Archery finals

Also beautiful

Also beautiful

The 2009 National  Coronation Cup archery finals are being played in the Changlimithang grounds. Team Phoja, who are widely regarded as the strongest team this season, needed just four rounds to win the first game. The score: 25 – 0. And the time: only 10:30 AM. Most spectators were resigned to a quick second game, and hence the match, in favor of the much more superior team Phoja. Some even ventured that the match would be over before lunch.

But team MPAB didn’t give up. They began the second match by scoring points before team Phoja, preventing, much to their relief, a second nill game. And they continued to do well till team Phoja overtook them to take the lead, 22 – 18. In the last round for the day, which started after 6:00 PM, spectators were treated to a dramatic turn around as MPAB scored four kareys to Phoja’s one sa-karey to take the second game 22 – 25.

The deciding game will be played tomorrow.


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  1. As always – the unpredictability and the beauty of the national game of Bhutan “Archery”. One always says that one can never predict the outcome irrespective of the nature of the strength of the team. I guess this was proven during this finals also. We heard that Team Phoja is comprised of all seeded players meaning all seasoned good archerys while MPAB may be comprised of new amatuer archers. In the end, I just hope the better team will be rewarded and in this finals – it is perhaps the PHOJA team the better team…but lets lets see what happens…

  2. I believe the Next tournament is Yangphel tournament. I am so looking forward to participating in it and have already made a team to do so. The convenience of Yangphel tournement is that it last only about 3 hours for 15 rounds. The rest of the time we can relax or go back to work. However, I feel there should not be anyone seeded players fixed since it is an open tournament and let those who make the better team win everything. Just a thought to the organizers. Also, we should be allowed to use all kinds of gadgets for efficiency of shooting like sights, release etc since it is an open tournament.

  3. Linda wangmo says

    Wow Lynpo, I am looking forward to see your performance, but as always I know you will in one of the best team. Its sad to know that people with money buy players and make a very good team. There is no competition at all. Innocents bhutanese are just happy that they could just participate. My question to team Phoja, are you guys happy to have knocked out most of the team before lunch. I guess you should be happy with all the ace archers. We have no chhoice but to play with the leftovers of yours. My prediction for yangphel is. winner Phoja, Runners up, Sharda and 2nd runners up Zimdra. anyway good luck.

  4. I have formed a team for the Yangphel tournament. No one is seeded on my team but all are “All Stars” in their own right and we are gonna win and rock the Limithang with dobji’s. Good luck with those in my pool.

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