Traditional women

Today, at Jagathang, Paro, a beautiful sight – women playing khuru, complete with dhar.

Where are the cheerleaders?


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  1. hero with 1eyes says

    OL ‘traditional women’ is you tittle. why is it so. you mean to say that men are modern one step ahead than women. small thing but important. for your tittle ‘ women’ would be appropriate.
    my understanding!!!!!!

  2. I haven’t interpreted the title that way. I think what Hon’ble OL meant by “traditional women” is women who are involved in keeping the traditions or involved in protecting/promoting tradition (one way by playing khuru which is a traditional game). It should not be interpreted as “women not being modern”. No unnecessary gender issues, please, hero.

  3. hero with 1eyes says

    tshewang, i respect your comment and opinion. i am not making unnecessary gender issue here, however the tittle makes it it so. u may be educated man or elite,but never forget there are thousands people who are not qualified as u, who are visiting this site for information. as O.l provide core issue of the government decision and plan, which is good for democracy. i appreciate it. if i always think and interpret like you,and everyone think and do same, our world could free of hatred and unhappiness.
    my opinion….

  4. Transplacement says

    Dear everyone! I am from the east and was brought up there, but I have never seen women playing khuru in my hometown. However, today I see in the Opposition Leader’s page women playing khuru.It says the place is in Paro. So, I am pretty curious to know if the tradition of women playing khuru was prevalent in the west since the olden days, or is it just as a result of importance of gender equality that has enticed them to play Khuru.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. I don’t care what people will say but I think the title of the photo is a complete misnomer!! It would be more appropriate if the title was “traditional game, modern women”. I had lived across two centuries and it was never our tradition for women to play khuru, doego and dha. It gives me goose bumps to watch such games. Lam Shabdrung would scorn and Lam Drukpa Kuenley would mock them but times are changing. I think it is time our traditions will be degraded and our cultures will be diluted. In not too distant future, we will see our women forcing their way into the “nekhangs” of our “lhakhangs”. And a new era will begin.

  6. hero with 1eye says

    i absolutely agree with your tittle suggestion. if i stress little bit on our tradition and culture. women never played khuru in past( i ‘ve never seen them playing, only few years back i heard from media)
    Buddha said that everything have to change,everything is impermanence. it is nice to see our women breaking social stigma,or social barrier.

  7. Yeah,yeah, everything has to change. Very soon men will start giving birth to babies and women will start growing p… LOL

  8. @hero with 1eyes. Thank you. The title was meant to provoke.

    The women were enjoying a traditional game, hence the title.

    But traditionally, women did not (or were not allowed to) play the game…so the one’s playing are not your “traditional” women.

    But they are challenging convention … something we pride in our women. So in that respect, they could be traditional women!

    @Transplacement. What is pictured is unique, in that women generally don’t play “khuru”

    @Tangba. “traditional women” was an intentional contraction of “traditional game, modern women”!!!

  9. I have never seen any Japanese women wrestling “sumo” to express their equality with Japanese men. I have neither seen any modern women bullfighting in Spain to prove they have gender equality there too nor any Thai women fighting cocks, a traditional Thai game for men, to show they can do whatever their men can do. I personally think it is very absurd for our women folks to playing these masculine games just for the sake of gender equalities in our country. Ever thought that is not our tradition, I wonder. There are many things women in our country can do and not necessarily do whatever our men can do. Mask dancing or “cham” is entirely men’s job and I am afraid a woman dancer will pervert the sanctity and deprive the blessings of the “chams”. “Khuru”, “doego” and “dha” are all traditional men’s games and it is better they remain that way. If we are talking about preservation of our tradition and culture, our men should not be promoting our women to play “khurus” and “doegos” and, our women should think again what they are doing because firstly, it is senseless. It doesn’t promote their cause for gender equality in any way. Secondly, it is blemishing our age old tradition and culture. Thirdly, it is very hilarious to see our women playing these games and dancing ” WAHA WAHA WAHA”..haha.

  10. We, humans, simply can not be contended with our place in a scheme of a thing. Man and woman have their places and specific roles in the course of human evolution. Crossing each other’s boundry results in a “classic evolutionery war”, the outcome of which is soley determined by our genetic make up. Thus, my question is” Are women genetically capable to play a game like Khuru, which in a scheme of a thing is in a man’s domain???


  11. Thinlay, I agree with you but again I think you are missing the essential point here. It is not about whether women “CAN or CAN NOT” but rather it is about whether women “SHOULD or SHOULD NOT”. There is a fine line between these two attributes. If you ask me if there anything a woman can not do what a man can do? NO. There is nothing. Men have climbed mountains and so did women; men have dived into the deepest seas and so did women; men have walked on the moon and so did women; men have flown into the distant space and so did women; men buy sex and so do women. Engineers, doctors, lawyers, mafias, smugglers, robbers, sweepers, thieves….you name any…..women are as good as men and, as worse as men could be!! If you ask me if women are genetically capable to play “khuru”, of course they are, otherwise you will not see our women playing ‘khuru’ at all.
    Mother Nature never really differentiated male and female domains in the animal kingdom but you know we are not just animals. We are on a higher level of evolution. We are human beings, homo sapiens. We just don’t use our natural instincts and genetic viability to live and let live but, more importantly, we also use our brains and consciences. We have so many special things that other animals don’t have: intelligent brains, amazing mental consciences, morality, values, ethics, social stigmas, beliefs, traditions, cultures and so on. Speaking in these contexts, I think our women SHOULD NOT play ‘khuru’, ‘dha’ and ‘doegor’ unless they still consider themselves as some kind of animal with no sense of tradition, culture, morality and values at all.
    Just sharing a thought.

  12. Tangba, I do admire your analytical skill and thanks for thought provoking comments.

    But i still feel woman should not play game which traditionally belongs to man’s domain. To me it is a funny sight women playing khuru and wrapped with colourful clothes. It is just my personal thought. I mean no offence to any opposite sex. Infact, i have high regards to many excellent ladies in Bbhutan as well as outside.


  13. Very good,Thinlay. Now you got the point: they SHOULD NOT play the game; not they CAN NOT play the game. There is subtle difference there, you see.
    Have a good day.


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