Social media and politics


Mountain Echoes, a literary festival, starts this Friday. The festival, which has already become Thimphu’s biggest annual literary event, will take place at the Tarayana Centre.

Please take part in the festival if you are interested in art, literature and culture. It runs through 24th of May and is open to the public.

On Monday, 23rd of May, I join Gopilal Acharya, David Davidar and John Elliot to discuss social media in Bhutan. Please join us if you are interested.

I’ll be talking about “social media and politics in Bhutan”. So I’m interested in listening to your views: has social media had an effect on politics in Bhutan?


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  1. In democratic Bhutan, media is an enemy of politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Media is an enemy of politicians” or “Politicians are an enemy to media?”

    Both our media and the politicians need to learn and elevate their sense of responsibilities. Instead of staying apart and pointing fingers at each other, they should come together to learn from each other. Only amicable solutions will take us forward!

  3. monu tamang says

    Thank you Honorable lyonpo for encouraging our views. In respond, i wrote about the effect of social media in my blog( expressing my views. Please do kindly visit my blog. I urge all of the followers to kindly collaborate Lyonpo in expressing yuor views.

  4. I would say that social media is just beginning to impact politics in Bhutan and I salute hon’ble OL for pioneering it. There’s very little doubt in my mind that it will have a massive influence in the years to come. It has given a voice for many a voiceless although it is limited to the IT literate. However, an unfortunate development I see is the pessimism and cynicism that is rampant in most Bhutanese discussion fora. There is too much of slander and gossip and not enough of constructive discussions. Discussion forums often give the impression that we are a sad lot, not Happy. So much for GNH. Social media gives us what no media has been able to provide thus far – to participate and interact without the limitations of time and space, yet it is only helpful if we use it appropriately. The move to eliminate Facebook from offices is perhaps an indication that we need to work on media literacy and education. If not, there is a good chance social media will be used for the so-called ‘dirty’ politics. Social media facilitates so much of the democratic ideals of participation but what we probably need to work on is the substance of that participation.

  5. Social media, if used responsibly, will increase efficiency and save lot of money in companies, corporation, government offices etc. It can assist in mass mobilization for any specific cause. It can speed up communication and its reach is universal.

    Down side of social media is that it eliminates interpersonal physical contacts;it is used to create panic and jitter in society; Social media can become addictive and i have seen young kids glued to face book, my space, Hi 5 late at night, and fail in their examinations. It is a tool to disconnect oneself from physical environment and let ourselves wonder in the endless cyber space.

    Therefore, my say is that use it responsibly and have some self-censorship. Educate younger generations on +/- sides of social media. It is a useful communication tool: do not abuse it.


  6. i guess it is going to be an intreasting discussion though……….. talkin about media – plz correct me if im wrong – i heard that media is going to be the 4th govt body and independent.?

    n how true is it when the above people have mentioned that media and politician are enemy?……… coz according to me sucess can be achieved only if there was a connection between the two?

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