What’s in a title?

Our last quiz asked a straightforward question: What does HPM stand for?

Regardless of how you answered, it’s obvious that you knew the answer. But “dungsamkota” was the first person to register it. He answered: “HPM = Honorable Prime Minister.” And for good measure he added: “HOL = Honorable Opposition Leader”. Well done!

Your answers were interesting … and thought provoking. Thank you for taking part.

But one of you, “Dodo”, who answered “HPM: Hon’ble Prime Minister. Can this be used formally?” seems to have read my mind! Is HPM a formal title?

In Bhutan, we respect our elders and defer to authority. So it’s quite common to address our leaders with elaborate honorifics to indicate that we have a good understanding of their social and official rank. For instance, we regularly hear our ministers being called: Mijay Lyonpo Rimpoche.

But these respectful salutations are not formal titles. And most newspapers generally don’t use them. To be sure, journalists have sometimes referred to our head of government as the “hon’ble prime minister” but rarely so. And never in its abbreviated from – “HPM” – which would seem to make the title formal.

So I was surprised to see a press release from the cabinet refer to the PM as “Hon’ble Prime Minister” and “HPM”. If the cabinet uses these titles, they must be official, no? No!

Incidentally, that same press release also tells us who Bhutan’s first lady is.


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  1. I asked Uncle Google and he gave me this list!!

    HPM Health Policy and Management
    HPM High Power Microwave
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  2. For once, I thought we cannot expect more from a Class eleven passed Cabinet Secretary! but then there are definitely many more qualified people under him. The write up,to me, is not beffiting to be called a press release from the Cabinet Secretariet.

    Firstly, the use of the acronym (HPM) is definitely not official.

    and the following lines speak for themselves:
    “Honourable Lyonchhen was accompanied by the first lady Aum Rinsy Dem, Tshenyi Lopen, Lyonpo Thakur S. Powdel the Education Minister, Dasho Bab Kesang, Bhutanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka and senior monks from the Dratshang Foreign Ministry officials.
    ….Honourable Lyonchen is also interacted with the local media and met Bhutanese students studying in Sri Lanka today. ”

    Secondly, the title of Lyonchen and the Prime Minister is the same and one should stick to using one form or the other. In the so called press release it sounds as if the PM and the Lyonchen are two different entities.

    And Aum Rinsy Dem as the first lady?? I am not sure if the cabinet secretary himself is sure if we should call her that! I am not sure either but it sure does sound weird to me!

  3. Unofficially one can address anyone anything but officially, we really do have problem in addressing certain rank/category of people and it should be clarified by the concerned agency (Probably MoHC). The list goes as follows:
    1. Is it right to address lynpo to NC chairman, NA speaker and OL?
    2. Should we address Dasho to secretaries with white scarf? Similarly, can we address Dasho to Director Generals and Directors without red scarf?
    3. Is it right to address Dasho toMPs, Dzongdags, Drangpons, Dzongrabs and Dungpas?
    4. Should we address Dasho to lieutenants, captains, majors etc. in our arm forces?
    This looks trivial issue, but, we really get confused when we write official letters to these categories of people. Even, media houses are confused and some address them as dasho and some not. So, for clarity, I think, someone should clarify it.

  4. well, can we use this for the secretaries to the Ministries:
    1. Education Secretary,
    2. Economic Affairs Secretary
    3. Finance Secretary
    4. Foreign Secretary
    5. Agriculture and Forest Secretary
    6. Health Secretary
    7. Home and Culture Affairs Secretary
    8. Labour and Human Resource Secretary
    9. Works and Human Settlement Secretary
    10. Information and Communication Secretary.

    we come across many officials letters where someone writes.
    Foreign Secretary,
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

    Ministry of Agriculture and Forest.

    which one is formal and appropriate?? who to ask for clarification on these issues??

  5. I like Tangpa’s goggle search results. HPM means different thing to different people. What a rival quiz??


  6. The comment doesn’t related to the Press Release, although whoever had put up the Press Release on the Cabinet website contains scores of errors and unauthenticated information.

    In the name of culture, what we follow, perhaps is an indication of introvert nature that is common among people. I am here noting our so-called respectful address to our elders through terms such as ‘Dashos, La, etc.’ which in many ways is a barrier to conversation and convey of what you actually want to, because the moment you face a senior official, a Secretary, you are inclined to use Dasho and La and all and if you forget to use those terms, you are intertwined between what is your message at that time and ‘culture’. That invariably evoke ‘nervousness, confusion’ and notably ‘the courage to speak what is inside you.’ The misuse of such terms has not only worsened the culture in this respect but also there are exploitation of poor and innocent people demanding undue respects.

    Take for example, the seats of Judges in Court room is unimaginably so high that someone who has never been to a Court possibly land up bowing anywhere except the Judge and, even if you were right or have something to say while appearing before a Court, the position of the seat creates a fear inside you that prevent you to speak what you want and in some cases, we’ve learned that the tone, language and the way Judges speak in the Court room is something that is definitely not going to do any good.

    Another is use of Kabney. I know this is our culture and one will have their own understanding, interpretation, justification whatever, but in my opinion, it is an indirect caste system which we do not speak of openly because as mentioned already, we are introvert! Why can’t our kabney be like that of rachu, because honestly rachu doesn’t different who is who? I think only His Majesty, Royal Family and His Holiness Je Khenpo deserve colored ones, rest should be white or something like rachu. We are being contemporary here, in a democratic country, everything and everyone is equal and so must laws and rules apply uniformly. Just because a orange/red/blue kabney people violated a government rule, he/she can not deserve differential treatment than someone who doesn’t have the privilege.

    Just look around the world, which country has such coloring and differentiating Ministers and MPs, in most developed world, except for military, PMs and MPs are exactly how common people are, talk normal, eat normal, be normal and mingle normal and amazingly there is so much openness and transparency that anyone can challenge a PM or Ministers if he/she can go wrong. Do we have such opportunity? Because whenever you try to speak something, argue something or put forward something against someone senior to you or higher officials, even if you are right and irrespective of whether or not that work you’ve done is worth a consider, the kabney comes in between and, you gotta admit that ‘colored ones’ are right no matter what. So terms such as ‘mijay, dasho, rinpochhe etc etc.’ are proving unnecessarily a hindrance to the conservation that must be meaningful and constructive rather than praise and useless.

  7. All personal and non-democratic obsrevations and comments.

    If HPM is unofficial and not right, HOL is definitely wrong!

    Conceiving Royal Families above the law, PM’s spouse definitely is the first lady in the democratic society.

  8. Prime Minister is the official title by virtue of having been elected to this office. So your grouse must be against the “hon’ble”.

    First let me just say “how petty can you get? don’t you have better things to do?”

    As PM is the highest office in the system, is it not an honorable position? Can you tell us how you make a title official because I don’t know of any procedure to do so.

    Also it beats me how you didn’t know who the first lady was. Look at all constitutional monarchies and you will find that the spouse of the highest elected leader is the First Lady.

    Please restrain your pettiness and save your time and these pages for worthwhile issues.

  9. pem tshering says

    If the PM’s wife is the First Lady, then the OL’s wife must be called as the Second Lady. The wives of the Cabinet Secretary may be called as the 15th 0r 16th ladies. What’s there, after all, in a name?

  10. Indeed, color coding people’s position and rank is something very unique to Bhutan. I can not comment on its merits and demerits; but one thing is very obvious—it creates unseen yet impenetrable barrier when people try to cross over color line. Some may equate such division to caste system prevalent in our neighboring societies. And we all know what caste system does to human societies—low caste people are condemned for petty human ego harbored by so-called upper caste people. People talk so much of equality but in reality some are more equal than others. And such man-made artificial division will continue unless some divine intervention is made.


  11. I tend to agree with Pem Tshering;
    PM’s wife = First Lady
    SC CJ’s wife = 2nd Lady
    NA Speaker’s wife = 3rd Lady
    NC Chairperson’s wife = 4th Lady
    OL’s wife = 5th Lady
    10 Ministers’ wives = 6th-15th Lady
    Privy Council’s Chairman wife = 16th Lady
    DHI Chairman’s wife = 17th Lady
    Cabinet Secretary’s two wives = 18th and 19th Lady
    Who should be the lucky 20th Lady = HM’s Droyer’s wife?

  12. Someone has brought up the issues about Kabney and Patang. I agree about that totally- it does create a huge confusion. More than Kabney or scarfs whatever, what confuses me most is PATANG! Does Patang entail Dasho? Or is it about Kabney? While Drungpas, Ramjams, Dzongrabs, Dzondas wear Patang, some Director Generals, and Directors don’t. So going by that, Director Generals and Directors are not Dashos, right? But what about the so called POSITION CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM? In PCS systems, Director Generals and Directors are obviously at higher level than those Drungpas, Ramjams, Dzongrabs, and Dzongdags.
    Its very confusing how Patangs and those kabney things work in our democratic country.

  13. First Lady is the elected President’s wife, not normally used to refer to the spouse of a Prime Minister or head of the govt.

  14. I googled on “First Lady” and here is my result:

    First Lady[1] is the unofficial title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state. It is not normally used to refer to the spouse or partner of a prime minister or head of government.

    1. “First Lady”. dictionary.com. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/First%20Lady. Retrieved 2007-07-19. “2. the wife of the head of any country”

    Head of state is the common word used to refer to the individual or collective office that serves as the chief public representative of a monarchy, republic, federation, commonwealth or other kind of state.

    A sovereign state is a state with a defined territory on which it exercises internal and external sovereignty, a permanent population, a government, independence from other states and powers, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states.

    A prime minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system.

    Head of government is the chief officer of the executive branch of a government, often presiding over a cabinet. In a parliamentary system, the head of government is often styled Prime Minister, President of the Government, Premier, etc.

  15. * I googled “First Lady,”….

  16. Ha ha ha ha. Life is too short for many of us to waste time dwelling on this topic reading some “funny” comments. This topic of Dasho comes and goes but the reality is nothing changes. Everyone is a Dasho as it simply means competent, capable, rare, efficient, etc. Everyone has some aspects of the above words. But if we have to name a person that has all qualities of a Dasho, there isn’t one yet born.

  17. Thought provoking!… intense and well googled debate… but at the end of the day it boils down to formal and informal…which i suppose most of esteemed debaters have diverted… it is about HPM or say Hon’ble Prime Minister instead of saying Honourable Prime Minister… its in an abbreviated form which to our Opposition Leader is ‘informal’, its true. its just like terming ‘ma’am’ instead of Madam which is very informal in saluting someone, esp. if its the Prime Minister of a country. Interestingly for the first time the silly yet a grave mistake is from the Cabinet itself instead of from the media houses… Now what is our ‘ever vigilant BICMA’ planning to do with this… just a trivial mistake from the honourable Cabinet house i suppose…

    Now about terming 1st Lady i am also bit confused…i don’t have any office to comment on that but am praying my wife will be also in one of the 1000th lady… Cheers!!!

  18. “not normally used to refer to the spouse or partner of a prime minister or head of government” seems a very american definition.

    The actual situation in most constitutional monarchies is that they have prime ministers whose wives are referred to as first ladies.

    so should we go with what wikipedia says or go by the actual situation. should we go by the exception or by the rule?

    in some countries the highest elected office is that of president, in others it is the pm and others have some other title. But the bottom line is that it is the wife of the highest elected office in the country that is called the first lady.

    tho again, I believe in the US, even the wife of a governor is referred to as first lady.

  19. It is a pity how the HOL raises trifle matters in his blog. It is sad that OPPOSITION LEADER has nothing better to think of. What credibility will the outside world have on our opposition party due to its leader. Please think for greater good of the country and be visionary. This is by far no way to gain credibility dear HOL (good that it does not have an E at the end of HOL).

    HPM (the word H) hon’ble is not a title – no one can change its meaning to a title, so why argue – it is a prefix for Head of a Government, the Elected Prime Minister of Bhutan, who ranks as one of the few top leaders in the world. Honouring him with this honourific word is, I think, perfectly right, even if we had to change the meaning of the word. Your trying to defect anything and everything smells of jealousy.

    First lady – you already have the answer from Sonam_t above. Nevertheless, to answer to you; she is the prime minister of HPM and his family, so why should she not be the first lady – what is your problem if people called her so. Your wife can’t be even fifth as referred above but sadly she would need to be ranked after the ten ministers because you title is not that of a minister.

  20. Like some who have commented, I am also surprised to take note that the Opposition Leader who holds the post of the leader of those in the PDP, the second party in the historic democratic era of Bhutan even engages his precious time in putting such trivial matters in the blog. No matter what, this clearly indicates the hidden agenda which has nothing to don with something that will benefit the people of Bhutan. I think many, at least those who have seen the present PM for many years, will agree that he will deserve the title of Honourable even if he was not elected as PM. If even a Secretary or the MPs can be given the title of “Hon’ble” and “che-tho chen-gi”, then why not the PM, who is also a highly respectable, knowledgeable and man of integrity and reputation not be given the tile as Hon’ble? Let us not forget that he has also received a number of recognition awards from the Kings. He has made Bhutanese people proud in the international arena. I am sure many of those who have listened to his speech at World Leaders Forum will agree to. Even those outside appreciate. So, I think irrespective of the political differences, the OL as a leader for PDP must also appreciate the contribution of the PM to Bhutan. It is these small gestures that will earn respect. Searching “end of an egg” I think, will only lose credibility in the leadership of the second party in Bhutan. Many will talk about this over the years and months to come. Many read the blog but do not comment. I have no disrespect to the OL but if today I make a comment here it also means that we are sincerely participating in the discussion and sharing our views, views which could reflect hundreds or thousands of other Bhutanese.

  21. some people seem to totally misunderstand the issue either out of ignorance or deliberately to support their own point of view.

    The issue as accused by Libra is not whether the PM deserves to be called honorable, which he definately deserves so and so does the OL. Even the MPs are called honorable.

    The issue is whether HPM is an official acronym and if it can be used in an official press release.

    and as for the firs lady, Libra says to see Sonam_t’s post but that clearly says head of a state’s wife is the first lady and PM is not the head of the state here. But I personally dont care.

  22. pem tshering says

    For me, my wife is the first lady and all others, second, third, fouth and so on. Similarly, for the PM, his wife should be the first lady. Alas, all men are but under the control of their first ladies,including our PM JT and therefore, the Bhutanese people, indirectly.

  23. sameer jain says

    i took cues from Uncle Tangba above and Uncle Google directed me to wikipedia, for HOL

    HOL may stand for any of the following:

    The student reengagement program, Hands On Learning implemented by Hands On Learning Australia
    Head-of-line blocking
    Hellas On-Line, a Greek Internet service provider
    Higher-order logic, a branch of symbolic logic in which statements can be quantified over objects, predicates, and similar features
    HOL theorem prover
    House of Lords, the upper house of the UK parliament
    HOL, the former International Olympic Committee country code for the Netherlands
    [edit] See alsoHol, a municipality in the county of Buskerud, Norway
    Hol (role-playing game)
    tlhIngan Hol, the klingon language


  24. From wikipedia:

    First Lady is the wife of the head of any country or state.

    It is not normally used to refer to the wife of a prime minister or head of government.

    The Druk Gyalpo is the head of state of Bhutan.

    Head of state refers to the individual or collective office that serves as the chief public representative of a monarchy, republic, federation, commonwealth or other kind of state.

    Head of government refers to the chief officer of the executive branch of a government, often presiding over a cabinet.

  25. The spelled-out form of an acronym, HOL may stand for either “Hot Opposition Leader” or “Haap Obsessed Leader.”

  26. sonam_t

    Wikipedia note right on top of their page says

    “The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Please improve this article and discuss the issue on the talk page. (October 2010)”.

    Did you miss that or you just dont want to consider anything that goes against your points. It is only in the US that this view is held.

    So please do not use that wiki statement to prove your point as wiki itself has admitted that it may not be a general view.

    Actually it is a view held only in the US.
    It is far removed from what exists in other countries.

    You want to stick to the exception (US) and the wiki statement (cautioned by wiki itself) and ignore the rule (the general situation in other constitutional monarchies)?

    that say a lot about your logic and arguments!

  27. “Executive Order”
    After thorough review of the comments and references from many wise people in this blog, the OL is demoted to the 15th personnel in the hirierchy of democratic society of Bhutan and correspondingly his wife to the 15th Lady. The abbreviation “H” for honourable is also stripped off in addressing the OL.

  28. 1. I didn’t cite any examples or perspectives. So your citation is understandably out of context. I wrote the definition from Reference Dot Com which is an online encyclopedia, thesaurus, and dictionary. Now for heaven’s sake, don’t tell us these are not standard.

    2. You sure have a preconceived notion about me. I haven’t expressed any of my points or made any arguments here. I was simply quoting a standard definition after seeing many people coming up with their own. Why don’t you come up with equally credible quotations to invalidate mine instead of putting words in my mouth? As always I am here with an open mind, please prove us that this definition is only valid in the US. I would love to learn from you.

    3. I think you need to read once again what you have copied here. wiki is referring to the examples and the perspectives NOT the definition of the first lady. I don’t know what view you are talking about. For the record, I’ve never expressed my view. It is you who is over and over trying to exert your narrow views without any reference to any credible publications or facts.
    4. Now please please tell us/show us the well qualified rule that you seem to be well versed in. kindly justify your claim that the application of the dictionary definition I cited is only limited to the US. You seem thoroughly lost.

  29. sorry i forgot to address my message. it was meant for “tangled” in response to his self accredited theory constructed from his ‘seems to’ assumption.

  30. tangled,

    isn’t it funny that we are keen to adopt the title “the first lady” that first originated in the US but unwilling to go by its definition. in this case, perhaps we can avoid using the title if it is not applicable in our situation. or we come up with a new title something like “first jyt’s wife” befitting our situation and circumstances.

    depending on your next reply i may post a short tutorial on wikipedia for you.

  31. Can anyone tell me which countries the Prime Minister’s wife is the First Lady given from the media?

  32. “Your trying to defect anything and everything smells of jealousy.”

    Hahaha…Libra the Hon’ble in this blog has hit Kaare on the bull’s eye!

  33. Gigi

    Countries where first ladies are wives of PM are Spain, Denmark, Finland, netherlands, norway etc. Basically all constituitional monarchies.

    Where first ladies are wives of presidents/head of state are where there are no monarchies like USA, Sri Lanka etc.so the common feature of all first ladies are that they are the wives of the highest elected office in the state.

    its very obvious that refence.com refers only to the first ladies of USA. But of course since it suited you, you did not bother to find what is prevalent in other countries.

    Actually, its worse than that because yous read wikipedia and posted a definition from there which says:

    “First Lady[1] is the unofficial title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state. It is not normally used to refer to the spouse or partner of a prime minister or head of government.”

    After that your next post says

    “First Lady is the wife of the head of any country or state.”

    This is of course wrong as its not the wife of “head of any country or state” .

    It is only some countries like the US, Sri Lanka etc.

    Your posts are riddled with big gaping holes and deliberate or stupid inaccuracies. I’d expect better from a dimwit.

    So study hard and then maybe you can presume to teach me.

  34. tangled,

    According to Wikipedia: “First Lady[1] or First Gentleman is the unofficial title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state. It is not normally used to refer to the spouse or partner of a prime minister or head of government.”

    The aforementioned perspective or viewpoint is that of Wikipedia. This is the reason why there is a remark stating that it may not represent a worldwide view. This perspective is formed from a published source, cited as [1] Wikipedia is cautioning about its perspective, not the published source.

    The published source has three well-known definitions of “the first lady”:

    “1. ( often initial capital letters ) the wife of the president of the U.S. or of the governor of a state.
    2. the wife of the head of any country: the first lady of Brazil.
    3. the foremost woman in any art, profession, or the like: first lady of the American theater.”

    They are researched and compiled from a number of leading associations and organizations:

    “American Psychological Association (APA):
    First Lady. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved December 30, 2010, from Dictionary.com

    Chicago Manual Style (CMS):
    First Lady. Dictionary.com. Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers

    Modern Language Association (MLA):
    “First Lady.” Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. 30 Dec. 2010.

    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):
    Dictionary.com, “First Lady,” in Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Source location: HarperCollins Publishers. Available: http://dictionary.reference.com. Accessed: December 30, 2010.”

    [1] “First Lady”. dictionary.com. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/FirstLady Retrieved 2007-07-19. “2. the wife of the head of any country”

    The inclusion of 2 in this citation indicates that second definition ( the wife of the head of any country) is used. If it only referred to the first lady of the US, then it would have used the first definition (the wife of the president of the U.S. or of the governor of a state).

    sonam_t: “First Lady[1] is the unofficial title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state. It is not normally used to refer to the spouse or partner of a prime minister or head of government.”

    sonam_t: “First Lady is the wife of the head of any country or state.”

    tangled: “This is of course wrong as its not the wife of “head of any country or state” .”

    My second statement is not deduced from the first. As I have mentioned above, the latter one is the definition from the published source while the former is wiki’s perspective. In other words, the latter is inferred from the former, not vice-versa.

  35. tangled: “Countries where first ladies are wives of PM are Spain, Denmark, Finland, netherlands, norway etc. Basically all constituitional monarchies.”

    Here is a factual error. Finland is not a constitutional monarchy. It is a parliamentary republic and widely known as the republic of Finland.

    I have confirmed that a wive of PM is officially not the first lady. The definition that the first lady is the wife of the head of any country or state stands valid across all nations.

  36. “I have confirmed that a wive of PM is officially not the first lady. The definition that the first lady is the wife of the head of any country or state stands valid across all nations.”

    Going by Sonam_t’s research confirmation, Bhutan is less a first lady. We need to wait for the Royal wedding to have a first lady. Until such a time, why not designate Hon’ble PM’s wife the Offtg. First Lady.

    Perhaps OL’s jealousy will boil out some more pointless topics to debate.

  37. …and I wish Sonam_t would do such research to improve efficiency in his job/profession.

  38. sonam-t
    your post is long-winded and full of all that you googled. Sadly none of what you say supports your point.

    Fact 1
    First lady of many countries is the spouse of the highest elected office. In Bhutan the office of the PM is the highest elected office. Your post did not and cannot disprove that.

    Fact 2
    First ladies in Sweden, finland, netherlands, spain, and a host of other countiries are wives of the PM. How is your post proving that this is not so?

    Fact 3
    Spouse of a king is a queen so cannot be first lady as you so idiotically posted.

    Thes three facts are sufficient to state that your very long post is full of arguments that prove nothing.

  39. First lady or First Gentleman is usually the formal title of the head of state. In Bhutan the King is the Head of State. Therefor Aum Rinsy cannot be the First Lady of Bhutan.
    The English PM ‘s spouse is not referred to as the First Lady, and the or Aussie PM’s live partner is not referred to as the First Gentleman (btw former Aussie PM’s spouses were never referred to as First Lady)
    The oxford dictionary (http://oxforddictionaries.com/search?searchType=dictionary&isWritersAndEditors=true&searchUri=All&q=first+lady&_searchBtn=Search&contentVersion=WORLD) defines First lady as:

    1. First Lady
    …the wife of the President of the US or other head of state…

    2. first lady in First Lady
    …the leading woman in a particular activity or profession…

    3. First Lady of the American Theater in Hayes, Helen
    …(1900–1993) US actress; born Helen Hayes Brown; known as the First Lady of the American Theater. Her Broadway career spanned seven decades and included Tony-winning roles in Happy Birthday (1946) and Time Remembered (1957). She also appeared in movies such as The Sin of Madelon Claudet (1932) and Airport (1970)…

    I guess only the 1st one -viz defination of 1st lady as the spouse of a political leader- is valid for this discussion. Oxford dictionary seems to agree with sonam-t’s definition.

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