The end of school

Galek, my daughter, age 9, class 4, finished her final exams yesterday.

Today, her last day at school, is significant.

It’s significant for me because she’s completed yet another year at school – a reminder that she’s growing up; that time flies.

It’s significant for Galek too – today marks the completion of her first academic year since the introduction of democracy in Bhutan; the completion of one of the five academic years that we’ve given the DPT government to improve our education system.

So I’ve been thinking: what has the DPT government done so far to improve the quality of education? And how have their policies made education more meaningful for our students? I’ll have to think, and think hard, about this for a while.

Meanwhile, Galek will get her results today.

Lyonpo Thakur, you’ve completed your first academic year as education minister. How would your report card look?


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