Kilu Music School

Playing Beethoven

Are you a parent in Thimphu? If so, have you grumbled that the city does not provide enough after-school activities, especially during the holiday season, for your children?

I have. I’ve often wished that Thimphu provided better opportunities to learn about art, literature, culture, religion, music and sports.  But, I, like most parents, haven’t got round to organizing any constructive activity that would keep our children productively engaged during their free time.

Not so, with the group of parents who, in 2005, decided to create opportunities for their children to learn music. And so they started Kilu Music School, a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers and parents. Support from donors – in cash, kind and sponsorship – help keep Kilu going. And, every year, they organize fund-raising concerts.

This year’s concert, held yesterday at the Taj Tashi, featured Frances-Marie Uitti, a renowned composer and cellist, and Kilu’s very talented teachers. And, of course, the students – they impressed their parents and guests with their singing, and their renditions of Rossini, Mozart, Bach, Beethovan and Linkin’ Park!


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  1. OL, you are from HAA. Can you tell us , what crimes are committed by all previous Haa dzongdags before the current one that is being transferred from Samtse as a punishment.
    Also what the previous SPs of Phuentsholing’s crime was before the new one.
    It seems like DPTs punishment for Dzongda is to transfer them to Haa and for SPs, transfer them to Phuentsholing.
    Does that mean, if Gasa dzongda does not like it in Gasa, he can cimmit a crime and then he will get transferred to Haa. And if SP of Zhemgang wants to be located close to commercial hub of Bhutan, all he has to do is commit a crime.

  2. I think OL should have a different section in his blog for people like Truth to start of a new topic for discussion or is there already one… let me know.

    Well Truth

    To start of with dont you know that Happs and Parops are sataras… Leaders would have to live in stress to work with them… Ha.. ha kidding…

    Well truth who said that Samchi Dzongda is transferred to Haa as a Punishment posting. For me it is a simple answer that The MOHCA has dug into his past record and eventually decided that he should be posted to haa. Most people I have talked to says that Samchi Dzongda has the qualities of leadership and a down to earth guy. I dont agree that what he did in Samchi is a crime.. Its just that some of our future teachers did not liked him socializing with them and since they have the biggest voice in Samchi they did not like him to be in Samchi, In other words they want a Dzongda who just does his office work and stays inside his house. I think the government granted the wish of the students in NIE by transferring the dzongdha from Hot Samchi to Cool Haa. If I have been a student in NIE, I would definately not raise such issues because most probably the Dzongdha must be the first Dzongdha to be socializing with the students and having fun and for sure Dzongda is also a human being and of course being a man if given a green signal forget about him, even the wisest guy or the most tsagay guy would go for the green signal, at the same time if the students did not like the attitude of the Dzongda or the SP they are allowed to back of and immediately report to the higher authorities in the institute and solve the matter right in the spot.

    On behalf of the people of Haa I welcome the new Dzongda to his new posting.

    Dear OL, You being one of our leaders should take note of the following sentence.


  3. Sorry for going off-topic.

    I do agree with you up to a certain degree Linda, but what I don’t get is, if there was no harm, crime committed, then just say there was no wrong doing.
    Our prime minister made it look like it was a big deal, sending high level delegation there to investigate and wasting money and time of our government.
    If there was no wrong doing, why go through all that. Is it to fool oridinary people like us. We all know that there is two sets of laws, one for higher up and rich and one for poor people.

  4. Dear Truth and Linda: I’ve been thinking of building a separate section that would allow users to post comments that are unrelated to on-going discussions. Perhaps, it’s time. I’ll work on it. Tshering

  5. Truth

    The point here is not to fool someone but like everywhere else in the world, there is this game of politic… Of course weather the matter is serious or not the Prime Minister will have to send a high level investigation team and as a politician he would not dare say the trainees were wrong because every vote would count during the next election and at the same time he would not say the Dzongda is wrong because the dzongda is not at fault too so to make everyone happy one should play politic.

  6. Deal OL,
    I am very grateful to you for providing us with a forum to express our uncensored concerns and voice our opinions.
    I really appreciate it and I am sure lots of other Bhutanese do too. It is a big deal for me to have this opportunity to have discussion with OL, who represents the voice of almost half of our country.
    Yes, we would appreciate if you could create a forum for us. That way I won’t be going off topic every time.
    Thank you and keep representing the silenced.

  7. pema tshering says

    Dear OL,

    Good job. If its not you, then who will even say a word about what the PM is doing, or has done. PM is getting older with each day passing and we are helpless with his age. So, we need younger, healthier leaders like you in the near future in the land of GNH.

    Please keep up your good work.

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