Talo archery

mila-tobgay-archeryI was in Puankha over the weekend to participate in a friendly game of archery in Talo. The game was organized by the local people to celebrate the inauguration of the Talo Sherda library by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck.

Built by the Zhabdrung, Talo’s historic archery grounds have seen fierce competitions among many successive generations of the neighboring villages of Talo and Nobgang. And the tradition of the grueling four-day archery challenge between these two villages continues to be the highlight of the local calendar even today.

This week’s photo features team Talo-Nobgay distracting Mila Tobgay, our ace shooter, as he prepares to deliver his arrow.


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  1. Sharp shooter says

    Mila Tobgay – an ace archer is definately a worthy praise due to his posture in the photo given but perhaps not the shot. After all it is the participation it counts. You have made his day I guess. Would you tell us who has won the four day archery battle. I am sure Talo won this year as I hear it is thier turn to win.

    Anyway, it seems like a lot of fun gauging from the photo.

    • Sharp shooter – Let’s put it this way: Mila had loads of fun. But the match was not the four-day shootout (at targets barely a foot high) between Talo and Nobgang. Ours was an informal friendly, between friends from Talo and Nobgang versus friends from elsewhere. And final score showed that Mila’s team won.

  2. Linda Wangmo says

    Just yesterday morning when I read your picture, you wrote this weeks picture features Jigme Drukpa. Now its Mila Tobgay. Was I dreaming. the picture itself have not changed but the name has changed. Whose mistake now.

    • Sorry Linda. The fault is mine. Fact is I spent a long time longing at two photos: one of Mila and the other of Jigme. After much thought I chose the photo of Mila, because of the people in the back…they were all smiling at the jokes being hurled at Mila. But I inadvertently wrote about Jigme. I only saw the mistake later. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the pointer.

  3. Mr. Viewer says

    Dear Friends,
    Its so great that our fellow friends are keeping up some of the age old cultures and traditions. I believe and remember my beloved grannys telling us about this competition between Talo- and Nobgang.
    Tashi Delek and indeed a great moment of cherishment to the moments of joy and the stands of enthusiasm in uplifting the old traditions and cultures

  4. pingpong says

    People’s lives should be safe-guarded from the stray arrows though. I am not saying about Talo archery field or particularly to this match. I am referring in general. Archery range in the public places should be banned. To point one of those, Zilukha Archery range just next to the classrooms is something to be looked into.
    Till then, have fun playing.

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