Targeting the rain

archery targetsYangphel Archery’s second knockout round began today. The 14 winning teams and 10 “joker” teams from this round will make it to the quarter finals. And the 8 winners plus one joker from the quarterfinals will play the semifinals.

The tournament began on 4th July. And during the last seven weeks 182 matches were played. But, guess what, not a single match was postponed. The weather has held up remarkably well. For the archers, that is; not our farmers who, at this time of the year, need rain.

So today, when I congratulated Tshewang Rinchen, the tournament’s secretary general, for the excellent arrangements, I added that the tournament’s success may mean too little rain for our farmers.

But Tshewang thinks otherwise. He reminded me that, though the annual Yangphel Tournament is held during the monsoons, hardly any of their matches are postponed. This, according to him, is because, around these parts, it mostly rains at night. And this, he claims, should make it possible to attract many more tourists during the so called “off season” monsoon months. Tshewang would know – he is a fulltime tourist guide at Yangphel.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered how many targets Yangphel makes for its tournament? 478 targets! I visited their workshop, located above the Memorail Chorten, and saw one craftsman patiently applying fresh canvas to rows upon rows of targets. The photo banner this week shows one such row.


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  1. 478 Targets used by Yangphel. One Yangphel’s target would be approximately 0.68cft and 478 targets means 324.95cft of Blue Pine timber. I don’t know how many number of Blue Pine trees would be required to produce that many targets. Is Yangphel investing in conservation and replacing those trees?

    • As an archery enthusiast, I would understand that the number of 478 targets would have to be divided by three to get actual wood used since the targets would be “re-canvassed” (if there is such word) to conserve. So the actual number is 159 or at the maximum – it would be about 200 nos or 100 pairs.

      And all the conservation efforts are made in order to have more meaningful and fulfilling lives – any sport (like archery in this case) fulfills a major aspect of community vitality. A small measure of input is always required for greater happiness.

    • Department of Forest and NEC is also not at all conserving the environment. They should do better than that. I don’t see any reforestation in the areas where the forests are cut. Ministry of Agri should make a thumb rule of afforestation for every tree felled.

  2. 478 targets! A very expensive tournament indeed. I hope the concerned organizers invest a minuscule fraction of their revenue on conservation effort as Zhidag rightly reminds them. Obviously they must have paid for all those wood, I know!

  3. Archery fan says

    Wow – 478 targets, that is indeed lots of wood. I remember Yangphel planning to hold an archery target designing contest that will feature not only of wood but of other materials too. WE SHOULD SUGGESTS ANY IDEAS WE HAVE TO THEM AND I HAVE NO DOUBTS THEY WILL INCORPORATE. Could the targets be of foam with a sound device stuck at the back. Could it be of some plastic or some other material. The challenge is to see what is most feasible that is of interest that makes adequate noise and that does not deviate much from our traditional aspect. Whatever it may be, ALL OF US- FANS OF ARCHERY – should attend Yangphel’s archery sonsultation meeting held quite often to boost our national game and make suggestions.

  4. Looks like it is going to be tougher to qualify by Karey this time as better teams have gone up to the knock out phase and most teams are hitting more than 30 per 15 rounds. So good luck to everyone and congratulations to the organizers for this continuous effort.

  5. Archery fan says

    Phoja rose higher today. Led by His Royal Highness Dasho Jigyel U. Wangchuck, the team Phoja today hit 51 Kareys – stage record, the tournament’s 2nd highest total and their own highest total so far. Phoja’s opponents of Pelden Group and ‘The Raven Inn’ hit 34 and 31 Kareys but were not able to complete any game set. Phoja completed 5 in this lower bacho morning match.
    At the upper bacho, Tob Dhen Dhey similarly did not allow their opponents to complete any game sets with their 45 Kareys. They found 3 game sets against none of Rabtenling and ‘Blue Poppy Tours & Treks’
    In the afternoon, the less known team of ‘Quality Gases Pvt. Ltd’ but with seasoned archers won over well known Kata Yana and Monggar United. The winners completed 2 game sets with their 34 Kareys while Kata Yana completed one with 25 Kareys. Monggar United was not able to complete any game set but still found the target 29 times. It would be the last time for this year that we will see Monggar United’s commitment to the sport and sporting spirit that all had begun to appreciate.
    The other afternoon match at the upper bacho could not be completed by the set time and is to be continued the next day in the morning, before the other match.
    At the end of day today, the question remains what kind of total would be considered the highest during the quarter finals and would Phoja hit the higher then? And would there be a higher total tomorrow during the last day of the Knockout II stage.

  6. We hear that Sharda team captain Maj Passang from RBG is taking Yangphel tournament committee to court for want of his entrance fee refund as they lost in the knockout round. Does anyone know why?

  7. Don’t know why BUT I do know that Sharda were teh champions of 2008 Yangphel tournament. I also know that where ever Talop Namgey (Senior) plays- there is always trouble created. He should be black listed by BAF from participating in archery tournaments.

  8. I found out that Major Passang of RBG has now put up the case to BAF president to demand Yangphel to refund his team fees of Nu.8000 as his team has not progressed to quarter finals.

  9. wow what a tournament!!

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