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A regular reader, Guest, asked me in “Lobxang’s anger”, my last entry: “Is your party behind this Solidarity Walk? I need to know.” Here’s my answer: “No, PDP is not behind the solidarity walk. And, nor am I.”

Ashan, another reader, commented in the same entry: “I just hope that PDP is not behind the Walk.” My answer, again, is that PDP is not behind the walk. We had, and have, nothing to do with it.

Now, what I’d like to know is this: why is PDP being linked to today’s walk?


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  1. Am I Right? says

    I think the reason to suspect PDP to be behind this walk is because Jigme Dukpa is rumoured to be the initiator of this walk. That’s what I heard in town although I have no idea if it is right. I think it is unfair for people to suspect PDP to be behind this.


    Being a parent also, I shed tears reading and hearing of such heart wrenching stories of the unfortunate incident and would like to urge the GOVT to kindly look into the possibilities of avoiding such disasters in the future. Was the dzongda able to call any higher authorities during this situation. I am sure the higher authorities could have mobilised a chopper to life the boys or could have devised other means to save teh boys. Many questions remain unanswered and we have every hope that the govt will dig deeper into this incident.

    I STILL SAY THAT THE WALK WAS NOT NECESSARY and I pity with home ministry and RBP who had to give them permission for this walk due to the requirement of the constitution.

    • Linda Wangmo says

      Dear Guys

      Come on Guys…. Think, Think…. People should be happy that there are people who VOLUNTEERed to take this walk and also collect funds for the parents who lost their childrens. weather OL is behind this or if Jigme Drukpa is behind this, the bottom line is for a good cause. We should be more happy that our people are not going for Hartal or Strike. Voulunter asked permission from the government and the Governemnt gave a green signel to go ahead and thats what Democracy is. Dear Am I right? Dear Ashan, Dear guest…Just take a drive to Chukha and ses the faces of the parents and you will realise why this walk is needed. As the assembly session goes on our PM and fly down to India but he failed to go down to Chukha.

    • Do you think u can fly a helicopter in the middle of night in between mountains? come on dont dream!

  2. Well, its so comforting to read the heartfelt concerns of the true bhutanese(otherwise also). I am also joining all of you in offering prayers to all the lost souls and to grieved families.
    Now the moment of truth!……I think we are over reacting to the already misfortunate event……
    Rather we should encourage the investigating team to bring out a strong findings so that the main cause and the follow up action could be carried out.
    Honestly on nobody’s side …..i think we are already fueling between the parties asking “whether PDP is behind the walk or not?” which is not at all relevant to the issue at the moment…..and What does this question actually mean????????

  3. disappointed! :) says

    …i feel sad that people are still hung up on the old divide PDP DPT and some would still go to the extent of shaming PDP’s name by linking it with some people’s emotional silliness….

    i don’t care whose idea and initiative it was to march, i don’t agree with it but i think people have the right to express, right to grieve, right to do watever that is they wanna do unless it infringes on other peoples’ rights and freedom…after all, this is a democratic country…No?

    But to form preconceive notions with intentions to create ill feelings towards one party is very very wrong and immoral. It’s high time people moved on…

  4. It is really heartening to know from honorable OL that PDP is not behind this walk as accused by some…somehow, i am still not convinced with the motive behind this walk. There are thousand ways to show our solidarity, perhaps in a Bhutanese way like organizing prayers, butter lamps, collecting donation, prayers in every school etc etc….

    I feel really sad that now people and media have started accusing rescuer for failing to rescue those boys….i can understand the situation those people must have undergone and their helplessness in the middle of night and i am sure those people and particularly parents must be still going through inexplicable trauma that their loved ones washed away in front of their eyes…..

    As of peace walk, they said that it is for peaceful purpose…..But my worry is, if this walk set precedence and future trend, then this could be a black day….otherwise, it is okey. No rallies in the world are organized to make violence, but in the process, few disgruntled people take the advantage and goes out of hand and the destruction are enormous…..at the end, only common people suffers! My sincere wish is, let this be the first and last!!!!

    concerned citizen

  5. Wang Drugyel says

    Whether one walk or sit to express heartache, why are some people so concern about it and start blaming for no reason. In reality all those blamer, I believe may not have even lit up one butter lamp for the deceased young children. Enough is enough and at least appreciate when somebody does something for them. I fully support them.

  6. There is a serious need to bring this issue into focus. People have jumped the gun wihtout actually findind out the real details. The government or the people involved should be applauded considering that the Dzobngda and the OC almost lost their lives in the effort to rescue the boys. Given the terrain and the time of the tragedy, a chopper was totally out of the question. Sometimes, tragedies go beyond the scope of rescue. What we have to appreciate is that people were ready to sacrifice their lives to save the boys. It is tragic that their lives were lost. The reality is that they are gone. What remains is the respect and recognition that we have to give to them who put their lives on the line in the attempt to save those lives. They are the true heroes. I take my hat off to them rather than indulge in walks intended to drastically transform real politics in Bhutan. That is a cheap shot.

  7. Am I Right? says

    I am a perent also and my hear is still burning and am not even reading the news in papers to feel better. The petition letter is good but the walk is uncalled for to set a precedence. I agree with Linda that not even one minister visited the site and is it because the Dzongda failed to report to teh head quarters. If no one heeded after being informed then no higher authority who got information cannot be forgiven for not acting promptly. I will drown in guilt if i was one of the authorities.

  8. You Excellency

    Thank you for letting me know that your party PDP is not behind this mindless act called the Solidarity Walk.

    I would also like to explain that I suggested a provable link between the PDP and the so called “Concerned Citizens” group because I truly fail to understand the real motive behind the Walk other than to discredit the King and the government of inaction even while fully aware that action was already in full swing. I felt that only a political rival was capable of such a mindless and disruptive act. Please forgive me.

    However, please reflect for a moment that both Bhutan Today and Kuensel had carried first person interviews with the families whose children were among those who were swept away. They have categorically stated that every one present gave their best to save the children. It was pitch dark and the water had swollen to dangerous levels. The location is in a tumultuous and slippery gorge. Even those who were struggling to save the lives of the children – their own lives were at risk. And yet they struggled tirelessly until the end. And yet, these Concerned Citizens are hell bent on spreading the rumor that the people involved did not do what was expected of them.

    These motley group of 30 odd people comprising of a two-bit actor, a confirmed drug abuser and a social misfit has the audacity to call themselves the “Concerned Citizens” as if we the rest of the people of Bhutan were not.

    I am terribly pained because in the first instance, they have set into motion something that is now irreversible – the strike culture. Secondly, even while they have recognized the fact that His Majesty the King and the government were already doing what was needed to be done, they still go ahead and go through the farce that was the Solidarity Walk. Thirdly, none of these so called Concerned Citizens took part in the rescue operation that tragic night and yet they mindlessly accuse and insult those who kept vigil and worked tirelessly throughout the night to try and save the children.

    Lastly, and that is the cruelest part, they turned this tragic and painful moment of great loss into a public drama for whatever private agenda they have.

    Their evil faces are now a part of history – they are recorded for eternity on video films and still cameras of the Police and the media. While such deceitful people will be incapable of any remorse even if this act of theirs brings this country to its knees, posterity will remember the event called the Solidarity Walk as a dark event in the history of Bhutan that forever altered the way the Bhutanese people will conduct themselves in future.

    I wish we could relinquish this madness called democracy.

  9. wow. people are dead against the walk…..
    I wonder why such strong emotions against it? After all, whatever the motives, these people want an inquiry, meaning they want to know exactly what happened. Everyone does. And the truth is the truth. If the government is faultless, that will emerge.

    Anyone who blames the 30 people on the spot that day, the dzongda and the parents who were there, should first do something incredibly brave, and then tell other people thet heroism is expected.

    But it is a shame that these boys lost their lives, and it is not true that nothing could have been done. If we have sophisticated rescue teams, equipment, it would have been a happy story of seven lives getting saved.

    Which is why we must make sure that this is the last time something like this ever happens.

    We are going to have situations like this again. Our rivers are getting more and more dangerous. We need to make sure that next time, we are equpiied, that there is instant government intervention, a ready organisation responding to the emergency, and a success story, something that everyone wished for desperately this time round. Ask the parents.

    We cant just let this pass by as a sad event and learn no lessons.

  10. pema tshering says

    Finally, people seem to understand the true menaing of democracy, and I would like to join all the people of Bhutan in building the values of a democratic nation envisioned by no other than our beloved Kings. No thoughts, no actions! Think, walk!

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