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A big hit


This week’s featured photo is again about archery. The finals of the Silver Jubilee Coronation Tournament, which was, till 1998, called the Coronation Cup, concluded yesterday. As predicated, Team Phojas won the coveted trophy.

But Team MPAB put up a good fight. They won the second game. And matched the Team Phojas karey for karey in the third game, which was far more interesting and competitive that what the final score showed (25-8). In a dramatic finish, Lop Kinley Tshering, MPAB’s anchor, hit the target with his second arrow and cut Team Phojas’ choenda, which had been planted by Lt Sonam Lhagyal. But “Forest” Namgay, Team Phojas’ anchor, had one arrow to shoot, the last arrow of tha round. And that arrow found its mark on the target. So with the final arrow of round 11, “Forest” Namgay won the tournament for Team Phojas.

This week’s photo shows MPAB archers, most of them actors and singers, putting on quite a show. They’re dressed in uniform. And are probably the first team to play with dralhams. Three of them (“Keta” Karma, Kinely Sithub and Thinley) left Thimphu immediately after the match. They drove through the night, and are now in Mongar, in time to play their 2:00 PM Yangphel-style match!


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  1. Wow !!! Ketas indeed driving all the way from Thimphu to Mongar to play the next day. Isn’t that amazing, Is it love for the game or is it the thirst to win. I guess Keta’s will remain Keta’s. Good luck.

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