Unconstitutional elections?

I have copies of two letters:

One, by the Election Commission of Bhutan, authorizing the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs and the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement “…to issue directives to the relevant authorities to hold elections where the tenure of Local Governments has expired or expiring”.

And two, by the Ministry of Home Affairs informing all 20 Dzongdags to conduct elections where the tenure of Local Governments has expired.

Both letters are unconstitutional. The Constitution and the Election Act mandate and require the Election Commission to hold elections for Dzongkhag Tshodus, Gewog Tshogdes and Thromde Tshongdes.

Clearly, the Election Commission is not yet ready to hold Local Government elections. But why authorize other agencies to conduct these elections? And why the urgency if the Election Commission will be, by its own estimates, ready by 2009?

The Election Commission should retract its decision and accelerate its efforts to complete its groundwork for local government elections. In the meantime, any elections to Local Government could be unconstitutional.


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