Act against corruption

News that certain powerful people, including the prime minister and ministers in the current cabinet, were given large tracks of land, illegally, in Gyelpozhing has shocked our people.

News that that land had originally belonged to poor farmers, many of whom are now destitute, has angered our people.

This is terrible news. It’s alleged that land was taken from the poor and illegally distributed to the powerful. We should be shocked. We should be angry.

Today, we stand at an historic crossroads. We can investigate the “Gyelpozhing land grab case” immediately and completely. And, if laws have been broken, if power has been abused, if crimes were committed against our people, we can hold the perpetrators to full account. We can punish them.

Or we can hesitate. We can dither. We can vacillate about who, how and when to conduct an investigation. And we can risk allowing potential perpetrators to go scot-free – unquestioned and unpunished.

Choose the former course of action and we will have strengthened the rule of law in our country. A serious blow will have been dealt against corruption. And against the abuse of power and authority. And the trust and confidence of our people in democracy and the rule of law will have been justified.

Choose the later and we will have undermined the rule of law. The shock and anger that our people feel will turn to desperation, and that desperation, eventually, to hopelessness and resignation. Corruption will rule. Greed will become even more unrestrained. And our people, who will have lost all faith in democracy and the rule of law, will suffer.

So we must choose carefully. The path we take will have far reaching consequences. The decision we make is crucial.

News that the Anticorruption Commission will look into the Gyelpozhing land grab case is welcomed. But instead of committing to an immediate inquiry, the ACC has said that they are not ready; that they need to first complete some ongoing cases.

The ACC’s hands are full. And there’s no doubt that every one of the cases they are investigating is important. But this case – the Gyalpozhing land grab case – is different. It involves our senior-most public servants, political leaders who still wield considerable power and influence. And, more importantly, this case, unlike many others, has already become a national concern.

But this is not just ACC’s mandate. All of us must play our respective parts. If we love our country, if we love our people, if we want to create a just society, we must fulfill our duty to fight corruption as enshrined in the Constitution, Article 8, Section 9 of which requires that “Every person shall have the duty to uphold justice and to act against corruption.”

That is why, as soon as I get to Thimphu, the opposition party will call on the ACC to urge them to investigate this case, not in the future, but now, immediately, and completely. And that is why we will study the case carefully, we will raise questions, and we will demand answers – inside the Parliament and outside.


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  1. Looking forward for your return,we have lost faith in our leaders.Hope you won’t let us down.Good luck

  2. unforgiven says

    This would be a perfect task for the Ol and Damchoe. May be between now and the next session, two of you should go down to Gayposhing and get to the bottom of this affair. May be then the proverb “AWA KAM NATHERA LONGWAJIN DRIM NAM WONG” could be proved true.

  3. Thats great to hear, Mr OL. we expect to start from ur side invariably on Monday. Remember, the deeper story may reveal the involvement of not only the people indicated by you above but also some who are over above than what you have listed. Let us see……..

  4. My appreciation to you sir for seriousness and steadfast committmen in taking this issue as a national concern. There is no doubt it is one of the most serious issue in our country and even more so when it involves the Government and leaders who preach “zero tolerance to corruption” to the citizenry. I also sincerely urge the opposition to take this issue till the end for the benefit of tsa wa sum and the future of our most cherished beautiful country. We cannot afford to loose this precious country to the tyranny of greed and materialism. All the best OL sir. We the citizens are following this very intently. We would like to see the leaders walk the talk of “drangyam da drangden”.

  5. Sonam penjor says

    wonderful la, lyonpo, for your information, DPT has already started their campaigning for next election, Lyonpo Khandu was already in Paro, Dorji wangdi already invited many khengpas for dinner, Nandalal on face book, Pema Jamtsho inaugurating hand loom in eastern bhutan, and the most Lyonchen asking the graduates in orientation to ask him tough questions was the grate moves of some recent campaigning and today Lyonchen joining the amend the tobacco control ACT, very funny morons of parliaments.
    Anyway, we are with you lyonpo, we know they are some of the most corrupted leaders we wrongfully elected but now we have lots of faith in you. Please do the necessary and drain them out of our system. so many viruses in our system, let us be the anti virus la.

  6. Dear OL,

    I confess that I am less informed about the entire issue and am truly an ignorant layman. I confess that I do not form part of the well informed lot, however, I do know that majority of Bhutanese people are like me, an ignorant layman. The views I am expressing are the views of an ignorant layman.

    Had the leaders been innocent, they would have loved to expedite the investigations so that the issue would have died down before the actual campaigning for the elections start so that false allegations would not affect the elections.

    Delay in initiation of investigations into corruption charges indicate only one thing, the leaders want to cover the entire issue up. How innocent???

    Just a thought…

  7. allegations are flying wild all over..people are convinced they are true..but these have to be corroborated through an independent, complete & fair inquiry following due process of law..
    if what has been reported in the media turns out true, all the guilty ones should be punished without can they even think of taking advantage of simple farmers, rob their lands, distribute it amongst themselves,mouth fancy words re corruption, public service & gnh? these aren’t people who are starving..what is it that they want more? isnt what they have sufficient? it is sheer greed..
    these are public figures bestowed royal & people’s trust to make bhutan better..but they seem to have been too busy for their own selfish ends..the way these people bend so low in front of our kings & filled with arrogance  against others reveals them for the characters they really are..if the evidence is available, these are common thieves..filled with hypocrisy..
    ol should take a lead on this scam since, unbelievably, the prime minister, chief justice, speaker, ministers & senior officials all stand accused..all the accused should not be involved in the inquiry in any way..if it’s proven they are guilty they will have the unfortunate distinction of : 
    a. having collectively betrayed our kings & the bhutanese people
    b. misuse of power
    c. acquiring wealth through unlawful means
    d. breaking the oath they have taken
    e. being labeled greedy & unscrupulous thieves & criminals by the public
    f. being penalized& serving time in jail in a batch..
    it is important that ol takes the lead..from what I know, nobody can even accuse you of corruption..nothing will you are in a unique position to take this opportunity to prove to the people what you stand for, to expose the guilty for the vermin they are, to satisfy the public’s disgust, & finally to ensure the unfortunate ones who lost their lands get justice..
    lastly, remember, you have to be “thorough”..    

  8. We were waiting to hear from you Lyonpo…Please go ahead and let something come up on this huge corruption scandal!

  9. Finally, I am in full cahoots with the OL. The guilty must be punished, at the same time, OL needs to understand the stance taken by the ACC, it is not that they are shying away from investigating the Gyelpozhing land grab case, they genuinely seem to be short on man power. At present their hands are full with the MOH scandals and hence as rightly pointed by aum neten, the chairperson of the ACC, they will investigate this case in due course of time.

  10. Innocent until proven. Law protects all against possible false allegations. And those in power are more susceptible and they have as much right like anyone to be shielded from wrong press. Your Execellency, people make claims in all directions but those count who can keep thier head despite thier leanings.

  11. I really appreciate OL for his reaction to this and hope things will be sorted out sooner than later. we all are with you for this and such.
    As reported in the media’s, this is the tip of iceberg in the small nation like ours. There are such many things happening behind the curtains.

    I would also like to request our OL and his team to react upon the action taken by the DPT goverment on Bhutan Lottery to the officials who are guilty. The Action taken by our government is unjustifiable and invites thousands of criticism and questions.

    i would urge lyonpo to bring justifiable actions upon above issue. if not oour DPT goverment is inviting Bhutan’s Anna Hare….
    Please save our beautiful country from all those …….


  12. Excellency OL,
    Hit the Iron Red Hot,

  13. I second Chagdo, we need to punish those responsible for the Lottery scandal. Just claiming moral responsibility is not enough. I wish I can steal 2,700,000,000,000 ngultrum and claim moral responsibility without facing any kind of punishment.

    When we can put people in the jail for three years for carrying 100 ngultrum worth of tobacco products, it does not make sense to let people who cost our nation financially and destroyed its reputation to go scot-free.

  14. ACC has clearly indicated that now they are very very very busy with their job n can be look into this land scam right away. So, i believe ACC hand has tied n might be those land grabbers as warn ACC. Now who is going to investigate them? Do we also need like Anna Hazare to come forward n sit for fast till those corrupted is brought to justice? SAVE BHUTAN……PALDEN DRUKPA GAYLO!

  15. ACC has clearly indicated that now they are very very very busy with their job n can’t be look into this land scam right away. So, i believe ACC hand has tied n might be those land grabbers as warn ACC. Now who is going to investigate them? Do we also need like Anna Hazare to come forward n sit for fast till those corrupted is brought to justice?


  16. Of the two courses you have pointed in your write-up, OL, the one that needs to be choosen without any doubt is the first course. For the future stability and sovereignity of our beloved Kingdom, please act to your fullest ability to investigate and bring to justice the defaulters. Whether they are powerful or topmost public servants, the law of the land should apply uniformly.

    I used to have a trust to DPT government earlier. This Gelpozhing land news has reversed my trust. Should it come true, I will have no faith in the DPT team in 2013.

  17. Yangka Chojay says

    I too waiting to hear from you OL la.

  18. unforgiven says

    Sonam penjor, be objective in your assessment. When OL goes around the country when he has no portfolio is not considered campaigning, what makes you say that the DPT lyonpos are already campaigning. They are just doing their jobs related to their office. Are you saying that ministers should sit in Thimphu listening to OL fans like you. Stay on the topic for now and let us see how much guts OL really has in pursuing this case and how far he would go.


  20. True Dukpa says

    The land scam, if as per the media reports, shows that the hierarchy of misuse of power and corruption prevailed right from lower rug to the highest possible of PM level. One thing is quite apparent, not that this issue came up, but if we look at our country, sometimes, I get frustrated the way system functions in the country, while we boast being one of the unique countries with unique values such as GNH. This is not the only case that involves such mass scale corruption, if investigated the number of corruption cases in Bhutan will never end. It is just that proper investigation are never done as it is mostly the powerful and high holding positions are involved and because of this reason, I think even ACC backs behind. In this case, ACC has said that they will investigate the case but not now, than when are they going to do that, when the case is no longer under scrutiny?

    The list of people and positions in this land scam is quite alarming and, for this matter, even spouses are involved, how daring could it be? .. PM, Ministers, Dzongda, Director General, Chiefs, Army and Police Personnel, Drangpons, MDs, Project Manager, everyone is involved. There is not a slightest guilt that they have snatched the bread and butter of poor farmers of Gyelposhing.

    What could be more corruption and disloyal than to not to abide by the Kashos and Royal Decrees issues by our His Majesty. These people showed disrespect to our His Majesty the Fourth King by violating the Royal Kasho and illegally owning land in Gyelposhing. I, as much concerned as the poor people of Gyelposhing, want to see justice in this case. I have faith and believe in OL that you will pursue this case, punish the wrong-doers and return the land back to its rightful owners who are poor and helpless.

    Good Luck

  21. Thank you and good luck.

  22. i, personally being the citizen of BHutan is eagerly waiting to see what will happen next… we really need to do something… m with u la….

  23. if they r guilty they should not b forgiven…v have trusted them to govern our country not fulfill their greed…they should not abuse their power like that…i hope there will be justice irrespective of their status and power cause law should apply to all… and honestly i do believe they are guilty..its time to open our eyes and see the bigger picture..

  24. in a word, every rational and civilized bhutanese will agree with me: impeach the guys if the allegations were found true and well-grounded! everyone, irrespective of a politician or a poor farmer, must abide by the rule of law; no one is above the law. moreover, arbitrarily taking large tracks of land from the destitute by breaching the royal kasho, is tantamount to treason; a sign of madness, a sign that the officeholders are not responsible to the people. if they have distributed tracks of land to their relatives, it’s nepotism, which again is going against the rule of law.

    even if there exists a little evidence of being involved in kleptocracy and nepotism, those involved should be incriminated and punished. now that the issue has become a national sensation, it is no accident that these guys have been involved thereof. taking away huge tracks of land arbitrarily from the poor is categorically wrong and unethical, irrespective of how small the case is, and the responsible perpetrator should be brought to justice. likewise, protection of property is one of the three unalienable rights of the individual,and anyone found to have breached this, should be punished severely without exception. impeaching those politicians should be highly justifiable on the grounds that they have betrayed the trust and confidence of the people. if we impeach those who are found guilty, it will set a remarkable precedence; a new government will be formed or a new prime minister would be voted to office. that i think is true democracy!!!

  25. Dear Ol,
    well done and it is good to know that you will take action.
    some people punished just because of nu twenty thousand and they are taking poor people’s land. Now we will trust you to fixed this people. you should visit to ACC’s office immediately and frequently.

    I regretted to vote for DPT. I apologise to you. Now i will never make a mistake.

    all the best

  26. Rindor Dorji says

    Welcome back la lyonpo. We know you will make sure you find out what the truth is.

  27. Realistically speaking, I think we are expecting way beyond what a 2-member Opposition Party can deliver. I don’t know how it will be humanly possible for the Opposition alone to fight this battle. Looking at the list and profile of people involved, do you think Opposition will be able to fight this War? Unlike the Tax issue, this case involves people in judiciary too!

    We should have elected more PDP candidates in 2008 to have a stronger Opposition.

    God save our nation from Corruption.

  28. Hello folks
    Please Refrain from making any premature judgement. Yes, we have freedom to express, but it also means what we say is a responsible statement. Government has requested ACC to investigate a reported land scam at Galposhing. Let us wait and comment when ACC has completed investigation.

    Vindictive society is self destructive. Whether we are in ruling or opposing party, it does not matter. What matter is we should let law takes its course and hopefully truth will prevail.


  29. Dear OL
    It’s great that actions are coming on the way because justice delayed is the justice denied.

  30. Yes, HOPEFULLY – a big HOPEFULLY!

    This is an extraordinary case and if all the people mentioned by media are involved, I don’t know how ACC will be able to properly investigate the case.

  31. Dear OL,
    If what TL has reported in the paper about the land scam comes true, is a pity for the people of this nation and particularly Their Majesties the Kings. Their Majesties have pinned their hopes on these people and if these trusted group of people are into such practices, then where will we go. Except for Their Majesties presence, there could be chaos in this country. People of Bhutan: I think it is high time we all should speak and act like JFK if we want our nation to move forward in the right direction. I do not know whether my opinion is right but I would like to share some to everyone who reads the comments. When we join service right after our graduation we are all full of vigour and patriotism thinking and saying that we will do our best and serve the nation with 100% dedication and loyalty. We all come out fresh and the minds are all virgin thinking that we must now serve the Tsawa sum for what we have got during the last 15 or 16 years. We begin our service and as times rolls, we have to listen to our bosses who except for a few are not corrupt free. If we do not listen to them, we are indisiplined and slowly loose our promotion or anything we are eligible to. We slowly become a yes man and have to get into their shoes. Thats where this menance of corruption creeps in. And as time goes on we feel that this is a day today normal business. That is what has happened to the Gyalpoizhing problem if it comes true. It is only because of Their Majesties the Kings who have selflessly dedicated their service to this nation, otherwise there would not have been a nation as Bhutan if we leave it up some of these people. We are also fortunate that HM has constituted the ACC and people seem to fear, otherwise we could be like some of the African countries where some people suck on the country’s resources and finally run away to a foreign land to escape punishment. Kadrinchey Pelden Drukpa Lhagaylo.

  32. Sonam penjor says

    Unforgiven, you very well seem to be one of DPT’s active participant for social forums or black blood must be running in your circulation system which adds on to today’s heavily infected system with lethal virus like you. I am neither an OL fan nor DPT’s. But, I have a strong heart for the proper development process of my country. I have no idea why have you attacked me personally but i infer that you do not know a b cs of politics. Truth be told, OL has been performing great in his capacity but people like you will never realise.

    No doubt, the recent news that PM writing a formal letter to ACC is only adding fuel to fire. It’s a mere eyewash to our society. And ACC’s prompt response stating that it’s busy is all proving that indeed big shots including PM have grabbed poor mens’ land in Gyalposhing.

    And for Traaala, people who write like you here knows nothing. you better get off from this forum.

  33. Sonam penjor says

    For unforgiven, you have also said that you want to see the guts of OL, how far he can go in these case. You might have either said these because you know the out come of the case or you want to comfort yourself by saying.
    Your DPT govt. is already under lots of attack officially, now that you want to see the guts of OL, you may refer to the TAX case.

    No doubt, you do have that black blood…….. hope you are not one of those moron of parliament using the nick: UNFORGIVEN. If you are than you will never be FORGIVEN.

  34. In the First Place……Why did the people named needed so much land in that part of the country….
    I thought GNH was all about being content and they have more reasons to be content than owning a plot of land there……..Why? My limited understanding of Buddhism and GNH hinders me to understand this simple logic.Can someone enlighten me?

  35. unforgiven says

    Sonam penjor, it is you who diverted from the topic and now you are accusing me of taking party lines. Well, I don’t know about my blood or others’ but it leaves no doubt as to whose blood you are after and who you represent. Good luck to you and whoever you supports. Let your blood boil for all I care!!!

  36. Sonam penjor says

    ALL GOOD UNFORGIVEN, thanks that you at least went through what i wrote. My say here is, our ruling govt. is taking advantage in most of the deal they are making, so we need to give check to balance also.

    Cheers man, no sweats and worries.

    Lets build our nation together. If you don’t want to join in building at least don’t support the destroyer by supporting them.

  37. Dago Tshering says

    Dear OL,
    The issue has gained enough momentum and understanding among the readers and public but I am not at all shocked to hear such a case. The fact that those in power have definitely used their authority to acquire wealth without much pain has been the trend and is still being practiced except few service men who serve the nation before self.
    And yes, we definitely need investigation and justice in this land scam. Corruption unheard could exist but once such issues are bought on open forum and this time with valid process by the reporter, it should be thoroughly investigated. One pessimist opinion that I always have over investigation itself is the power of the government to subdue the findings. We seriously need social NGOs to fight for this justice and by default, the opposition is the other face of the people.
    We are with you OL and let’s leave no stone unturned. Rotting out corruption is already starting so let’s keep the ball rolling to make Bhutan not an absolute corruption free country but a country which acts promptly and penalizes those guilty. This way over time, the penalty and consequences of being corrupt will limit our desire to acquire wealth illegally.

  38. The Prime Minister has written to ACC for a thorough investigation…what is your view on this? How will you help ACC to come out with a just investigation?

  39. Dear sonam penjor,

    I just pity on those creatures like you to have written all nonsense. U can support any party probably u will prefer OL as indicated but i and fool like you dont have to take it personally. There is absolutely no reason for you to get hot-up and heat-up and if does, this shows ur prematureness and foolishness because this is a mere forum and forums are meant for sharing views on a chosen topic. Aaaaiii I wish u had some power to say me that i should get rid off from this forum as u wish me to, unfortunately u dont and i will never stop that…..the only way for u to ur peace is to coool down and cope up with all the writers who have the access to share…. good luck man

  40. Am sure OL had visited, discussed and raised his concerns with concerned agencies on Gyelposhing land scam. This forum needs OL`s sharing on the responses and supports backed.

  41. Sonam Penjor says

    Traaala, I am cool. This is a public forum and there is no reason I take things personally.

    Let us build our nation together. Join hands and root out corruption and negative factors of development. And we need to give it a check if the government is going wrong. We are not talking about DPT or PDP…JYT or OL TT…..We are concerned citizens here.

    So, cheers buddy!

  42. Good luck to you OL for your efforts, good or bad

  43. Jada ol

  44. “Let us build our nation together. Join hands and root out corruption and negative factors of development. And we need to give it a check if the government is going wrong. We are not talking about DPT or PDP…JYT or OL TT…..We are concerned citizens here.”

    Thumbs up!

    Yes, let us not personalize politics. Let us discuss politics, democracy and anti-corruption for sovereign Bhutan, sustainability and healthy Bhutanese livelihood, and the exemplary role of Bhutan to the world. You and I individually may have knowledge or not have knowledge. We, together can learn and improve a lot. Let us all aim for the improvement, not perfection!

  45. Following is an excerpt from Bhutan Today’s Editorial titled ‘Reprecussions of “Gyelposhing” published on 31st August 2011.

    “Everyone wants to know the truth. People cannot believe that all our leaders are corrupt. Some quarters of the public are saying that by unraveling such stories, the media is breaking and weakening the bond that has brought us to this juncture—truth and belief in each other. Few say they don’t want to read papers as new has become disgusting. ….An engineer from Trashigang asked this paper if the media is loosing it’s head. “The story better be true”. Another sector head said that he had stopped reading papers….We could say that the morale of the people, especially civil servants has been shaken.”

    Now tell me that this paper is not a DPT mouth piece.

  46. Yangka chojay says

    If anyone of them…..OL, Lyenpo,so on…Its there way of doing. There is no one to say in this Business. This is my COMMENTS…..!

  47. Dago Tshering says

    In this era of democracy and globalization, press/media plays a very important role and it is important for them to uphold their pace and dignity in pursuing the dream of opening up unrevealed stories from the past and the upcoming issues in the future. Least to mention, media should not involve in politics and there are indeed the platform for the public to learn more from the under cover stories.

    If we look back 10 years ago, there were absolute reasons in things not being adequately reported. Otherwise all this scams would have been known by us/ those who read papers. Simply because only few people directly impacted talked about it at a low tone note, otherwise no one knows about it.
    This is a good beginning, media and press should work hard to accomplish their mandate. We may hear lot of this under cover stories and fact now simply because we have modern, energetic and dedicated press people.
    It is embarrassing to hear loads of corruption happening at all levels now, but we can’t ignore it because of its frequency. Rather, we should (every citizen) be responsible in trashing out corruption. And my request to the media/press is to prepare enough background to these issues to keep the ball rolling.


  48. Your Excellency,
    The country and the people needs you!
    Looking forward la!

  49. Tashi Penjor mind your language please…………………

  50. Hi everybody,
    Try to be modest and credible in your thoughts. Although everyone of us we are sick of this maligned, yet place yourself before the mirror to imagine what level of corruption you would have done if you were to have that power. OL himself when was just an officer went into corruption if you all see the recent royal audit observations. That is clear indication that if he were given such authority he could have created bigger problems. As the leader of opposition he can even avail BOB loan of such amount that do not entail mortgage of properties of equivalent value. Please study to find out the facts if you don’t believe!!!


  51. zandretorma, if you know the truth then why can’t you speak out details about it here, and raise the issue otherwise don’t just assume and give fake information…. you have right to speak the truth if it is true otherwise don’t just bluff……

  52. Mr.Tashi Penjor mine your language please

  53. Hope OL would inite the Land grab problem as posisible as,since our farmers are suffering, Hit the Iron Red Hot. Thanks

  54. Hope OL would inite the Land grab case as possible as……….Hit the Iron Red Hot. Thanks

  55. ACC requires to be pushed to take up this case as a priority. Only someone like Hon’ble OL can do that. Please do that and god bless everybody.

  56. It is quite interestsing to observe the sequence of activities and events that followed regarding the land scam. As per the media, the Dzongdag ignores Royal Kasho and distributes land. The beneficiaries included the higher echelon of bureaucracy. The ministers and even Chief Justice receive their shares. They are pleased and happy with the performance of the Dzongdag. The Dzongdag is rewarded by a transfer to Foreign Ministry. He becomes the Chief of Protocol. Then in short time, he becomes the Ambassador.

    Sometimes, things fall in places so nicely.

  57. OL and TL making a good team! That is good business for BB too. Wish you all the best and I do hope that you are not biting more than you can chew this time!!!

  58. God Bless our Country!

    Under the Monarchy, people had so much respect for the kings so questioning his officers would have meant questioning the King, thus the people lived in fear while these so called trusted officers of the King built empires for themselves.

    Trust me this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    God bless us and God keep our K4 strong. I cannot imagine how our beloved K4 must be going through to learn that his most trusted officers betrayed him and how they acted behind his back. We Bhutanese by nature are good actors and more so, good comedians! our senior officers are famous for making a joke of poor peoples lives!

  59. I am utterly dumbfounded reading that article. Personally I feel that PM is making himself a public laughingstock by asking foolish questions.

    If PM himself believes in what he preaches about building a vibrant democracy and setting good example for the future leaders he should assist, without any hindrance and intimidation, and let the concerned agencies investigate the case and prosecute those perpetrators and criminals. But since PM himself, cabinet ministers, NA Speaker, Supreme Court Chief Justice, some members of the royal family and several other influential people involved “Equity and Justice” will remain just that slogan for political gain.

    Any citizen who deliberately disregards Royal Kasho is a dangerous traitor and is far more serious than the land grabbing issue itself. Sadly, we all know who will be the losers; those poor farmers.

  60. My apologies; I mean to say some cabinet ministers instead of “cabinet ministers”‘

  61. It makes big sense for a paper own and run by OL’s own brother to bring up a sensational corruption story indicting the top brass of DPT.

    As usual TL brings out only controversial issues and he has undoubtedly succeed yet again this time.

  62. Is it true the government is on the hunt to identify IP addresses within and outside bhutan and nab those anonymous posters in various open forums?

  63. It’s really sad to hear the land scam case in Gylapozhing, especially involving people in high places who knew the procedures of land allotment. In fact ,the most surprising and shocking information was that the involvement our hon’ble Lyonchen who stood for zero tolerance on corruption and the very person who stood on high moral grounds-on land grabbers and corrupt ones – I think he said the evil people who are bad for the country. I really wonder if he knew then what double standard was and is.
    “Me” thinks, that the tsogpoen was the real guilty one who tried to gain favor at the expense of the govt. He should on moral grounds resign. We also, expect the other beneficiaries to surrender the land, instead of hiding behind rhetoric and finding sympathy and support on an issue that warrants full condemnation.

  64. For all those bickering, please note that the PM has already directed the ACC to investigate the case, at this juncture what more do you expect him to do. As for ACC, they have clearly stated that they just do not have the man power to investigate the scam as of now. Just let ACC finish prosecuting some other high profile cases and then if they shy away from this case, then the knives can be out for them too.

  65. Furthermore, please note that the Gyelpozhing land grab happened nearly a decade ago, at a time when our big shots could sometimes get away with bloody murder sometimes.

    The fact that an investigation has been ordered into it by the PM himself needs to be appreciated.

  66. Maybe PM knows the investigation will never happen since ACC’s hands are full. By the time ACC is ready, it will be forgotten or at least DPT’s government would have come to an end. It is the same old story!

  67. Had it been in other countries, the people involved in Gyelposhing land scam would have long been sent out of the power. They are lucky to be in Bhutan.

    I have noticed that our leaders always seek gratitude from the people and people do pay it. But, I feel that the leaders should feel gratitude to the people as they are let do as they wish at the cost of people´s ………………….

  68. Lyonchen,with his feudal past, I wonder how many hundreds of acres he owns? Not being satisfied with what may have been grabbed from the poor, if he continued to grab land in Bumthang, Gyalpozhing and the huge estate he owns in Thimphu( which I believe was grazing ground of the Barps) God only knows why he went on to convince people about land grabbers, when he himself was equally if not more guilty.
    We come from a small society and sooner or later, the truth comes out. He should be advised to be more truthful and transparent.
    The PM has done some good and we expect him to do more, but he should also quit applying double standards whenever it suits him.

  69. OL and TL are a perfect combination to resurrect the image of the fallen PDP and this is true when the paper TL writes for is own and managed by OL’s brother. I wonder how many Bhutanese people are aware of this fact.

    If TL is to be taken for an unbiased crusader against corruption why doesn’t he investigate and write a story on how the PDP President LSN built a mansion at Motithang using GOI fund and how OL himself was mired in a controversial BSDP project corruption that runs into millions.

  70. Dorji, do you have any proof that LSN built his house in Motithang with GOI funding. If so, it’s your responsibility to report this serious matter to the ACC. No one should get away with corruption. On the other hand, if you are speculating on your own perceptions and prejudice, then, you should be careful about character assassinating someone. If you have the balls, come forward, Aum Netan will surely reward you. She is always looking for the big fish.

  71. Dorji please note that gelposhing land scam not only list DPT members but it list former PDP ministerial candidate, judges,bureaucrats, and two royal family members…And regarding LSN if u have any proof then speak it out and raise your voice, everybody will be there to support you and appreciate you, otherwise please be kind enough not to bluff without any truth. you are most welcome to share us the truth…

  72. potharey,

    Everyone knows about the GOI funds etc and story about the diversion of funds that went into sponsoring the OLs education in one of the ivy league universities in the US. That happened a long time ago, at a time when the powerful and mighty could get away with just about anything. Some may even have got away with bloody murder. It is just that everything has been swept under the carpet. Once the MOH scandal sees the light of day in a court of law, then some of the accused, just to protect there own asses may just bring out such issues from the past.

    Having said this, I just don’t believe what the PM said last night about there being very few people that had applied for land at Gyelpozhing. All fingers point to the fact that the deserving were certainly ignored. Otherwise, the public demands to know why the recipient of land at Gyelpozhing reads like who’s who list of the powerful in Bhutan.

    • Dear “guradian”: I don’t know about the GOI funds. But I did study in the USA. In 2003, I did my masters (in public administration) in Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. The funds for this came from an ADB-funded project. The funds were not diverted for my training, they were already earmarked for HRD for project staff. My nomination was processed through the ministry and RCSC. You are obviously concerned, so I’d like to know what concerns you: that I did my masters; that I did my masters in Harvard; and/or that my studies financed through a project. If you as much as suspect any foul play, please question me (here, on this blog; in person; by telephone or by email); and/or go to the media; and/or report the matter to ACC. I promise you my fullest cooperation. Tshering

  73. Dear OL,

    First of all please don’t play the innocent, if it was as clear cut as you make it out to be, such stories would not even have made the rounds. Obviously, there was some manipulation as the ADB funds could certainly not have been earmarked for your masters program alone. In spending the major chunk of the ADB funds for your own masters program, without batting an eyelid I can say that many other deserving candidates were deprived of their training. Would I be wrong in saying that you were the project manager of the ADB funded project, when you went for your masters. If you were, then I rest my case. Also, as a side note, can you please inform us how much the training cost.

  74. when pointing others… be sure with gud evidences otherwise don’t ever try to defame anyone…Just a suspecting can’t help without having single proof….anyway please clear about it to us as now we are eager to know the truth abt it….b

  75. that corruption cases in bhutan are appearing steadily & frequently is a after another they follow, appear in the media & are the subject of daily conversations..
    the anti corruption commission, for various reasons, appear to be only scratching the surface..perceived to be selective in their inquiries, depending on who is involved..
    once these corruption stories are highlighted in the media, it appears to grasp the public’s imagination & we can see an outpouring of their frustration & disgust..
    given the stand of the acc, innumerable corruption cases, mere lip service by this govt & most importantly the public’s desire to see that wealth acquired illegally is corrected, we need legislation on right to information..this will strengthen our media who are brave enough to expose such issues regardless of who is involved, make those conspiring to corrupt think twice, and even allow public to access information as a right to curb this disease through possible public interest litigation..
    it’s weird that the govt & many others talk about zero tolerance on corruption & that numerous laws on just about all else are enacted..but when it comes to a law on rti, it just is not about misplaced priorities..

  76. Dengpo,

    If what you say is true, then good luck to the government and the state if they are truly trying to find the IP addresses of online posters. For the sake of the institution of democracy, I just hope that this is not true.

    Already seems to have been forced to close, which is a great shame.

  77. Indeed shame on whoever decided to close down or block Bhutan times. It is not a healthy sign of democracy. I wonder how long we can go on like this???.

  78. Why be selective about the OL and where he went for his Masters and which agency paid for it. The fact is, so many of us have availed similar opportunities and are serving the nation well. You should ask for a list from the RCSC and will find out the number of Masters funded through projects. Otherwise, the RGOB own its own cannot afford it.
    Regarding the sudden demise of the BTonline, I wonder if it has anything to do with the growing negative posts on the PM and govt. The elections are not too far away and they cannot afford too many proven facts on actions take before and after the elections. I can assure you more cases will surface on the PM as he often does not practice what he preaches.

  79. Tenzin penjore says blog has been blocked and the government is behind it no doubt. Of late there has been many negative posts on Pm and the DPT gov and the next round of election is near. Is this real democracy?

  80. My perception (though it may be wrong) is that Bhutanese have always chosen the later part.
    Corruption has been always there, and it has become more and more transparent in recent decades. All are corrupted including I and all the commentators here, including even yourself Mr. OL but what is the best solution ahead?

    Just my opinion.

  81. I am still interested in the ACC investigating the Gaylposhing land case. We don’t accept their excuse that they are overstretched with other cases. This case is an all time important one and other cases could be put on hold and start the investigation IMMEDIATELY!

    Also,a case of such importance should be investigated by a commission constituted under relevant provision of the law with supervision and or under the Gyalpoi Zimpon’s office. The commission can consist of disinterested group of senior retired officials from both the civil services, the police, the RBA and the RBG to come out with unbiased report. The ACC do not have qualified and experienced investigators. An independent and disinterested commission of inquiry will set a precedent and will enable the citizenry to have faith in the democracy.

  82. Dear countrymen,

    I am not surprised that most of us throw our opinions based on our assumptions and doubts. Government has nothing to do behind the closure of It has been hacked by a Turkish hacker and probably they are working on it. Most of the writers just try to blame the government and the PM for whatever reasons it may be. Why don’t you also visit various news sites to find out information and make your own conclusion.
    I for one, never made a mistake in electing the current government. However any corruption thereafter should not be tolerated or any corruption of the past that affects current situation should also be dealt with, but I think we can not handle to dig out every corrupt practices that where there before especially prior to 2008.
    If OL and media can dig out the corrupt practices and solve every problem, nothing like it but I am skeptical that any wise person can do that, any way.

  83. Fu8entsho seems to be better informed than quite lot of us about Btonline being blocked! Will BT corroborate the Turkish hacker story?

  84. Dear writers,
    Like most of you i am also not well versed in this particular case and other things going on in our country. As a lay man i believe what we hear is just the tip of the ice berg reported by the media. Under neath the surface of the water we don’t know their size.
    Not only the land case in gyelposhing, many things happened in our country which we find it very difficult to digest. Few examples are, action taken by the govt. on Samtse college of education’s case involving high officials of both civil servant and RBP, seven boys getting carried away by the river in front of the eyes of both security personnel and govt.Police officer beating the student.

    If we closely observe all these things it conveys only one message “MISUSE OF AUTHORITY”. I really don’t know how policy makers, matured people in high post and the opposition party feels but i as a common citizen of bhutan feel that misuse of authority is becoming a big problem in our country.
    Whether we accept it or not it is there every where. Starting from home and school to the royal court of justice.

    In this case i really wonder why anti-corruption commission is keeping a blind eye on it. People are suspended or sacked out of job just for embezzling few thousands in the process of organizing the activity. But they don’t really care when some one misuse their power. looking from a different angle misuse of authority has many affects on society.

  85. Respected dasho,
    this time it is a similar and serious corrupt act from Lhuntse Dzongkhag authority in bullying over a simple family who owned a meagre amount of land and taking a farm road through it forcefully on 13 dec without obtaining the NOC from the owner in Tsenkhar gewog. feeling helpless and over bullied,just would like to seek dasho’s advice if any such rights are given to the Dzongkhag authority by our govt.

  86. Last week the UK Energy Minister resigned because he has been accused of letting his wife take the rap for a traffic (speeding) violation some years ago in order to avoid his license being suspended. Both deny the accusation – but because his position is considered to be untenable until his name is cleared of the accusation, he did the decent thing and resigned from his ministerial post.

    Of course this would never happen in Bhutan. (For a start what policeman here would charge a minister with speeding?)

    Which minister here, accused (not convicted) of a more serious offense such as corruption or benefiting from a land scam would do the decent thing and resign his post until his name is cleared?

    Will the investigation into the alleged Gyelposhing land scam be open and transparent and conducted in the public eye?

  87. Respected Lyonpo,

    I would like to thank and appreciate for the concern that Lyonpo raised regarding the Gyelpozhing land scams. we people verbally and theoretically say that we must strive to fight and act against corruption but practically we haven’t done to prove that. We are good in theories rather than in practical. We fail when it comes to practice.The example shown by our top politician is very shameful and regret. How can we proof that we are best to the outside world? where is our GNH values? Why GNH values can’t be implemented? What’s wrong?

    Thank you Lyonpo for reminding us about such issues. We have a faith in you and we hope that this issue is raised and discussed time and again in the parliament before it vanish and disappear in a thin air.

    Thank you.

  88. As citizens and voters we demand the ACC solves this case and inform the people of the truth ahead of the 2013 elections. All voters must know their candidates and leaders well for a successful democratic Bhutan


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