The real Yangphel archery tournament

Last year, Yangphel organized its biggest national archery tournament ever: 900 archers from all over Bhutan made150 teams and played a total of 180 matches over almost two months. The tournament commemorated a hundred years of monarchy and celebrated the coronation of our fifth Druk Gyalpo.

Yesterday, Yangphel organized its annual internal archery tournament: 30 archers, all Yangphel employees, made six teams and played a total of five matches over two days. The final was played today. And, in true Yangphel style, prizes included television sets and cash.

But to me, everyone ā€“ proprietor, management and employees ā€“ was a winner. After all, the last two days was a celebration of the excellent relations between workers and management of a successful company ā€¦ a GNH-company.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I am proud that Karma Loday is the CEO of Yangphel. I am proud because I know him up-close and I have spoken to some of his employees.

    He knows people management, which is one of the most important aspects of business management.

    Good Luck to Karma!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love the rule where three teams play…its More like the 20 overs cricket match being played …more fun and excitement

    And its good to see that such incentives been provided to its employees which would encourage the employees to work more hard and yes definitely a GNH Cos.

    It would be great to see that pvt firms and any other companies provide more incentives and encouragements to its workers..

  3. Bhutanese Blogger says

    This is impressive. Congratulations Yangphel.

    Activities such as these will only strengthen an organisation and make it more successful..

  4. Anonymous says

    YEAH….Yangphel’s gotta lots of money…and so they are happy…THAT IS WHAT I CALL AS THE REAL GNH!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    A GNH company….how many can you name in Bhutan these days

  6. yangphel hss been doing a great job and many congratulations . since from the existence of yeanphel archery tournament in the kingdom, many young energytic archers are becoming more enthusiastic towards it and it is indeed a good way of promoting our unique national sport. like wise i am luking forward that one day or the other, Yangphel will introduce the league system of arcehry like Barclays Premiere Leageue(BPL) so that some people can make their living by playing archery.

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