Yangphel’s record

Old archers

Old archers

Yesterday, Tob Dhen Dhey accomplished what many archers considered the impossible: they shattered the 60-karey barrier by hitting 61 kareys in 15 rounds. That’s an average of 12.2 kareys per person. That’s an average of 4.07 team kareys per round. That’s impossible to beat.

Yangphel has already entered Tob Dhen Dhey’s 61 kareys in their record books. Obviously all the Tob Dhen Dhey archers performed well. In fact, no one hit less than 10 kareys! And Ata Sonam hit 17 kareys in 15 rounds. That’s one short of the record held by Forest Namgay, Gem Tshering and Karma Tenzin.

The photo in the banner shows five old friends, four of them in their eighties, enjoying our national sport. They spent the whole day today, together, in Paro’s main archery range watching an exciting game between a team from Paro and one from Thimphu. I played for Team Thimphu. And had the pleasure of shooting in Paro’s old and historic bacho for my very first time.


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  1. GoodToSeePM&OLLaughing&Talking(aspiring) says

    Old and energetic people in this photo are our heroes. They have struggled hard to preserve our age old culture and tradition and constantly guide us as we march in the 21st century. They are exemplary of our times.

    I wish them all good health and long life.

  2. Phub Gyeltshen says

    Aii mo..these old men must have thought about their beautiful old memories. It is a thought steering reminder for all of us to wait for our time to come…..long live

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