul. As a human being or as a humanity how do we know where we have reached? Industrial development shows where we have reached materialistically but art shows us where we have reached as a human being. Art is all about looking for truth. If we dont try to achieve art, we are living a lie. The art of filmmaking lies in the movement of thought and soul. I look forward to making some good films. Thanks.

  3. By the way, I recently made a short film called “A Girl With a Red Sky”. My first film. It’s a serious film. There are so many symbols, cinematic metaphors and subtexts to be understood and undiscovered. For eg. why “RED”? The story is about a young girl dying of HIV AIDS. And red is the color of blood and blood is the chief carrier of HIV AIDS. Also, since the girl is small she reacts to the desease subconsciously through her use of red color (in her family sketch she draws herself in red and her parents in black). Red is also the color of agressiveness. But in the film I dont explain all the meanings. There is more than meets the eye and I.
    I believe that in the art of story telling, there are two levels. The inner and the outer level. These two must harmonise to make an impact. A good story is not good enough, a good story must be well told. I hope people will appreciate what I have done. Thanks.

  4. A Khudori Soleh says

    salam to Bhutan

  5. Sorry, coudln’t resisit. here comes one more.
    We don’t realise how important stories are. And all art tells a story. Storytelling may be the most important civilising factor of our species. Stories are the glue of cultural heritage, passing on traditions, histories and social mores. Stories give meaning to our lives. It helps us define heriosm, leadership, responsibility, love-all the ideals that guide our actions. Withoput stories there are no heroes, no leaders. A story is a metaphor for life. All socities have both revered and reviled the story tellers. Looking at the media today, have we changed? Bhutan must take art together with economic development. In this modern materialstic world art provides much of the truth. What’s the use of being developed when we are shallow? The human soul gets its nourishment from the art. And cinema is a form of art. Thanks.

  6. We don’t get much to watch our films in the Dzongkhags. And when the producers bring in the movies they are being harassed by the Dzongkhag Authorities to complete formalities. Everyone feels that a seperate approval in each and every Dzongkhag need not be sought once the film is certified by the censor board.

  7. Tshering Tobgay says

    Anonymous-1: When will use release “A Girl with a Red Sky”. It sounds interesting. And the issue is important. Well done.

    Anonymous-2: I’ll look into the difficulties of screening movies in the Dzongkhags.

  8. It’s not yet released, sir. But I had a private screening. If Your Excellency is interested, I can always arrange a scareening. I didn’t know that your were interested in films. Any serious film buff or anyone interested in serious cinema will, I am sure, enjoy my short film. I’ll definitely let you know la. Thank you.

  9. wow the anonymous producer..isn’t that act of Bribing a politician???
    that is really great for an MP to Blog..It would be great others do this too..please keep it up.palden drukpa Gyello!!!

  10. Dear Mr. Opposition Leader,

    Blogging works! I’ll be honest. Generally, to most people, you come across as very egocentric and full of yourself. I am sure you know that. And many people are put off by just that alone – and don’t want to know you any further.

    Through your blogs, however, we are beginning to see how you are interested in carrying this country forward in a sensible intelligent manner. You have an opinion on every issue thats important for our society and country – and they are followed by suggestions.

    I voted DPT in the last elections, but it could have gone either way since my MP candidates were both good, had good foresight and conducted themselves in a cordial manner.

    I wish more of our MPs had an opinion at all, period. What is with this constant obsession with ME ME ME – Patang, Kabney, car, driver, pay raise, more pay raise???

    Do keep blogging – its a good way to connect with the people. And gives people a chance to see your human side as well.

    Now please go and do some hard-core opposition!

    Good luck.

  11. hi
    i have a good suggestion. why dont you bring up this issue of blogging…tell fellow MPs ..”guess what? i wrote this on my blog and i get these responses..ain’t it cool?” ..maybe other guys will also try Blogging and Bhutan’s Politics can go to a next level.
    I really think others should follow your steps of Blogging. I was shocked and disappointed at the News report of MPs not being allowed to bring along Laptops because, the speaker is believed to have said, they play games!!!! .. I’m sure these reporters lied or those who interpreted lied…i say that because BBC didn’t get the name of the speaker right.tashi delek

  12. Tshering Tobgay says

    Dear Salamani: Thank you.

    Dear Anonymous: Some MPs already know. The government too. FYI I’ve raise every important issue in the blog with the government. See the next post, written after i received a response from the RCSC.


  13. I have watched the girl with the red sky and just like the maker of the film says…it lets you feel HIV AIDS rather than just telling you about it. I think theres a huge difference between the two.

    Blogging is the most happening medium of expression lately and believe me.. people do take it seriously…i follow quite a few blogs regularly and similarly many others must be doing it as well. I wish our MPs would also follow and take up the issues presented here seriously and act…now that all their demands have been fulfilled…they are so empowered to serve the people. We are all waiting…

  14. Bribing? Are you out of your mind? Just don’t write for the sake of writing. I am not even promoting my film. I made a short film which will not be released in the theatres. It’s not a commercial film. I think I made a good serious film. If I wanted to make commercial films by now I would have made about five to six. I stuck to what I wanted to do. I wanted to make serious cinema than what you find right now in the market, a small piece of broken mirror from the Bollywood’s vanity bag. Thought that Opposition leader is interested in films. I just wanted to be appreciated and encouraged. By the way, the short film was funded by Unicef and YDF (Producers). Check your own integrity before you write something. I directed and wrote the film. My name is Tashi Gyeltshen (TG). If you (who wrote about bribing!) have anything to say please let me know.

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