Ridiculous fun!

Our Yangphel Archery season came to a sudden end this afternoon. Team ZIMDRA played TANDIN’S POP n ALL and GADEN PHUNSUM in the last of eight quarterfinal matches. All three teams had decided that they must win to proceed to the semifinals – it would be too difficult to outdo NAMSEYCHOILNG R’s 43 kareys for the only wild card spot.

With each of the three teams winning a set each by the 12th round, the three-way contest had become interesting. And, most of the spectators predicted that the winner would be decided by a penalty shootout at the end of the 15 rounds.

Round 13: ZIMDRA have 4 points; GADEN have 1; TANDIN’s have 0

Round 14: ZIMDRA hits the first two kareys (which would give them their second set). But GADEN rises to the occasion – they cut both kareys AND hit three more to unexpectedly secure their second set.

Round 15: TANDIN’s and ZIMDRA try desperately to finish a set in the last round. Both hit kareys and end up cancelling each other.

Karey count: By the end of the game, GADEN PHUNSUM have hit 29 kareys; TANDIN’S POP n All have hit 31; and ZIMDRA have hit 35.

Result: Team GADEN, with the lowest karey count, wins!

Ridiculous? Yes. But I love the Yangphel format. I love the ups and downs, and the highs and lows. Today was a solid low.

Tomorrow is the “seeded shootout”, a contest of accuracy and nerves among Bhutan’s best. I’ll be there. Not to participate. But to join the festivities.

The semifinals begin on Sunday. Expect a lot more excitement before Yangphel hands over the keys of a brand new car to Bhutan’s best archer.


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  1. I am sick and tired of Yangphel Archery Marathon. Please give tradfitional equipment players a chance to play at Changlimithang. Yangphel archery tournament has degegerated into shooting competition on sophiscated imported stuff rather than as socializing, up-keeping archery tradition of Bhutanese society. I am sure many competitors in Yangphel tournament is attracted by fancy prices, not because they want to play our traditional game. Yangphel tournament will go down as sporting gimmick promoting materialism and money making culture.


    • One would realize the with the start of Yangphel Archery, there has been increase in number of traditional archery players as well, and general increase in number of archery enthusists.

      Also, the tournament is open, one is allowed to use any kind of equipments.

      Cant see anyother way to promote our national game than organise a tournament – and Yangphel has done it in a style that attracts participants – young and old along with large number of spectators – which do keep them away from other activities like gambling or drugs

  2. Thinlay is sick and tired of seeing people socialize because perhaps his own time doesnot materialize into anything fruitful. I think Yangphel tournament and for that matter any tournament like basket ball, football, golf are all good valid excuses to engage the otherwise idle citizens of Thimphu and some members of neighboring districts. We have serious concerns of the majority of idle people getting into gambling “Shadi” and embracing the ills of certain socializing trends in Thimphu. Atleast the archery tournaments and other tournaments are serious efforts & initiative by some thoughtful people to take forward the social norms in a positive sense. We just wish there were more organizations and people who could organize games, tournaments, events like the Yangphel tournament to engage our idle minds and especially our youth to lure them away from the ills of development like gambling, drugs, and be in other undesired scenarios. The likes of THINLAY should come as a rare personality who becomes envious of any initiative taken for the benefit of the society. Our sympathy to Thinlay’s negative thinking and wish the organizers luck for glorifying the national game of Bhutan – Archery.

  3. Contrary to what Mr Romeo thinks, i am not envious, rather i support, of any initiatives taken by any groups, organization, or institution to promote healthy, productive, or socializing events provided the objective is to engage as Mr Romeo puts it “idle citizens” or keep them away from evils such as gambling, drug pushing or other undesirable activities. I want to ask Mr Romeo whether Yangphel archery tournament achives the above noble objectives.

    I am a lover and player of not only archery but many other games. Infact, at present I am actively engaged in week end football matches that is more refreshing and enjoyable as it is played during weekends and within a limited time, unlike Yangphel Archery matches that has been going on for weeks and weeks. Infact, sporting activity without time limit distract people from other important tasks. The most important negative impact of playing archery on imported compound bow i have observed is that some folks in low income group were tempted to borrow huge amount of money to buy expensive bows; some even sell their valuable properties such as land to buy expensive bows; and such effect creates social problem within a family.

    My beleive is that every sporting event has a beauty and attraction if it is done within a specified time frame with least disruption on other obligations in life and if it is held with least cost.


  4. While I support our national game, the yangphel tournament is organised just to make a quick buck. Otherwise, how do you justify a competetion in which three teams participate and in many instances the team with the least hits wins the match, really ridiculous. Then the distribution of the prizes also needs a serious rethink, like the person who hits the highest kareys wins a car and the person who comes in second wins Nu. 25000 or something, even more ridiculous.

    • The team with the least hits could always win since the ancient Bhutanese times – all our traditional games are based on game sets and not on total hits unlike basketball. We can get to cancel hits and occasionally make a difference to score – that is charm of archery.

      You should play archery sometimes and then maybe comment

  5. I support the national game 100% and also support the Yangphel tournament 100%. The reason being that it is a great tournament that engages people from all walks of life with different backgrounds to participate in this tournament. It is exceptional and phenomenal for Yangphel to organize such a format of tournament. Kudo’s to yangphel. The prize winning is just like any international event where winner or the best of the best takes it all. Tiger woods winning a million $$$$ in the first place while the runners up gets just 10,000$$$ and Nadal takes a million $$$$ while the runners up takes 10000$$$. I think it is fair to reward the best of the best. I suggest Yangphel to allow an individual to introduce the sweep all format where an individual can win the highest karey, highest bulls eye, highest dobji, etc etc if an individual vcan do it. It is only fair I feel. Right now they seem to allow an individual to take only one prize. I feel Talop Namgey Wangchuk could have won atleast 5 prizes this year judging by his performance.

    The duration of the tournament is also very adequate where it is conducted over about 2 months I think. An archer gets to play three league games and there is complete satisfaction of fun participation if not for winning.

    Thinlay and Guardian may be just two individuals who are not keen about this tournament but then the human nature is such that there will always be one or two envious people who will not appreciate the good done by certain people and are motivated to view things differently. So, the organizers should ignore such baseless comments and continue doing the good work that you are doing. GOOD LUCK.

    • I wish some people stopped talking through their hats, where did you learn that when Tiger Woods gets paid USD 1 million for winning a tournament the person coming 2nd gets only USD 10,000, the truth is that they are paid at least 50% of the winners purse which comes to USD 500,000. Likewise, when Nadal beat Federer in last years Wimbledon finals, he was paid about USD 1.5 million and Federer got a cool USD 750,000. Compare that with the best archer winning a car worth Nu 400,000 and the second best archer winning Nu 25,000, that too for shooting like just one karey less than the winner, absolutely ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the example which OL has given, the team with the least hits winning the match. So I maintain what I said earlier, Yangphel archery is organised just for someone to make a quick buck.

      • How come you have a machine? Were you brought up adequately? Do you know responsibilty and consequences of your action?

        Are you a retard?

  6. Guardian & Thinlay,

    Please visit Yangphel shop for a bow. I will request them to give you a bow each and get you both interested in our national game archery. They have made quick bucks from this tournament as you mention and will surely give you two a bow each. After that your jealous/envious mind will calm down and the archery will relieve some stress out of your frustrated minds. Both of you are good people for making this earnest effort to bring some disregard to some individuals making good effort for the sake of the society and nation. I just hope you two are not some bosses in some departments with this very narrow/negative attitude that no one will progress under your leadership but rather dwindle badly. The likes of you will just come around highlighting the negatives and positive and optimism if far far fetched. Kesara kesara

  7. Jealous about what, like I said earlier I support our national sport but Yangphel needs to see that the scoring system is more fair so that the team with the highest kareys wins the match and that the prize money is also distributed fairly. I would agree with you if there was just one 1st prize where the winner takes all instead of distributing it unfairly as is done now.

    With the present format, it is hardly the advertisemnet our national sport deserves.

    As for making a quick buck I did not even realise that Yangphel had an archery shop, this just about proves my point! If Yangphel sponsored even one archery tournament apart from their own, then I would believe that they are indeed promoting our national sport, until then I have no option but to believe that they are in it for commercial reasons.

    • Again, the scoring system is based on traditional style – game sets or kuus – it is NOT BASKETBALL.

      Play the game.

      And those who do play the game knows that Yangphel not only subsides their own tournament more than half of the expenses that fees cannot cover – they also sponsor tournaments all around the country – ask the organisers in Haa, Paro, Monggar

      Please use the such a public medium responsibily. The power that you have a machine and connection comes with responsibity that you write with heart.

      Someone said ‘Educated are impressed upon heart’

      • Thats what I feel about the Yangphel archery tournamnet, I give a shit about whether an idiot feels that we should support it just because they do. And how the hell do you know that they are not making money.

      • A matter of addition and minus of fees that are collected, some sponsorship amounts and deduction of expenses. And then getting the result.

        You know, like plus (+) and minus (-) and the ‘is equal to’ (=). Can you do that? Let me know if you need help.

      • You must be a joker to believe that anyone would organise a tournament where they lose money. Then again I forgot they have an archery shop.

  8. Your life seems to be bleak – seeing profits and losses in terms of figures and money. You know there are higher causes, social.

    And have trust in human beings – they are capable of higher ideals than just figures and money.

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