Opposition in hot water

I liked Bhutan Observer’s caricature for two reasons. One, they managed to make me look content and happy.

And two, Gyamtsho, my son, predicted my response. When his friends had expressed concern for me, he had assured them that I would find it funny. What did I do when he showed me the cartoon? I laughed. And the more I looked at it, the more I laughed.

I like the cartoon very much. But they got one thing wrong – the opposition is not “in turmoil”.

I wish we were. If we were in turmoil, it would mean that we were agitated and confused. But that we were alive. And that we were a strong opposition. So if we are in turmoil, Bhutan Observer should, indeed, be amused.

But we are not in turmoil. We are weak. Very weak. And a weak opposition is not good for a vibrant and honest democracy. The opposition has only two members – that’s hardly 4% of the national assembly. So we don’t fool ourselves. We are weak.

However, we work hard. Work honestly. And work diligently. We also work with confidence and courage. And try our very best to provide the constructive opposition that our people expect.

Bhutan observer should not be amused. They should be concerned.


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  1. sir your doing a great job. please keep it up. would like to request Dasho Damchu to open a blog. Thanks

  2. good job keep it up

  3. A friend of mine, working in your erstwhile Ministry, once remarked in response to my concern about the lopsided and skewed statistics in our parliament, that one Tshering Tobgay would equate and pack a punch of at least 5 MPs! As a young civil servant, I can only offer my best wishes and say “keep up the good work!”

  4. I think you are doing a wonderful job as the opposition leader.

  5. Ashang, you are mistaken.
    One TT packs a punch equal to 50 MPs, at the least.

    And that TT won’t let all the kudos go to his head either — right, TT?

    You are only human. You can do even better. As long as we the people speak up the truth without fear, and as log as TT keeps up his habit of listening deeply to the grass roots.

    Bravo to democracy!

  6. Tshering Tobgay says

    Yes. Together we can keep our government honest, responsible and accountable. The real oppostion does not sit in the parliament–it is only represented there.

  7. As someone said – Truth and hard work has no substitution. No matter how small your opposition is, we will keep watching and keep appreciating the genuine concerns raised when ever possible. Kudos to Bhutan Observer for the caricature…. Thats Lyonpo in his mid 70″s…

  8. Why is the Opposition Weak?

    In the begining, when democracy was brought in….

    * There was so much campaign and lectures and meetings on voting for the PM, and either party did not care to educate the people on the role of the Opposition Leader and it’s importance.

    *Did the Election Commision forget about it? Or did they expect both the parties to win?

    *Our Driglam Namsha prevents us from Questioning our leaders. It’s against our morals. But Did anybody tell the poeple that it’s now OK to question the leader and his actions?

    *Was there any extra effort and funds to educate the people on the role of the Opposition Leader?

    *The media is simply attacking, and not playing any positive roles. I don’t know if they realize at all what would happen to the Bhutanese Govt. had there been no Oppostion party in the country.
    Nevertheless, you are doing a great Job and I am with you.
    Show them times have changed and it’s ok to look one in the eye and say what?..
    Best Wishes

  9. i think this is the smallest and the biggest opposition in the wrld that i have seen… don’t know what to say accept ….. Keep it up and that we are pround of the opposition !
    one other thing….do papers in Bhutan have anything else to do or rather better… are we running shot of articles to cover or are we driven by some other motives… are there no ethical issues to these articles?
    Just curious!!! once again
    Go Opposition !!

  10. i meant “short”

  11. This blog is only for people who praise the OL. He doesn’t print or entertain any critisism or critical comments. Why not call it TT’s Fan Club Forum? He looks effective only because the ruling party allows him to speak whatever he wants to.

  12. i am here to disagree with the last comment. i don’t think the ruling party allows OL to Speak freely. Instead,whenever OL raises issues, they take it personally. Every MPs makes it a point to oppose the OL whether it make sense or not….i guess they gets a pat on their back after the session.

  13. anonymous 1:16-what a naive thing to say. Ruling party can’t allow or disallow the OL to speak. We are a free country,remember?


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