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We are divided on the question of Bhutan’s accession to the WTO. 40% of you answered “No” in the poll that asked “Should Bhutan Join the WTO?”, 37% replied “Yes”, and the rest said, “I’m still unsure”.

I’ll give my views on this important matter soon.

For now, we need to consider another important matter: Druk Star! After four months of music and entertainment, we are down to the final five contestants. One of them will be crowned Druk Star this Sunday.

Our poll asks the burning question: who will be the next Druk Star?


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  1. The contest is a sham, anyone who can do math, are rich or have rich relative can win the contest easily.
    For example, if a person spends 100,000 on voting for themself, and win the contest, they still end up profiting.
    The only way to make it fair would be to offer no cash prizes, just recording contract or make it one vote per cell phone per day. In a small country like Bhutan anyone can spend a bunch on money and vote for themselves and win.
    It is different in India or USA, because they would have to spend millions.

  2. Many people have been quite vocal on the public forums on the Druk Star. While I do have my own choice and views I also prefer to comment rationally. Programs like Druk Star, apart from providing the platform for the upcoming artists is also a business venture wherein the organizers will definitely look to make some money. I am not sure if anybody would like to do it for charity. I doubt even people who vehemently object the voting rules will themselves take the risk and the time to do such a show given the choice.

    Ultimately it is the voice of the mass not of one or two individual. Some people comment as if there choice is the most accurate and that the rest of the people must humbly submit to their views. Least realizing each individual have their own choice and taste.

    So yes we vote for our own choice of candidate but we cannot deny the outcome of the votes as well. Its the people’s decision. Lets therefore keep voting for the candidates of our choice and keep our views to ourselves.

    My vote is to Jampel Yangzom but if Lop. Chencho wins I would not say he didn’t deserve. Its all a matter of votes and ones own luck.


  3. If one a contestants votes for himself either by himself or his friends and relatives 20,000 times, it is not really Druk star, it is that particular person’s family star.
    Duk star means druk star not Dorji’s family’s star, or Pema’s star. Where majority of person votes for that contestant, not just one person with money.

    How would you feel, during our election if a person is allowed to vote thousand times for a MP, it holds no value.
    So the only fair thing to do is one vote per cell phone.

  4. I strongly agree with truth. The proof to support “truth” are :
    1. majority who called live yesterday on BBS has chosen the contestants who lag far behind in the votes.
    2. Among public Jampel,Sonam Tobgay and Jangchu are popular, but the other two have upper hand in votes (no justice in voting process).individual can votes n numbers of times if they are money rich.
    3.General public love to hear from Jampel, not Chencho Norbu(highest votes).
    4.Chencho cannot sing rigsar(his voice quality here is last among five)
    5.Bhutan films producers have already selected contestants(having marvelous voices)to sing in their upcoming films.Here too no Chencho’s name.
    6.Chencho can be druk star coz of higest votes but his voice is not as marketable as Jampel, Jngchu, sonam’s.Meaning Druk star is equal to Nidup Dorji’s Bhutan Idol(last year’s idol who bag car was no where to be heard).no body like her voice. The public didnt choose her but some money rich people for personal gain.
    Therefore dear organizer think twice, about the process of voting i quote Mr Truth”to make it fair would be to offer no cash prizes, just recording contract or make it one vote per cell phone per day. In a small country like Bhutan anyone can spend a bunch on money and vote for themselves and win.” unquotes.Or if you are doing for money benefit do not call it asDruk star (it can be named as ORGANIZER”S STAR) eg KK production or Wisdom picture star).

    To the contestants:
    Please do not be greedy to caste votes to yourselves. Judge your voice wisely.If you think others are deserving than yourself give your votes generously to them.Even if you win out of greediness(not talent)it wont give you satisfaction coz your mind know that.Rather this unfair means of winning brings you misfortune for people around you shall be talking (KHARAM) about you.

  5. Dear Guys

    First of all let me thank the Organizers, including the BBS, T cell, B mobile and the Sponsors for putting up a great show for the people of Bhutan and keeping Bhutan entertained. I guess Bhutan should have more of this kind of entertainment. Reading the above comments I feel that its entirely up to the individual weather to Vote or not and i guess nobody is forced to Vote. Its upto ones self weather he wants to gamble by chipping in 100000 votes or weather he wants to gamble that amount playing cards or yam with his friends. I think Kencho Wangdi put up a great show by not thinking about himself alone. He has been giving away prizes to almost all the top twenty candidates who got eliminated. I think People should, more than their votes thank Kencho for putting up a great show and above all in Finding the golden voices of Bhutan. The filim industry would surely have choices, instead of having the same voices again and again in almost every flim.

    Dear Truth please make sure you know the differences between choosing a leader of the country and choosing a singer. I think entertainment and Politic cannot be mixed together. A worst singer can entertain the public but a bad leader cannot lead the country.

    There are also some flip flops on the show. Not with the singers but in between entertainer like Jalab Leki. During the last show he did a good job with the sound of a power chain saw and power trailer. Its a good show but I would also say its fake. Did anyone realise that its a recorded sound from the back of the stage and if you have watched the TV carefully have you seen Drangpon Tandin signaling someone to put on the sound……

  6. Linda,
    I am not comparing politician to entertainer, I am just explaining to Sonam the concept of Fair voting.
    Sonam mentions that whoever wins the contest won so because they are voted by majority of the people, but if one person or his families and friends votes for him 10,000 times, it is not really the voice of majority, is it????

  7. I have nothing to comment about this Druk Star. To me, it looks like our childrens singing their hearts out on a makeshift platform in the kindergarden years. Let us quietly watch and enjoy their innocence. No harms anyway. Rest, everything will improve with time. Believe me.

  8. Yes there is a possibility that Chencho Norbu might be voting for himself. Yes his friends and relatives must be voting for him too. But so are the friends and the relatives of others. I dont deny that. But 18,000 votes in two days was a lot of money. Nu. 90,000/- to be precise. So I doubt if people would like to gamble that amount of money. Even if a relative votes, I am not sure whether he/she will get a share of the prize money thus prompting them to vote more. and if its indeed about salary money going into votes and rich relatives, how about Phurpa Chencho? He is a poor villager. Basically I am not trying to defend that CHencho Norbu or Phurpa Chencho are better than the other three. In fact i even said that i prefer Jampel over others but some people are bent on forcing their opinion on the rest of the Bhutanese and declare that Jampel or Jangchub MUST be the Druk Star! This is ridiculous. Every individual has the right to their own opinion and I was just trying to emphasize on that.

    Another vote to Jampel yangzom!

  9. “The winner will also drive home a Zimdra-sponsored Maruti Swift car, worth about Nu 420,000, and hold the title of ‘Voice of Bhutan’. Second and third will win cash prizes. ” kuenselonline

    If I am a gambling man, sure I would spend 90,000 to win 420,000. Heck I would spend 300,000 to win 420,000, because you are still getting a profit of 120,000. People buy lotteries where the odds of winning are 1 in 20, 30, 40 million. The odds of winning druk star is 1 in 5. I would defenitely gamble on it if I am one of the contestants.

  10. The winner will drive home a car along with a cash prize. The first runners-up will re­ceive a cash prize of more than Nu 100,000. The others contestants will also get cash prizes.

    All top five contestants will get a free personal accident insurance of Nu 100,000 each from Bhutan Insurance Lim­ited. They will also get free two-way air tickets to Bang­kok, Thailand. They will also sign a contract with the or­ganiser for producing a music album Besides the prizes, the con­testants have been getting many offers from producers to sing for films.

    By Tandin Pem
    Bhutan observer

    See, looking at those prizes spending 90,000 on votes is nothing.

  11. So in that case any of the contestants can spend. It is not that only Lop. Chencho is allowed to spend. This is the only case I am trying to justify. Thanks for all the information.

  12. You never know, voting for oneself may just backfire.

  13. So finally…the suspense is no more. COngratulations to Jampel Yangzom.

  14. We are promoting materialism, greed, and a false sense of success. I thought meaningful happiness was the goal in the land of GNH. What values are we promoting in our kids?

  15. Finally it has been a Great show. All are entertained well…..

  16. all in all, that was just a copied show!!!!
    if we are really talented we have to create of our own creativness but kenchos was just copiied from nidup.that is all nidup’s idea. i dont apperciate rather fels embrassed laa.


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