Deleting power

The “delete” key is powerful. I can undo what I’ve done. It gives me a sense of security. And a sense of power. I can, after all, erase a word, a document, a picture, or even my computer’s memory, by an effortless tap at the “delete” key.

The “delete” key is also dangerous. Once deleted, the memory vanishes into the dark depths of cyber space. That’s where one of my emails went. It was from Europe. From a person who wants to meet me in April. Please send me your email again. Sorry I made a mistake! But, I’ve learned from it. I’ll be more careful from now on.

I learned something else though. What the delete key gives is a false sense of security. And a false sense of power. Artificial memory, once deleted, is out of sight, and out of mind. But, it stays etched on the hard disk, and in the depth of cyber space too. Any whiz kid can fish it out. I’m not good enough, and neither are any of my friends. I am duly humbled.

The “delete” key is dangerous, indeed. Just like politics. Power rests with the people, never with the politicians. That, is one mistake I pray I will never make.

The “delete” key and politics. Both necessary, useful, and even wonderful. As long as we handle both with care, and with a big dose of humility.

(This entry was updated – and completed – with your help. Many thanks for your comments.)


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  1. i would not agree with you.
    Most Deleted data can be Un-deleted. If you delete from you computer, it goes to Recycle bin.You empty recycle bin and still it can be undeleted.Im told that US govt gives away computers donate to other places..but they keep the hard disk behind and destroy them physically!

    if you delete mail from mail client, or browser, they go to Trash. You empty trash..then maybe you deleted them forever ..well…not is out there somewhere in the server
    i heard Google keeps whatever is going in and out of their mail servers(for future use probably!!)..hmmmm

  2. i agree with anonymous

  3. Off all the Blogs you have put up thus far – this one is by far the most monotonous one. Is it intentionally to balance out OR is there a deeper meaning intended for the readers. Just curious….

  4. Hey guys

    While writing comments just keep one thing in mind Tshering Tobay is a Politician

  5. But you can always recover the things you’ve deleted, even mails. ITs always there in the trash can, you just have to recover from there. Even if you empty the trash can, you can recover things using recover software.So no worries:)

  6. …but if the file format is altered then it’s almost irreversible. i overrode win file system with linux and when i tried to retrieve win files it was not successful…

  7. hey guys….don’t worry….or curious…..he is just sad that actual power is bestowed to the people and not to the Politicians……
    else…my sincere request….get some first hand computer training with that hefty salary….good luck La!

  8. I think the underlying message here is that his excellency somehow mistakenly delated an important email sent for him by someone from Europe-he’s actually trying to reach that person (whoever he or she is) through this blog. The rest-he’s just trying to make the best he can with the word DELATE. Just kidding la.

  9. Tshering Tobgay says

    Anonymous (4:14) you are right. the authour of the letter from europe had obviously gone through a lot of trouble to contact me. but i deleted the letter accidently. and wanted to request for a copy. and learned a lot more about the delete key.
    well done

  10. I find the following method to deal with mails:

    1. Open a gmail account.
    2. Enable downloading of mail to MS Outlook…and set the actual gmail to archive mails after pop forwarding to Outlook.
    3. If you already have other mail accounts, enabling forwarding from existing mail accounts and set all new mails received in those mail folders to the gmail account (so you do not need to inform anyone of your change in mailing address).

    1. All your mails have backup in Gmail server (archived and search able if you need to refer to them again).
    2. You can access your mails whenever you want to in outlook.
    3. Your contacts need not know that you changed your email address.
    4. You can even set the sending address different from your gmail address (i.e., use your old email address) after authentication (simple procedure built in gmail).


  11. it was an interesting blog

  12. Precisely what I wanted for my research. Thanks. I will link back to you when it\’s written and posted.

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