Rule of the mob

Last week, when the government introduced the Land bill 2012, I had exhorted the MPs to reject the motion to discuss the Bill. The prime minister reacted strongly to my statement, disagreeing with all my arguments. I had wanted to respond to the prime minister’s strident remarks, but had not been given leave to do so.

It would have been good if we had had the opportunity to discuss my arguments and the PM’s counterarguments in a bit more detail. But we didn’t. There were several issues that I thought merited the Assembly’s, and the nation’s, attention through discussion, perhaps even debate.

One of them had to do with a very basic concept: democracy.

Responding to my views that ministers should not be included in the Land Commission, the prime minister accused me of not supporting the democracy. This, specifically, is what he said:

“The opposition leader’s lack of trust in the elected representatives is equivalent to his distrust in the people, who elected them and the process of democracy.”

This is not the first time this issue has surfaced. On various occasions, the government has claimed that they have won the people’s mandate – an overwhelming mandate, in fact – but that they do not have the powers to fulfill their promises and the people’s expectations.

True, the people have given the DPT the mandate to govern our country. And true, the DPT won with a huge majority. But that does not mean that they can govern our country in any way they please. They must conform to the laws of the land.

We have laws. And our laws define how the elected representatives of the people must govern our country. And they legitimize the powers of the government. But our laws authorize power to various other institutions too, to provide the checks and balances that are important for a healthy democracy. And most importantly, our laws, clearly and purposely limit the powers of the elected government.

The Constitution and other laws provide extensive powers to the government. But they do not give the government absolute powers. As such, they must abide by and work within the framework of the laws. Yes, the government can use their majority to affect policy and to amend laws to their favour, even if the people may not agree with them. That’s why many refer to democracy as the tyranny of the majority.

So long as the actions of the majority are consistent with the laws of the land, there’s nothing much we, the people, can do. Yes, we can, and must, voice our concerns if we do not agree with the government’s actions. But we cannot reject them. In the final analysis we must accept the tyranny of our majority, as long as what they do is within the framework of our laws.

But sometimes, a powerful government, one that commands an overwhelming majority, may be tempted to use their numbers to ignore important laws and bulldoze their way to achieve narrow political objectives. That, obviously, would be illegal. That is not democracy. That, put simply, is the rule of the mob.

Bhutan is a democracy. But we are a democracy as defined by the Constitution, not as it is defined in India or America or in any other country. And certainly not as defined by individuals to serve their immediate interests.

Democracy is about the rule of law. And our laws, especially the Constitution, legitimizes a range of powers to the government. But they also deliberately limit certain powers. Our duty, as citizens of Bhutan, is to support and participate in democracy, but only as defined by the laws of our land.

What we need to watch out for is the rule of the mob. We must be extra vigilant when a powerful government uses the “democracy card” to legitimize illegal actions. That would be illegal. And very dangerous. Our sacred duty, as citizens of Bhutan, is to stay  vigilant and prepare to fight, if need be, against the sinister forces of the rule of the mob.



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  1. Any idea when will BCSR 2012 be approved and come into effect?????

  2. i watched live on this issue and, ur statement at parliament on interpretation of HM’s kasho really baffled me! ….HM’s kasho was very simple and straightforward but ur interpretation was very naive, cunning and perhaps crooked !….

  3. drukpangoma says

    Yes OL,
    You are now using the last card you are holding up your sleeves – using or rather misusing HM’s name to suit your political interests. The Constitution clearly says that the instituion of monarchy is sacrosanct and thus above the law. Hence HM does not need any one’s patronage – neither yours nor the host of psycophants yelling from your camp. Lyonchen was absoultely correct in saying that the elected government can be thrown out by the throne or the people who elected them if they make mistakes but the monarchy should remain above blame and blemish. For our country’s sake, let me ask you and the others who are with you, not to use the argument that you do so consistently to protect your own powers and interest. You will do more harm with the approach that you are taking. You should also learn to accept the fact that the way you think and see things are not exactly what others see and think. If you don’t accept democracy, say so but don’t tell the world that you are a democrat. People are not fools, they know you enough by now.

  4. guardian says


    Please stop clutching at straws.

  5. bhutanese says

    i pity you OL.
    when i read your posts, i imagine a fish out of water, struggling and panicking for its life.
    you should know what democracy means. i don’t see the ruling government as a “mob” – they have won with majority by the will of the bhutanese people. what we really need to watch out for are politicians like you who cannot see beyond one’s own interest, always trying to stir up trouble at the cost of national interest.

  6. the mastermind behind what you write is jigmi thinley..that he was brought in by democracy is undisputed..even so, there are some 33% who did not want him..
    that he has a majority does not mean his powers are unlimited..limitations are, as you rightly point out, prescribed by the specifically stop characters like him from getting carried away with powers bestowed by the public & becoming too ambitious.. ambitions that verge on disrespecting the throne & imagining himself to be can see this in footage where he is in step with our king..where his wife wears her rachu in the manner reserved for royalty..totally ignoring the fact that the difference between royalty & them is beyond sky & earth..
    this particularly reeks of hypocrisy from someone who demands subservience from his subordinates, from the man behind the infamous public flogging of students..from the man who wants indian company tata to adopt bhutan..from the man who attempts to make the world believe the concept of gnh was his creation..
    the only consolation is the eternal buddhist truth of impermanence..which assures us that the arrogance & hypocrisy of this man too shall pass.. perhaps only then will there be hope for bhutan & the bhutanese to have representatives who will serve them genuinely..     

  7. I support both OL and ruling government. While the former is trying to correct government; the latter rarely listens to it.

  8. Well OL, please, you must know the limit of your opposition. Do not do it for the sake of doing. The royal Kasho on Land is crystal clear and your interpretation is rediculous. Your personal grudge against the PM will not do any good for your political career. Some people like Topden may applaud you, but all Bhutanese are not like him.

  9. If OL was wrong then why did the assembly/speaker not agree with the PM n carry on with the land bill debate?
    It was very tactfully kept aside for the next parliament…..

    Remember the government already has the power to give substitute land. Now it wants hav the power to resettle people too…..wonder why

  10. Who made them the “Mob”…??? and certainly yes they will be governed by laws in the process of doing anything and they have not been out of track from any laws as such…. but when majority wins in decisions within the permissible clauses, it cannot be termed as Mob. Even if it is…unless they are within the law, we have to accept it coz they are made the Mob by the choice of the people….

    we like it or not for whatsoever reasons, have to really accept and wait till the next election for a possible change but not for a granted change again…

  11. The PM must be having a good laugh at the OL, like we all are having a good laugh at Tobden.

  12. Your Excellency,

    Do not be dicouraged by the comments made by the sycophants of JYT. You are doing an excellent job in upholding democracy and the scared law of the land. There is a large number of citizens you see the tyranny of DPT and JYT with disgust and support your views.

    The mob in parliament are a bunch of idiots led by the biggest joker.

  13. Dear OL,

    I have said many a times in the past that you have, being the Leader of the Opposition, every right to oppose the government. But when I said that, I did not mean that you have to be the self-appointed Atsara in the Parliament. The Opposition’s role is no less important than that of the ruling government’s. We expect the Opposition to be objective and meaningful in the objections you raise – in the Parliament as well as out of it.

    It has now become clear that you are incapable of being objective and meaningful and thus, underserving of the very important role of the Opposition Leader. Please be reminded that the Bhutanese people expect the Opposition to keep the government in check. But you cannot hope to be useful when you are incapable of being meaningful and well intentioned.

    The Bhutanese people are lot smarter than you seem to be giving them credit for. Only immature kids would buy your arguments.

    You seem to have lost touch with your voters. Let me tell you something. Today, 90% of the people agree that there is no one to replace the DPT leadership. The talk in town is that the people are not looking to replace the government. What they are looking for is a strong and meaningful Opposition than what we have now.

    With the kind of stupid issues you have been raising of late, do you believe that you have given people reason to believe that you will ever make a strong Opposition? If not, don’t you think that you are jeopardizing your party’s chances of being re-elected for a second term?

    For a smart person like yourself, it is amazing that you are trying to play the monarchy card against the PM. The whole of Bhutan knows and agrees that he is thorough and thorough monarchist. So please stop this crap because we know that the PM will give his life for the monarchy. He will do nothing that is likely to jeopardize the interest of the King. So please do not keep harping on it. You will lose your credibility if you keep doing that.

  14. Pema tenzin says

    Hello fellow citizens….!,so many controversy n confusion for me at this moment i am not able to justify whether pm is right or ol.wad so ever wait for few months n c the result meyna….i believe in bhutanese saying, yeshipai dha chapsa methong phosa thong…

  15. seems some ppl in this blog can predict things and are omnipresent …. umm…

  16. xxx,

    You mean omniscient LOL

    One does not have to be omniscient to know that sun will rise every morning and nightfall follows every evening. It is absolutely predictable.

  17. Ol here is right. PM cannot have his way because he has the majority. so next time a DPT tshogpa commits a crime does that mean because he is with the majority he is right.

  18. The justified statement of OL in his blog is unjustified. Yes, there is law in the kingdom. In this case, PM was not breaking laws. He was attempting to amend the law through proper channel that is parliament. In every country, the majority of the bills are drafted by ruling government and have them debated in the parliament. Please don’t be petty like child fighting for chocolate with whatever the justification.

    Till now, i haven’t seen you agreeing with anything government does. On other hand, you don’t have alternative solution.

    Please vacate from the seat of OL and president of PDP so that somebody who have more visions and leadership quality can take your place. You are killing PDP with such petty thinking….

    You are OL. There are eleven ministers as cabinet and only one OL. Please don’t demean office of OL by commenting on every pots, pans and peters. As a leader, you need to have ideology that defines the leader you are.

  19. I like PM just because he is using his powers as enshrined in the constitution.

    I also at a times don’t like him just because he bulldozes some of the tasks that required greater consultations. I also don’t like him sometimes because he pretends to know about things.

    However, to move democracy forward, PM is on the right track. We have accepted and adopted democracy now and there is no looking back.

  20. prool,
    every word doesn’t have to be what you want it to be… I don’t want to argue with u…
    n… “knowing the sun will rise every morning and nightfall will follow every evening” n inferring ur boyfriend’s dick will be hard whenever ur pants r down a legs r spread is… wishing….”
    but i like the way u put things… gud luck n i’m out of this. only ur writeup provoked me to write something…
    keep going gal…

  21. OL! don’t worry. You can fully rely on Topden, Drukpa and XXX. They are always behind your back regardless of what you say or do. But, not many of Bhutanese are like them. More Bhutanese are rationale thinker and wiser citizens than otherwise. It was Lyonpo S. Ngedrup to be thanked for winning the 33 percent of votes in the 2008 elections. Can you inspire more voters? It’s going to be a miracle. The way you lead the opposition party and the way people judge upon your leadership does not help either. Do you realise why some of your party candidates left to form another party? It is only because they could not believe in your ideologies and principles. So, reflect and correct if you can.

  22. In the first place, labeling NA members as “Mob” is not correct and it is not expected to come from equally important member of democratic system (OL) to indulge in such nitpicking and trivial matter. It is demeaning the institution of democracy and undermining the sacred duties NA members are fulfilling.

    Second, it is not proper to state whatever government does is “bulldozing”. I am happy that to date proper discussion is always order of the day whenever NA convenes. I do not feel that decisions made in the NA are bulldozed. Fortunately or unfortunately, we Bhutanese have decided to put in place kind of and composition of Government to make decision. If ruling government is in majority it is because we voted them to be there. If majority of Bhutanese do not like it they have opportunity to change the composition of Government.

    But for heaven sake, have decency and respect institution of democracy.


  23. Why are the GNH people so much obcessesed with this land issue? Elswhere in many developed countries all they bother is just a flat, a basic shelter……..but looks like bhutanese people are very greedy

  24. Dear OL,
    I am simply a layman and sometimes I fail to understand why our lawmakers keeps on amending the act, despite the numbers of years of enactment. For instance Tobacco control act did not last for even one year. The act was amended by the same lawmakers after one year. I personally feel that it is the collective failure of present national assembly members and national council members. I am simply confused on whether parliamentarians can amend any act as per their wish or else we have specific duration to amend any act.Looking at the present scenario I presume that our lawmakers any enact an act today and amend the same act the next day. If your excellency could highlight on this, at times it would be great beneficiary for me.

  25. Hi OL, first of all, your topic “Rule of the Mob” is totally inappropriate, immoral and disgusting. It clearly points out that you have absolutely no respect to the parliament and the government which has more than 70 percent of Bhutanese. Secondly, PM’s reaction on the land bill ammendment was justified. The only problem with you is that you pretend to understand everything more than anyone else. Remember, “how fast you may be, ride a horse, how wise you may be, consult others”.

  26. phuentsho says

    OL is showing his true color. And there are many such ppl in the druk Nyamrub tshogpa, a party which is no different from PDP. We will also get to know thier true color soon.

  27. Isn’t it funny how the word ‘politics’ is made up of the words ‘poli’ meaning ‘many’ in Latin, and ‘tics’ as in ‘bloodsucking creatures’?

  28. phuentsho says

    Yeah Rafa. I have read it some where also 🙂

  29. It may be their true colour. But, it does not please the Bhutanese eyes. So, should they not change it? Remember, if it is good for you, learn from your foes too, if it is bad for you, do not learn from your parents too. Personally, you do not like PM. But, secretly, there are many things you must learn from him.

  30. Dear DPT MPs and Ministers,
    I have a new name for your party. DPT should stand for “Disgraced PMJYT’s Tshogpa”. You are a disgraced lot for three reasons:

    1. You are a disgrace for Democracy and for all the good values it preaches. Through the process of democracy you were elected but we didn’t elect you to be corrupt, selfish, self-centered, etc. How can you hold the country at ransom just because you are a majority. How could you possibly try and pass off the illegal Trowa land sale. How could you legitimize the Education City project even though everyone knows how it came into being illegally and that in no way is going to be a feasible project. How could you have Jigme Tsultrim as your Speaker even though he is mired in corruption cases. The lesser beings like the doctors were suspended because they didn’t have your backing. Ever since you all came into power, your work circled around unconstitutional, unethical, irresponsible and selfish acts, namely trying to appoint JYT as life long GNH Ambassador which we all know is again unconstitutional.

    2. You disgraced the people you represent. We all put you in your present place in order to serve the people and our country. How many hours, days were spent in discussing your entitlements, your perks, logo cars, patangs, kabney, salary revision, phone voucher, drivers, pensions, etc. We don’t know about you but we are deeply ashamed to have voted for you. We don’t know how you can raise your head and go about your daily chores with feeling an inch of guilt, shame.

    3. You disgraced the people and the country by bringing into your daily cheap discussions the name of His Majesty. How could you possibly think of insulting our King? We love our King very, very much and the King loves and cares about His People even more. You all tried to shake this equation, you all tried to put mistrust between the King and His People. We will not take lightly this insult.

  31. This OL has got to be one of the stupidest OLs in the world of democracy. His insane accusations and political gimmicks are so pathetic in their transparency.

    For the sake of democracy( and for PDP) wake up PDP supporters, and change your President and leave him to his biking and blogs and twitters.

  32. The comments were interesting to read. Thanks OL for the chance. I do not want to say for whom I will vote for now. May be I may not vote even, after all, all politicians have the same blood in them. It is just determined by the position which they occupy. For a common man life is as usual – toiling the soil to make a living. Whether there are more land cruisers or buildings in Thimphu or not does not matter much. Life moves as usual. Sweating the blood to make a living till the last breath. But at the funeral all consume almost the same quantity of wood.

  33. For all those who think OL is never right in anything he says about the government, let me jog your memory. Remember? OL won court case against the ruling government not long time ago.
    And Thinker, you are a very interesting character. Judging by your comments and the way you use those Bhutanese proverbs, I think you are Punakha MP Tshering Penjor. And your standard of English also says you fall in the category of most of us here. Whatever maybe the case, you must know and remember that before getting yourself into preaching mood to OL, he’s a Harvard graduate and, he definitely needs no advice from a half educated people like us. All I will say is be respectful while commenting, and know your place.

  34. phuentsho says

    I agree with u. OL is a harvard graduate who did not get admission by merit. He must thank Lyonpo Sangye Nidup who got him there at a very massive expense to the government.

  35. OL really need to read constitution n understand his role in proper perspective instead of literally going with the word “opposition ” in his conduct of business…..on land issue he is totally wrong in interpreting HM’s kasha!

  36. @ Phuentsho:

    You know Phuentsho, my uncle is very rich and an influential man. I have an elder
    brother who is very intelligent and doing quite well in life financially and professionally. On the other hand, I have always been mediocre, (this is not to self depreciate or belittle myself,this is a fact that I accept about myself) and at times even struggled for basic survivable. Now my rich uncle helps my elder brother not only
    financially but offers any other help voluntarily although my brother
    is already doing quite well by himself. One time, I asked my uncle for a financial help
    to start a small business but he flatly refused to help me. I got little emotional and accused him of playing favoritism between his own nephews (I was hinting my elder brother). My uncle got my point
    and said “what is the point of helping a horse with a broken leg?” My point is if LSN did not see any capability in OL, I don’t
    think he would have helped OL or any other person for that matter to get into a world renowned university like Harvard. As it is Harvard is not like some Indian Universities where people with influences can get you an admission. And besides for an institution like Harvard that deals with presidents and prime ministers and kings on daily basis, LSN’s influence can hardly get you any admission in Harvard, if you are not
    a deserving person yourself.

    By the way there are some people who got training and study opportunities abroad when Lyonchen was heading the ministry, are you
    going to accuse those people of sucking up to lyonchen and being his sycophants for the opportunities too, obviously not.

    I am sure you will disagree if I say you are little jealous of OL. Many people are, it’s understandable. It’s a human nature. He he.

  37. guardian says


    Good try in defending the OL, however, the truth is that a huge amount of foreign exchange, the figures touted is higher than 100,000 USD, meant for some other development project was diverted by LSN to send the OL to Harvard, if you don’t believe me, go and ask the RCSC and the OL himself if you want to hear it from the horses mouth.

    And for the record, LSN has a history of helping only people that grovel before him, like the OL or females that are willing to go that extra mile to do his bidding.

    So stop your bullshit.

  38. guardian says


    By the way, I agree with you when you say that OL is an extremely intelligent and hard working person, however, as the OL, his bitter hatred for the PM shines through in every post of his, which is unfortunate. He is even willing to jeopardize the peace in the country by somehow playing the PM against His Majesty.


  40. I think it’s the role of the OL /Opposition party to give the other side of the coin-view for the people to judge!
    Different perspective is always good.
    As a citizen, i don’t care who blasted who, what I care is at the end, after good discussion/argument, there is a good result!

  41. Hi Peytse, when the hen lays eggs, cocks do not need to panic. You assuming me as Punakha MP is as accurate as PDP winning the 2008 election. Now, when you run out of points, you even criticise my English standard! You know very well how LSN and OL are intellegent and capable persons. Unfortunately, most Bhutanese are not as intelegent as you to realise that fact. You ask the people in all corners of Bhutan what LSN is best remembered for. Sorry, I cannot mention here. God saw the truth but waited. The fruit was at last yielded.

  42. OL would have been much more corrupt than any of the current ministers had he been at the same level of seniority.

  43. Haha a**h*** says

    @guardian @Thinker, why you guys shouting here under the blanket…huh.. If u are sure that there is something fishy that OL was sent to Havard university before…you all will be most welcome to surface out the issue.. ACC will be there to help you guys… Otherwise don’t try to defame by creating a fake story. Stand up, face it and speak out rather than shouting under the blanket. Useless people.,,huh

  44. “Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.” ― Frank Herbert

  45. Thinker may not be MP Tshering Penjor but I think he is having some similar gene of MP TP…LOL

  46. Thinker,
    Thank you, but no thank you. I am not going to waste my energy answering your b*******.

    Are you the person responsible in sanctioning that fund? Did you see it with tour own eyes? Unless you see it with your own eyes, it’s just a hearsay. Just don’t throw some exaggerated random $$ numbers, if you have proof show it to us. What kind of fool do you take me for? You want me to go to RCSE to know the facts? Are you planning to get me arrested? You know this is impossible for a common people like me, yet you come out with such stupid idea because there is no valid proof to make your point.

    You talk about OL disrespecting Lyonchen, did Lyonchen even respect OL? I read some articles of OL applauding and congratulating PM and government when a good job is done for the greater good of our country. I challenge you to show me one good word said by the Lyonchen and his government to the OL. Don’t you think if Lyonchen really loves our country and care for its future, he as a senior political leader, should really encourage our young political leaders like OL rather than curtailing his voice and views? But no, our Lyonchen seems to suffer from superiority complex issues and majority in the NA is fueling it. That’s why the NA even dares to suggest some lofty titles like Ambassador for Life for the PM to further perpetuate his superiority complex. If Lyonchen accepts this tile it will go down in the history as the greatest joke of our country.

  47. guardian says

    haha and Peytse,

    The two of you don’t have to go to ACC or anywhere to learn the truth, just ask the OL himself, whats so hard about requesting the truth from him.

    And also find out from him as to how someone from a technical back ground got to do a completely different course at Harvard, which RCSC never allows. If I am right, I believe he did a course in Political Science and I stand corrected if I am wrong. So what more do I need to say.

    Then ask him as to why he refused to go and lecture at Dewathang polytechnic when he returned from his studies in the US, the answer is that by then he already had good contacts with LSN who was a very powerful individual which allowed him to defy the orders of the then RCSC Secretary, who ironically happens to be the present Chairman of the RCSC. All these stories are well documented so if you don’t believe it, the onus is on the two of you to find out the truth and not just pass it off as mere hearsay.

    So please refrain from trying to portray the OL as a saint which he clearly is not. He too has a lot of skeletons in his cupboard and the more you guys try and defend, the worse it will only get.

    And by the way it is you guys who brought out the subject of Harvard and LSN in this debate, so don’t blame us for somehow soiling their reputations even further.

  48. Guardian,
    Your comments reek of your jealousy towards ol. Come on man, some people are born to be great and some born to be mediocre. Just accept the fact and be happy with who you are..

  49. guradian says

    Jealous, haha, the last person I would be envious of is a person who got to where he is through being LSNs biggest, for want of a better word chamcha. And who willingly knew that large sums of money were being diverted from some other project to fund his academic studies at Harvard.

    And even worse is to be the President of a party that seems to be going absolutely nowhere. Now how am I supposed to be jealous of such a precarious situation the OL finds himself in and then to think of supporters like you who only write rubbish.

  50. Guardian,
    If you think that in your eyes OL is worthless and pose no threat to the survivable of DPT Party(also if you are not jealous of ol’s success) why is it that in every article OL posts in his blog is replete with your negative comments.Now just admit it that OL is a force to reckoned with, and you and many fanatic JYT supporters are shit scared that OL will someday in the future become the Prime Minister of our country.

    And mind you Guardian, there are more rubbish writers like me than refined writers like you in Bhutan. In ratio I would say 1 to 10. Ultimately who elect people like JYT are rubbish writers like me and those villagers under the influences of most of the rubbish writers like me. So you see, even if you don’t acknowledge our importance eventually people like you will have to pass through us.

  51. The simple fact is because I don’t agree with what he says, as the opposition leader I expect him to be more constructive in his criticism of the ruling party. Scared of the OL, for what, do you actually believe that the OL is still a force to be reckoned with politically and that one day he will the PM of Bhutan, if so, you better wake up from your deep slumber.

    I also did not say that you were a rubbish writer, what I said was that you wrote rubbish, which is not the same.

    And good luck to you and your friends in influencing our rural voters, I hope this time your party does much better than in 2008.

  52. Guardian,
    Country is going through financial crisis under DPT’s watch, many disasters are ravaging the nations,some because of failure of lack of preventive measures taken by the government, high officials involving in land scams and many others…and you expect OL to be more constructive in criticisms of the government’s policies. In any other country with so many things going haywire like that,the ruling government would have stepped down voluntarily or voted out of power by the people. This is the goodness of the Bhutanese people that DPT is still running the government.

  53. Real Democracy says

    PM during his state of the nation address kept reminding everyone that this a democracy, that it is the people who elected the government and that they have to serve the people. Even during the Land Act discussions, he angrily reminded the OL that this is a democracy.
    Well, i think PM JYT is the one who will need the most reminding that this is a Democracy and not a Dictatorship. The way he is handling things is nothing short of Dictatorship. The Dictator JYT has to crushed no matter what.

  54. Karmadoj says

    Real Democracy wrote: <<<<>>>

    Real Democracy,

    What if, in the absence of the JYT, our noxious inner Bhutanese ULFAs and BODOs regain their lost momentum and take us on a wrong national looting spree – further making the poor Bhutanese people’s life harder again?

    I can understand the JYT heat on people like you, but, that doesn’t mean, the national growth loving rational thinking majority Bhutanese citizens lack proper foresights, in not knowing, how they themselves would be impacted if fallen easy prey to such cheap hooligan leaning wild ideas?

  55. Karmadoj says

    Real Democracy wrote”The Dictator JYT has to crushed no matter what”

    And this statement is coming from someone calling him/her ” Real Democracy” – interesting.

  56. Peytse!, you are right. PM is born to be great and OL is born to be Mediocre. We are not afraid that OL will one day become the PM of this country. Can the moonlight warm the Earth? No! No! There are many other leaders more deserving than OL for the post of PM. Let’s distinguish what is a dream and what is a reality. With several more political parties in line, PDP is under more threat than ever.

  57. Thinker can become a PM, If DPT wins in 2013 election surely JYT will offer u the post….looking at ur hardwork on personal attack… All the best Dear Thinker

  58. Thanks A4TECH! But I’m merely talking about the reality, not a myth. DPT winning again is a reality and PDP winning is a myth.

  59. The Truth says

    Some people clearly don’t like the title of this blog “Rule of the mob”, so let us change it to “Rule by the cheats”.
    I can justify my proposal – 1.Pedestrian Day-Chinese Buses-Son-i-law Scam, 2. Trowa land scam,…….list is endless.
    Rule by the cheats – i like the title

  60. All the scams mentioned here so far have been a nuisance. It is not a scam until it is proven so. So no one is going to believe for now.

  61. Karmadoj says

    The real mobs sucking the nation are the RCSC spoilt top bureaucrats. I think the government themselves are having difficulty disciplining these tainted civil servant Dashos. The OL’s views would have received more takers if his article had that element of truth speaking real matter – that of clearly mentioning on whose behaviors’ this, rule of mob, tag deserves to be labeled. But, sadly, it is the real mob’s views that OL has shared here in his article as their brand ambassador. I am not surprised the Hon’ble PM has demanded his 2 member party’s disqualification on the debt issue and I see wisdom in our Hon’ble PM’s remarks.

  62. Karmadoj wrote: “the RCSC spoilt top bureaucrats.”

    If Karmadoj can prove this, maybe, this might present in itself a better ‘food for thought’ material for the Bhutanese public in assessing the RCSC’s performance.

    Already the rumor doing the round has it that owing to the RCSC’s weak control over these powerful top bureaucrats, things at the implementation level seems suffering serious setbacks.

    Therefore, in the eyes of the public, this is not a matter to be brushed aside lightly as some irrelevant kind of a subject.

    The fact that it has captured the ‘talk in town’s” headline news status – speaks volumes on why this matter merits the Bhutanese people’s attention.

    Under the apolitical clause, the Civil Service Act of Bhutan 2010 gives huge leeway powers to the top bureaucrats which sometimes drive these power crazy Dashos – into acting like an opposition in itself.

    This is the concern the Bhutanese public shares and unless this is addressed from a realistic public service delivery perspective, the RCSC’s overall performance would still weigh low on the graph and take a trouncing.

  63. n time, I might do that, but, not now! I can give a detailed account of how this ‘rule of the mob’ culture has now taken stronger roots and crept in our bureaucracy (civil service). We must awaken to this call of the hour and see how this new monster risks tearing down our painstakingly developed this beautiful nation- if not corrected in time.

  64. Pel Yeshey Gempo says

    In hearing Karmadoj’s statement, it appears that, the rule of the mob in the civil service matter, qualifies as a national issue. Therefore, the National Council must now conduct a secret study and confirm whether or not there is an element of truth here. The nation needs to be informed on where things stand on this front.

  65. The civil service act 2010 had been approved by the parliament. The act gives huge self-governing powers to the RCSC concerning civil servants. As gossiped here, if instances of rule of the mob like civil service mores reported in some quarters in the civil service governance, I think, the matter merits some investigation from the national council. Otherwise, the well intentioned civil service act 2010 might prove counterproductive to delivery of public service, which, if regrettably taken firm roots, may cost the national growth greatly.

  66. yes,democracy is the rule of majority but at the same time it is also the rights of minority.

    in other countries the opposition party always oppose the policies make by the government whether it is good or our country the opposition party as of now works according to the article 18 of the constitution.they support most of the policies,laws etc made by the government and opposes some which are against the constitution n other laws.

  67. Dear OL,
    The title that you you possess, the Chetho chen gi thue mi Dogcho Gothrip really suits to the way you function. We as PDP supporters are really proud of you. You are really opposing to everything. But our fear is whether the word chetho chengi thue mi is deserved by persons like you. We do not underunderstand in the first place why the work chetho chen gi is used and even coined that way. Che tho means “very high” and in a democracy where all people are considered equal, this word is not used in the right context. Thue mi would have done the work. No need to say mi-ser che-dring chung sum also. We do not have small, middle and small human beings. People are small and large in size but all are equal. I hope people who know democracy will know the point I am making. If not it will be demon-crazy and not democcracy.

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