Visiting Sombaykha


“It must be very difficult”, I’ve been told more than once, “having only two members in the opposition.” Yes, it is difficult. And frustrating. But it is enjoyable too.

What do I enjoy most about my work? Visiting my constituency. Trekking through Sombaykha, Gakiling and the parts of Samma that don’t have motor roads are a highlight of my work as an MP. And I never tire of meeting the people I that represent – simple folks living mainly off subsistence farming.

I am in Sombaykha. This time, my visit will take me through every village in Sombaykha, over the pass at Batashay, and down to Sipsoo in Samtse.

The banner features the mountains beyond my constituency. I took the photo this morning, from Tegola, which stands at about 4,000 meters.


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  1. Like I always said end of the road doesn’t mean the end of journey. There is a new horizon before you at the end of the road.
    And I guess that’s what beckons us further.
    Of course, that’s what keeps us going.
    Have a nice trek and talk with your constituents(political or social is immaterial.)
    What is important is:Whatever we do we have to do the best. That’s all. Let others be the judge.

  2. DorjiDrolo says

    Make sure you make a difference in the lives of few people there. At least three during this visit.

  3. May your constituency visit be a fruitful one and may it bring much joy and happiness to the people there.

  4. I crossed Tegola four times in 2003. each time I swore I will never cross it again. When I last crossed to back home after completing my apprenticeship teaching I left my boots on the top of the la praying never to coming back. But I have lots of fond memories from that place which is still ages behind! I told people there that one day I will come there in my car and hope that doesn’t remain a dream. Now that you are the representative of the people there you must have promised them the road across the impossible terrain…I heard the road had stretched far enough. We trust you will keep your promise and bring Sombay back to future. I still dream of driving my car over tegola!

    You Banner Photograph is priceless!

  5. Hon’ble Lyonpo,

    You seems to be related to the khengpas also. Try to visit upper kheng once and see the condition of the people there.

  6. Good on you! I think you will be more constructive doing this.

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