Up for adoption?

That Ratan Tata has said that he is interested in investing in Bhutan may or may not be good for us. That will depend on how the Government eventually finalizes its foreign direct investment policy.

But the Prime Minister, it appears, has already decided that Tata will be good for us. In fact, he’d gone so far as to tell the Chairman of the Tata Group that: “A country like Bhutan would be happy to be adopted by Tata”.

And to make certain that Ratan Tata did not miss the Government’s invitation for adoption, all our major newspapers – Kuensel and Bhutan Today and Bhutan Observer and Bhutan Times and Business Bhutan – carried the PM’s tempting offer, word for word.

FDI? Maybe.

Adoption? No!


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  1. I agree with you on this, OL. I am shocked that this DPT government is out to sell our country. To be adopted by Tata? Tata may have money but we want JYT to remember that this country is not for sale> Why doesn’t remember that he has mandate of the people for five years only?

  2. Thinley Penjore says

    Personally, I am also not very keen and comfortable with the DPT government encouraging outsiders to operate business in Bhutan and that too at very large scale. I also don’t buy the statement of Ratan Tata that his company’s interest to operate in Bhutan is not for profit but to get into business in Bhutan. I don’t think any fool will believe such statement and I have personally not heard or come across myself people doing business just for pleasure and not profit. Whatsoever, I am sure our PM will consider all pros and cons before he really approve any external company to operate in Bhutan. Public opinions will have to sought and also it would be a good idea to present such proposals in the NA for endorsement by the house (both the house NA & NC), rather than deciding by PM and few ministers. We are talking about the future of Bhutan and our politicians should should not forget that they have the mandate only for 5 years of which 2 years is already completed.

  3. Tek Bahadur Thapa says

    I met a few Bhutanese sitting over a cup of coffee and someone asked, there is no transparency in how big projects are doled out to foreign companies, and this raises the question:

    1. Is there is an opportunity for the government in power to collude with this foreign companies to plough back some kickbacks?

    2. Why isn’t procedures followed to acquire public tenders for big assignments?

    3. Why is our PM going out to lure big companies into Bhutan. May it be that kickbacks from these collaborations could sustain cash trapped party?

    4. Why isn’t OL making noise about US$9.2 million work to Mckinsey (this figure does not include out-of-pocket expenses including air tickets, stay of young Indians mostly fresh MBAs from McKinsey with we-know-all-attitude at Hotel Taj)? Big kickbacks seriously doubted from Mckinsey. Is OL and his party also getting that share of the kickbacks?

    5. Media is hardly making any investigations. Has recruitment of Tenzin Rigpaden, seduced into being the media relations officer for the DPT government despite his public denouncement of his disagreements on CDG, ban on live BBS in NA hall, handling of 7 deaths in Chhukha case, state financing of political parties, tamed all media organisations in Bhutan?

  4. All our major newspapers carrying the PM’s tempting offer “word for word” is Tenzin Rigden’s media influence in action.

  5. I am baffled by the PM’s unrelenting stand against Bhutan joining the WTO. Is he against the WTO because of the transparency (and level-playing field)that WTO demands in the dealings of its member countries? If Bhutan does not join WTO the PM will have, as he does now, a singularly biased and dominant influence in deciding which foreign firms can operate in Bhutan and which cannot. His decisions may be influenced by who the foreign firm’s local partners are and he will definitely be more inclined to support foreign firms that have partnered with his relatives or party supporters, a trend that is evidenced by the 1,000+ acre Education City that is in the pipeline – a trend that is becoming more blatant by the day.

    His current style of functioning will only be perpetuated as long as Bhutan stays away from WTO. I haven’t heard even one strong argument, based on qualified evidence, from the PM on why and how WTO would be bad for our country apart from his generalized sweeping assertion that WTO goes against GNH. WTO will not go against GNH, in fact WTO will strengthen the GNH pillar of good governance, but it may go against the heavily lop-sided influence he currently wields.

  6. it depends on how u define adoptions. giving honorary citizenship is kind of adoption and it would be an honor to have a guy like tata being a bhutanese.and hi, helping bhutan in development..that;s cool isnt it. and nowhere in the news did i see the word adoption being used. we have had so many development partners who would interfere in country’s internal affairs..if u look at that way i think tata might be better than these countries.

  7. Our PM tends to be impulsive and makes some ridiculous statements.However,this is not my concern as the mad frenzy with which things are moving and to what direction that need to be carefully figured.Making policy statements and then retracting it when it does not suit him, is a case in point.What confidence and faith are we to have in his leadership if this kind of antics continue.

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