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It happened again. Druknet was down this morning. It was down yesterday too. And I was frustrated – I couldn’t check my emails, or update this blog, or confirm my Druk Air reservations.

But many others must have been even more frustrated. The sudden loss of connectivity with the rest of the world would have prevented them from attending to much more important and urgent work.

We should expect, and demand, higher quality of services. So I called Druknet. And I learned that their internet service was interrupted while they were upgrading their system. Apparently, while installing an advanced back-up power supply unit, an electrical leakage caused their system to short circuit…a small glitch really.

But I also learned that Druknet has improved the reliability of their services considerably since the two major interruptions last year. In January, the fiber optic connection to London was disrupted when submarine cables in the Mediterranean were destroyed by ships anchoring off Alexandria. And in August, landslides above Takti knocked down a power pylon damaging the fiber optic cables it carried.

Since then, Druknet has improved the existing link to London and established a new fiber optic link to Hong Kong. To backup the fiber optic network, it has installed a high capacity microwave radio connection between Phuentsholing and Thimphu. And it continues to use the Satellite Earth Station link to British Telecom, and a VSAT link to Telesat in Hawaii.

Druknet has done a lot of good work. But that’s not good enough. To make full use of the wonders of ICT, we must have quicker and more dependable internet connections. For that, we, customers, must demand for better services. Otherwise, expect more glitches.


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  1. You are not alone la. I was frustrated too. I didn’t know that druknet was down and when the connectivity failed, I checked all my cable connections, checked all the settings on my computer and eventually re-started my machine only to find out that it was the same result – no connection. So, I also called Druknet and they said something blew up and they have no idea when the system/connection will be back in action. Customer service needs to improve drastically. Couldn’t they simply ask who we were, take down our number and offer to call back after the connection is mended. It will do wonders to serve your customers in this manner. Instead you have a person reluctantly answering you call and says I ahve no idea and hangs up. How frustrating !!!

    Obviously, the connection came back on after an hour or so and we (customers) would have loved to hear such news from druknet itself. After all they did a good job by mending the fault very quickly and they should be the ones to announce this reconnection with pride. WE CERTAINLY HAVE THE CAPABILITY, WHY NOT WE MAKE IT CUSTOMER ORIENTED…

  2. I work for DrukNet and would like to acknowledge both – the OL Mr. Tshering Tobgay on his article and the commentator (who is no doubt our valued customer) providing a valuable feedback following it.

    The OL got all his facts absolutely spot on. So would have been the commentator.

    The culprit of the Internet outage was caused by (power) short circuit which was a small oversight on our part. But we accept it was not small to a customer because outage is an outage whatever may be the cause. Ironically, that incident happened during our works to install multiple and more reliable backup power supplies as part of our efforts to provide uninterrupted Internet connection.

    We fully understand the frustration of the commentator. While the precise time of restoration when such incident is hard to tell, our staff was expected to at least give you an approximate timeframe of restoration – meaning you would be requested to try after an hour if it was expected to take an hour. We at DrukNet – All our staff are once again reminded on this – that is how to be more informative to our customer. I would also like to take this opportunity to share with our valued customer that your suggestion on taking the customer’s number and calling back has been thought about and discussed at DrukNet. We try to do it. Then again, when such outage occurs which demands the highest priority on the restoration, and often with the same people working on the restoration and answering the inquiries, the task of compiling customers’ phone numbers sometimes becomes a secondary priority because it prolongs the restoration. We would like to reiterate we certainly try to follow your suggestion.

    On behalf of my friends at DrukNet, we would like to apologize for the outage and most importantly we would like to thank you both for honouring us by your understanding and generous forgiveness which we clearly feel from your statements.

    Please keep such feedbacks flowing to ensure that we serve to meet your expectations or more.

  3. My suggestion to anonymous two. Why don’t you out source the customer service to private companies? This way u kill two birds with one stone:
    1. The office can work on the problem without being disturbed by outraged customers
    2. Help the private companies in this service develop

  4. Anonymous should have your own blog since each post by Mejay Gothrep is followed by more comments from anon.

  5. I share the same concern with you all. I am a broad band user in the east. I was so excited when the service came to the east, but now the frustration appears to mount. The personal broad band line comes with a purchase of modem costing Nu.1150 and a monthly fee of Nu.399, which is claimed to be one of the cheapest by the Druknet (No wonder to which other service providers they compare).

    I can check my account on line .As I go on using my prepaid Nu.399, the value decreases accordingly. I do my best to finish my account before it expires at the end of the month, but on several occasions I am not able to login saying that my around and password are invalid. So at the end of the month I sometimes have a balance of Nu.200 which will not be added to my next month’s account if I don’t pay another 399, so now I have accumulated 1000 in my account and one day when I go out of internet or have no time to use. It will simply expire. I wonder why don’t Druknet could charge just 399 and let us use it until we finish and then again we renew. There should definitely be a competitor, so that customers enjoys fair price and good service.

  6. Hi anonymous
    I dont think there can be competitor in Bhutan if we count the number of Internet users.who would invest in some business where there is no profit?best thing is unite and put up complaints and suggestions to druknet to let them know that we (us and druknet) exist for eachother.if we dont use they dont get customers..and so on. and yeah we should ask them to carry over the unfinished money to next month ..or ask them to keep it valid for a few months like some services in bhutan and elsewhere.

  7. I am a broadband user. I had no problem with login.
    If someone cannot log in, it is your own fault. Find out what stupidity you are doing by asking druknet.

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