Missing in representation

The day before yesterday we debated an important issue: roads. Roads are important as they are the lifeline of our country, and the only proven way out of poverty.

We debated this important issue because the public wanted us, their representatives, to talk about the need to improve and streamline the technical designs of the nation’s roads.

Who raised the issue? The public of Pemagatshel. Specifically, the people of Nanong-Shumar, and Khar-Yurung constituencies in Pemagatshel.

So I thought it was odd that the MPs representing these two constituencies were both absent. They were not there to introduce the issue or to contribute to the debate.

And who were the two missing MPs? The prime minister and the health minister representing Nanong-Shumar and Khar-Yurung constituencies respectively.


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  1. Just shows how committed you are to your promises. I hope people of P/G takes note of this.

  2. Goood issue….well, its true that they made promises…but i think its not that they didnt come or they left the room very intentionaly.There might be certain reasons…..
    Request for two MPs of P/G
    (why dont you give your reasons on this blog, so that people will come to get in your shoe)

  3. Ignorance isn’t bliss at times

  4. Bhutanese Blogger says

    If this is true. I am disappointed.

    And Pemagatshel deserves a proper transportation system. It needn’t be economically viable.. that is where the Government comes in.. there are social benefits as well..

  5. Bhutanese Blogger, I read somewhere that the World Bank finances our rural roads, and that they decided to do so several years back because they re-calculated socio-economic benefits of rural access and found it to be viable even in our country.

    I remember hearing that a high official of the World Bank went to live in a remote village in Trongsa, and saw that they have to re-think the cost-benefit of rural roads completely.

    Anyway, if they finance it, it has to be viable.

    On the two MPs' absence, I'd simply say "body speech & mind" … Nothing can be more important than those who empowered the MPs.

    And, if that's too difficult to swallow, it lacks in simple plain common courtesy.

  6. Khengpa Olo says

    you mentioned once that you wanted ” a quick lesson on defamation, libel and slander” i think it’s sometimes your common sense that need work.you wouldn’t need to learn about defamation and other stuffs that you’ve mentioned.first of all..you posted a picture of the parliament without mentioning source..if it;s taken from BBS or newspaper sites ..you have to give them credit.if you took them yourself..you need to ask yourself if you were allowed or supposed to do that.
    second: why didn’t you find out where these two guys were when they were supposed be in the hall to discuss??you should have asked that in the hall..then write here…or is your intention to Blog is for people like tchoden, Bhutanese blogger..who would subscribe to everything written here
    btw mr Bhutanese Blogger…According to what i understand about development, Zhemgang is the most underdeveloped dzongkhag.I would say Zhemgang needs proper transportation system..there are places where you still have to walk(cross 2 La’s) 2 days …and i think the construction of road should be economically viable somehow ..if it isnt viable, make it viable!!!thats where the government comes in..and there are social benifits as well

  7. Bhutanese Blogger says

    I can see why our Khengpa Olo sounds belligerent. I apologise for not mentioning Zhemgang — which of course, I know, is not well connected.

    As I see you are quite well informed, you would agree that I am entitled to my point of view, which I do not hesitate to express. I also reserve my rights to subscribe to whatever I deem appropriate.

    have a good day.

  8. Well if the main MPs are not there how did the Speaker and other MPs and NC reasons out their issues.We can understand the role and imp part the Mps are taking, and if i were to look at it.. ther were reasons to keep the issue pending until the two comes back…

    and that seem very simple to me so the there would not be any issues of attendances….

    and to the OL.. ur statement in ur blog that they were missing.. can u inform us more about there missing and unsolved issues regarding the same.. i can read only one side of the story and that is their missing.. and than what haappened….. Please let us know more on that

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