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About a month ago, I posted the question on Facebook that asked: “What should the National Assembly discuss during the coming session?”

A whopping 1366 of my “friends” voted on the 73 answers they generated themselves. This morning the situation looked like this:

The top five answers, as you can see, are the Tobacco Act, corruption, disaster management, jobs and sports.

But there are many other suggestions. They include citizenship, social security national security, agriculture, irrigation; health, music, alcohol, FDI, BCSR, PCS and DSA.

One enlightened friend suggested that we discuss “How to liberate people from suffering”. And another suggested that the National Assembly “Discuss on raising their pay again”!

Thank you for your suggestions. We – Dasho Damcho and I – will see how we can incorporate them in our discussions in the Parliament and the National Assembly. We’ll do our best.

But I’d like to invite some more suggestions, this time for the National Assembly’s “question hour”. If you have questions that you’d like us to ask the government, please post them here.

Obviously, I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to attend to all your questions. But I will guarantee that we’ll do our best.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Lyonpo,

    I am amused at the statements made by the hon speaker. On 23 he said that some of the MPs are discussing the issues out in public.

    I would request hon speaker to re-define Democracy. Is’nt it governance by the people for the people and of the people. If an MP doesn’t discuss issues with his people then the basic ethos of democracy is defeated.

    Speaker must clarify his stand. The common belief which is setting in the minds of some MPs is that the political representatives of people are equated as masters of these people. This belief is evident in the statement made by none other then Speaker.

    I request you to raise questions as and when the basic ethos of Democracy is questioned or Democracy is tried to be tampered with by some of these “POLITICAL MASTERS’.

    These POLITICAL MASTERS have so soon forgotten the directives of our beloved Kings. By making such loose statement they not only insult democracy but also betray the faith shown in them by the common men and above all have shown disrespect to the command of our beloved King.


  2. Your Excellency,

    Only question I ask is: how is it possible for our parliament to come up with Tobacco Act such as ours and a year later still debate whether it needs to revised or not?

    Where has it gone wrong? Is it during the elections? Is this people’s choice?

  3. At this point my only concern is that whether or not all the bills that they are proposing have been properly researched and analyzed.we don;t want to see another act such as the tobacco control act coming up again that will cause more harm than good.
    Also, I would want to know why do they think genuine concerns of educated lot as noise. They leave no other options and yet they disregard all the suggestions, which are anyway much better than proposed by our MPs…
    As concerned citizens our concerns should count and in fact taken seriously..

  4. Pl raise these 2 issues :
    1. what measures has the govt taken to curb rising inflation – this given the fact that finance minister merely makes a boring presentation year after year; &
    2. the pm should give an account on the status of his aspiration for Bhutan to seek a seat on the security council (?).

    And, pl continue the terrific job u are doing!!

  5. Tokimada says

    I have a suggestion in the interest of promoting culture and tradition.
    A small nation with the danger of its tradition and culture being swamped by the trendy fashion and slangs and common franca lingua in the region, I suggest a few pro active measures.

    the film industry in the nation has been the spear head for the cultural development, for example a decade ago, all we saw and heard was bolly hood films and music.
    today bolly hood is wiped out in the nation by our idigenious movies and music.

    If this is the impact, then the govt should subsidise the local film idustry interms of tax incentives and subsidies.
    let all equipments be tax free and all the local video production and music production of the national language be expempted from tax, for any movie the govt should give a token subsidy of half milion nugulturms.
    The BICMA regulation should be thrown out and creativity should be encouraged in the original. we should be able to admit that we have a problem then we can rectify the problem, if we pesisit in denial, then we are doomed as the present govt stand on many issues.

    yours truly


  6. Please ask Lyonpo Nandala regarding the article in Bhutan Today issue dated may 20th 2011 under the topic WIFE KILLS HUSBAND. The picture of the murder weapon is gross and in human. Are such pictures allowed in our paper and is the MOIC going to do something about such pictures in future. This is not the first time by Bhutan Today and probably not the last time.

  7. Lyonpo if you can raise the following issues la… Not only Actions but what are the ACHIEVEMENTS OF GOVT. ON following questions…..

    1. Making Bhutan Food Self Sufficient and World Food Program.

    2. Regional Balance Developemt and Rural-Urban Migration.

    3.Inflation and rising Living standard.

    4. Housing problem, traffic congestion and public transportation system in the capital city and in other parts of the country.

    5.Professionalism of the MPs.

    6. Appointment of the Head of the Agency.
    Head of the some agency had been there for more than 10 years…..

  8. BBS is without a MD for a while and without its head BBS has been showing the same program over and over. The board has done its job by shortlisting its candidate and forwarded it to the Cabinet. Why is the cabinet taking so long? Why is it waiting for the assembly to be over? Why is BBS not live during the session when BBS was with the MD Pema? Why are there no panel discussion during this assembly session? Rumors say that the Telecom MD will head the BBS if so why him and why not the already experienced candidate who are still working for BBs.

  9. In most of the countries there are bodies reviewving and analsying each clauses of the laws before going to parliament. They also review the old laws which have become ineffective and obsolete. Even the brightest parliamentarians will not get enough time to analyse the laws during the ongoing discussions which at many times rush to pass the bill thus overlooking crucial sections and clauses. Therefore, ask them if it is not necessary in Bhutan to have good laws run the government and people. What is the best nation is having such laws and not the parliamentarians.

    Thank you.

  10. My interest for the Q&A session if you get time:

    1) The benefits drawn out of employment of McKinsey….why couldn’t Bhutanese be employed for this job and save the flow of cash across the border.

    2) In light of Climate Change being so hot in the global discussions and many financial mechanisms being created, how prepared is Bhutan? Do we have a strategy developed to approach negotiation tables and do we have project profiles to sale when financial entities are ready to function?

    3) How is Waste Management doing in the capital and other urban areas? If our economic policy is green – we need to get ride of Dogs and Wastes to attract tourist. This has been a long time discussion but a sustainable solution is never seen.

  11. My question: please ask Lyonchen Jigme Y. Thinley how much commission did the McKinsey pay him out of the 420million for hiring them under the table?

  12. i am very much pleased to see lots of suggestions as well as bad suggestions given to our oposition leader.But it is responsibility of an opposition leader to select good and bad before ask in the hall

  13. Lampenda Chuup says

    A few questions sir:

    1. Why are we spending time and resources vying for a seat on the security council? What good will that do for us other than to satisfy or egos? Does this not go against our Buddhist philosophy of humility and modesty? So that we can proudly say – Tash, Bhutan gi nyen mi tup si? Sure, Bhutan needs to stand up and be seen as an equal partner, but aren’t we already doing that through HM K4’s GNH? By being the power of example, not example of power as we are trying to be. Shouldn’t we get our house in order instead? Nepal and Bangladesh have already been there in the past. While countries like Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein don’t seem to care.

    2. Is it really money well spent? 9.1 million dollars for McKinsey? Could this not have been used for scholarships for a group of bright Bhutanese 12-passed to study at prestigious universities? To groom the next generation of leaders proactively?

    3. What is this fascination with foreign consultants? Aren’t there Bhutanese experts we can rely on?

    4. Why are we dumbing down our school curricula instead of recruiting higher calibre teachers? Our Dzongkha materials in the past were produced by eminent scholars such as Lopon Pemala. Now we have a very simplistic version. English lost Shakespeare. Are we giving in too much to the concerns of lazy and unqualified teachers? How do we intend to impart quality education to our children in this manner?

  14. Why is the government passing bad laws to distract us from the real issues? TCA debate rages on and bombs go off in the border towns, it was an unbeleivable stroke of luck that no one was killed. Are we going to do anything about improving the security?

  15. my simple suggestion
    1)dying up of water source
    2) youth problem
    3) revisit plan of poor Dzongkhags; Samtse pemgatsel and Zhemgang.
    4) waste Management

  16. Bhutan has been without a foreign minister for too long..does the constitution not call for a by-election in such a situation?
    Can the people of the constituency be left without a representative?
    Is it correct on the PMs part to conveniently leave this issue silent while spending scarce resources on pay, emoluments & medical expenses for a non-performing representative?
    Pl ask the PM to justify this. 

  17. Please ask:

    What steps have the Executive (govt.) taken to increase efficiency in service delivery? Personally, I think things are still the same….our national diseases of ” ngo-ship culture”, “come tomorrow” “I m busy” and relentless basking in the glory of the past, “proper channel”…….ours must be one of the slowest govt. machinery in the world.

    Please ask what each of the ministers did in their ministries to make service delivery faster, efficient and how high performers are rewarded while low performers are supported through hand-holding.

  18. Your Excellency,

    I have a genuine request for you and the Hon’ble members of the Parliament. Please note my concern and make sure that it is
    being brought into action.

    When the legislation is being legislated by the legislature, the intent of the legislature becomes much important. This is because when the internal aids are not adequate, court has to take recourse to external aids. It may be parliamentary material, historical background, reports of a committee or a commission, official statement, dictionary meanings, foreign decisions, etc. It is also a cardinal principle of construction that external aids are brought in by widening the concept of context as including not only other enacting provisions of the same statute, but its preamble, the existing state of law, other statutes in pari materia and the mischief which the statute was intended to remedy.

    Therefore, I for one, feel that the history of the legislature and the parliamentary materials are greatly important. I say this because whenever I encountered with the problem associated to the interpretation of the statutes which are not forthcoming by construing the internal aid, I wish to take recourse to the construction of external aid, which is not always available in our Bhutanese Legislations. The absence of such parliamentary materials hampers in the administration of justice.

    Knowing the importance as briefly mentioned above, please discuss with the co-MPs to bring my (our) concerns into action.

    Submitted with deep respect and appreciation

  19. tshering says

    Dear Sir,
    I have the following questions that i urge you to ask in the next NA.
    1- Are we contributing to happiness of the people which is supreme as per GNH that guides our country, when we make criminals out of law abiding citizens through such insensitive tobacco act.

    2- What measures are taken to improve our social security system?

    3- Widening gap between the rich and poor?
    How do we monitor such a complex issue as this?

    It will be unfortunate for a country endowed with such wisdom,wealth and manageable population to repeat the mistakes of other developed nations.

    Lastly my appreciations for your hard work and openness in discussing issues of concern to Bhutanese people.


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