Good karma

Coffee, many say, is the most popular beverage on earth after water. Yet good coffee is hard to come by in most places. But it is available in Thimphu, at Karma’s Coffee, located in the Zhamling Building somewhere above Hotel Phuntsho Pelri.

Karma’s is owned and run by Karma Tenzin, Bhutan’s first barista, who spent about two years in Australia training to make good coffee. And he made a lot of it: about four to five hundred cups a day!

Back home the pace is much slower. He makes only 40 to 50 cups of coffee a day. This, he claims, allows him to pull the perfect shot of espresso each and every time, This also allows him to offer his customers a much wider choice of espresso-based drinks, from cappuccino to a range of lattes all brewed from the choicest Arabica beans.

Karma’s is open everyday, from 11 AM to 9 PM, and serves milk shakes, freshly squeezed fruit juices, tea, iced coffee, cakes, sandwiches, and great coffee, all in a cozy setting offering comfortable seats, cool music, and free wifi, where no one will bother you as if you fiddle your laptop or bury your head in a book.

Karma Tenzin is courageous. And he is a professional. I’m impressed.


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  1. absoulutely true la, glad to hear people in Bhutan are being agonised by the true taste in coffee, yet paying ones day off with a little taste of the Karma`s coffee.
    Hardship paid off to Mr. Karma Tenzin for all his strenuous effort and looking forward to have more of his coffee variants earlier soon.

  2. always glad to hear of people coming up with innovative new business in Bhutan……please excuse me for taking out serious issues from your light hearted post….but,if everyone has the courage to do what they want to, and have also the courage to be self employed, unemployment would be busted.

  3. Anonymous says

    I really admire and appreciate karma for taking up such an endeavor because normally we Bhuanese dont take up risk neither do we work hard, we always wait for things to happen. I’ve been to Karma’s coffee and his coffees are good…I was told he never underwent any formal training(i may be wrong).I think the secret is his “passion” towards what he does.In life one must have passion for what you do and the rest is taken care of. Without passion you can never give in your best. How do we teach our youth the importance of having passion which could be converted in to a profession…be it gardening, singing, cooking…etc. Most of the great entreprenuers have started small but with great belief and vision in what they do. I think we need to promote and support such entreprenuers and in order to do so, we need to create conducive environment for such entreprenuers to grow and bloom. Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises could be the most viable strategy toward combating the growing unemployment problems in the country.
    Keep up with the good coffee karma!~

  4. Anonymous says

    Karma needs a competition to make him do better. I am coming up with one in the next 6 months. I will benchmark Karma’s set up but will be in a better location. Karma la, this is to boost your interest more in your business.

    Good luck.

  5. Anonymous says

    Good Advertisement!!!
    What happened with Agriculture Lyonpo during Royal Weeding lo?
    May be rumors….!

  6. Anonymous says

    Uff Agri Lynpo was too drunk ya.. he has never been to such high level parties. Did not wanna take any complements from our Dhok chok Ghotrip or Ashi Khendrum.

  7. Tshering Tobgay says

    Di: I agree with you. And in addition to creating a job for himself, Karma’s employing a whole team of workers.

    Anonymous 8:31PM: I’ll look out for the competition. Good luck.

  8. i too had cup of coffee there at Karma’s Coffee, it is good. Am from Paro, we need to have a good coffee cafe here in our valley too. There are so many good to be coffee corners in Paro but it is never up to the standard of Karma’s. If my plans work, then i would like to take a risk to run a alike karma’s coffee cafe here in Paro.

  9. yes, karma’s coffee used to be good. very good. now two years have finished. the steam, so to speak, has evaporated!
    the coffee is mediocre at best, but usually done in a rather careless way. they don’t care any more. it has basically became a smoking den for many of the newly rich.
    seems like us folks cannot keep up a good thing for too long.

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