Happy holiday

A welcome sight

A welcome sight

Today, finally, after two years, it snowed in Thimphu. So, we got to enjoy a unique tradition: we did not attend office.

Nobody seems to know when it started or how it started, but tradition dictates that Thimphu residents – especially public servants – avoid going to office on the day the city receives its first snowfall of the season. And like most officer-goers in Thimphu, I take this tradition very seriously.


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  1. Lucky you!

    Happy New Year la.


  2. happy new year laaa.

  3. Happy New Year to You La

  4. What a dirty snowman! You should come see ours up here in Gasa – pure white.

    May the new (Gregorian) year bring you and your loved ones tidings of countless happiness!

  5. happy new year la lyonpo….may this year bring you and your family lots of happiness joy and success….

  6. You know OL,
    I had to go to the office. And you know why. Happy New Year.

  7. Double happiness – Snow and then now work (our public servants) ….

    And to spoil the fun.

    The so called “tradition” might have lost the Government at least 8 man years assuming 1/3 of civil servants didn’t turn up for work yesterday.

    I don’t know how RCSC views this. But I would definitely expect our senior officers and especially our leaders like yourself to discourage and not endorse such trends.

    BTW I was at work yesterday.

    Happy New Year to you too…

  8. With global warming and with climate change at our doorstep, such a treat is RARE so we should uphold this tradition. I agree with OL and I take it seriously too. It is not all about work and the amount of man hours lost but it is also something about doing unique things like this that enhances our GNH in Bhutan. Go for it……….


  9. Snowfall was a blessing for everyone. To the farmers for the soft soil and good apple next year…. as people say. For the civil servants as it was a holiday to give rest to their body. To the DGPC and BPC for the more water and thus more money. For the kids to play around. White is a symbol of purity (does not mean that we brown and black are not pure) and therefore purity of mind, body and speech. Let us all purify our minds and egos with the snow and begin a new year of peace, hope, happiness, prosperity and long life.

    Happy new year to druk-gi pho-mo raya-ra-lu

  10. We Bhutanese are truly UNIQUE! Where else in the world have you heard of disallowing a culturally significant day such as the “Ngenpa Gusum” but take great pride and pleasure in celebrating the first day of snowfall – an event not celebrated anywhere else in the world?

    Happy snowballing!

  11. Happy New Year

  12. First snowfall! What a holiday! Unfortunately our work depends on other people being at work, and since we didnt ‘get a holiday’ we had a hard time because of the holidayers. Couldn’t help wondering just how difficult it must be for people to go to work on a snow day when the snow was barely a centimetre and melted by 10 am.

    • Di:

      thanks for the gentle reminder.

      Many people would not have been able to meet government officials on that day. Some of them would have had to stay an extra day in Thimphu to get their jobs done. And some of the work–like yours and KB’s, for example–cannot be postponed.

      I like the tradition. But didn’t stop to think of the consequences. Thanks for opening my eyes.


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