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An important conversation that took place on my facebook page recently:


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  1. I fully agree with Mr. Sameer Jain’s perception of democracy process and also the reasoning of Bhutan cannot be perfect at this stage. We are still a 3-year infant in democracy…we have so many things to learn ahead. Loosing should never be accepted as defeat. It should be the pillar of success in future through the exercise of discussions, debate, corrections, ammendments, revisions, introductions and very importantly broader awareness.

    I do agree with Sonam Tobgay that murder and rape is equated with posession of tobacco. Tobacco possession in the interest of non-tobacco consumers deserve stringent deciplines but it definitely cannot be equated with murder and rape. Murder and Rape deserves much severe degree of punishments. The Acts in this nature needs ammendmends urgently.

    The thing that I cannot agree with Sonam Tobagy is getting ashamed of being Bhutanese for few wrong moves. I for one will in no way be ashamed of being Bhutanese….Lord Gautama Buddha did not enlighten himself overnight. It took him more than six years under starvation state to get enlightened.

  2. Let’s put Sonam Tobgye in the shoes of Sameer Jain and they will say exactly what the other said. Bhutan’s democracy is unique. Sameer Jain do not understand how it works!!!

  3. Sir,
    Did you ask permission from Sonam Tobgay & Sameer to publish their conversation on your blog? Just curious.

  4. Only people who have a total view of something can productively comment on a part of that thing. I think Sonam tobgay does not have a clue of what democracy is and how democracies around the world are functioning.
    Mr Sameer provided a very good view.

  5. What are we talking here? Democracy and enforcement of law are two different things. Believe you me and thank the stars that we have democracy; and that makes the difference. In democracy we have a system in place to ammend our mistakes and reconsider our decisions. Had it been a draconian ‘Fatwa’ then there is not even a small chance for appeal.

    Our power and freedom to express and question the government itself is because of democracy.

    So, don’t blame democracy as a system for some foolhardy decision of a group of person. In this case these are our political leaders.

    I do understand that even behind this foolhardy decision the thought is certainly noble however, much foresight is expected before such important decisions.


  6. Motor Mouth says

    this is a classic example of a westerner preaching the pros and cons of a democratic government while knowing that their social ills and evils all have a cascading effect and will sooner or later reach the developing countries.

    such kind of “holier than thou” attitude always irks me to no end. we will be the judge of our own failings and when necessary, raise voices and let our opinions be heard. isn’t our understanding of democracy same as theirs? what gives them the right to dictate how we govern ourselves?

  7. IPR Man,

    The question of seeking permission doesn’t arise at all since their comments are posted on a social site open for public viewing!!!

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