Gakiling eggs

Searching for markets

Guess how much an egg costs in Gakiling? Two ngultrums! Yes, farmers there are willing to sell their eggs for a pittance. And still they still don’t get any buyers. That just shows how little access they have to markets.

“Yoed ba chin tsong sa med. May ba chin nyo sa med,” is how Ap Tshering Wangdi had described their predicament a few years ago.

But some farmers have now decided to take matters into their own hands: they’ve decided to, collectively, sell their eggs in Thimphu. And, Rinzin, a young farmer, has volunteered to collect the local eggs and bring them to the capital every week.

So look out for Gakiling eggs – organic eggs laid by free range indigenous chickens.


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  1. Please alert us where (from which shop or stall) will Rinzin sell these organic eggs.

  2. i think tis your duty to make them accessible to any kind of market now.(nyo si da tsong sa).i think by the time rixin reaches thimphu with his organic eggs,the price of his egg will be ten to 20 times higher than the actual price in Gakiling. Every one knows you have made lots of campaign promises…so think over it and dont always leave the people of Gakiling sell their organic eggs laid by indegenious chickens for a pittance

  3. it is good for the people of Gakiling that someone has taken initiative to bring the eggs to capital but …. by the time egg reaches to capital it will hatch and Mr. rinzin will have to sell chicks instead of eggs

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