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Thimphu Club won the most medals in the recent under-15 tae­kwondo championships. Thimphu Primary School came in second. And Zilukha LSS third. 105 students from 9 clubs had participated in the championships that had been organized to commemorate Bhutan Taekwondo Federation’s silver jubilee.

Not bad, I had initially thought, till I looked at the medal standings properly.

Courtesy: Bhutan Observer

Of the 9 clubs only two were from government schools. Five of them, on the other hand, were from private schools. The remaining two were not school based – one, the winner, is part of the Federation, and the other, White Tigers, is a private club.

Thimphu has 12 government schools at the primary and lower secondary levels. So why is it that they had only two teams in the tournament, when almost every private school in town could field a team each? Did they lack the resources? Or did they lack the interest?

Today, private schools are staffed with teachers who are less qualified, less trained and lower paid than their counterparts in government schools. They generally have access to fewer resources. And almost every private primary school operates from an apartment building or semi-permanent houses.

If, given these conditions, private schools are already outperforming government schools, I dread to think what will happen when they are permitted to charge higher fees, and because of that, they are able to recruit the qualified teachers, buy better resources, and build proper infrastructure.


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  1. There you go, OL.
    As a matter of fact, I never wrote in your blog just for fun or to improve my writing skills. I am sure many of the writers here feel the same. I wrote here with one sole purpose and intention: writing in your blog may make a difference. Now I am realizing that it won’t. People ask you one thing and you tell them another thing.People have asked you about article 15.11 of our Constitution. People have asked you about the disappearance of article 4 (Kabney) from the draft of the Parliaments Entitlements Act. People have asked you about when you will file the CDG case to the Supreme Court. But here you go, writing about Sunday biking, taekwondos and book weeks. I am dumbfounded. I can say that you will never make a legend of yourself. You are a politician and will remain so forever. If people who can do something make a lot of noise but choose not to do anything, I don’t think there is any use for people who can’t do anything to do anything about it. No use at all. Waste of time.
    Just remember the following famous quote:
    When Hitler came for the Jews, I was not a Jew therefore, I was not concerned.
    And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned.
    And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned.
    Then, Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church — and there was nobody left to be concerned!!

    NB: This will be my last arctile in this blog.

  2. superman000 says

    I agree wit you. He hardly response to quries. Inform the people correctly to ensure meaningful debate or discussion.

  3. The post is not about taekwondo. It is, as the title says, about issues that are “more than taekwondo”.

  4. superman000 says

    Some of the quries made by the readers are very important. I did not get the answers to this question. I think u r rite person to answers it coz its ur blog. We are talking about the issue u post in the blog. All are important.

  5. Today the NA starts and I wish OL the very best of luck. Let people say anything about you but please do not give up. Do what you think is best for Bhutan and its people. Good luck again

  6. phuntsho says

    Tangba, when someone ignore’s the issue, we should assume that he/she is party to it.

  7. yeswecan says

    My perception is that people ask too much for issues that make little impact. If we are to make Bhutan a true GNH country, I think we should find the root causes, rather than trying to crush the fruit that has gone bad. I don’t think rules and laws come straight from heaven, so we need amendments and changes with time that suits us best.
    Sometimes, when I read some posts here, it really makes me feel that some people are trying to look through a “barrel of gun”, trying to shoot down the bull that seems to make mistakes but failing to understand the true reality. Considering the size of our opposition, I don’t expect our OL to be a one-man crusader. Nevertheless, I am very much impressed with what our honorable OL is doing.
    But whatever that is, I don’t think it represent the sentiments of general public.


  8. At the end of the day, OL is not to be blamed. It is the civil servants of Bhutan who fooled their uneducated village relatives to vote for DPT, that is to be blamed.
    There is only so much OL can do, no matter what he propose or oppose, it will be easily crushed by DPT, after OL has only one memeber to back him up.
    This better be a lesson to those civil servants, that, all that glitters is not gold, never judge a book by its cover and a cow in a book will definitely not eat grass.
    A democracy without opposition is basically a dictatorship.
    Thanks and vote carefully next time.

  9. I agree with what OL is getting at here. The private schools do a much better job despite the limitations they face. One thing is for sure, they cannot afford the complacency that government schools enjoy. There has been very little happening in government schools to facilitate a performance oriented culture. In some ways it is inherent in the entire civil service. This is not to say that we lack people who can perform, just that we have not created the enabling conditions, but only unabling ones with this formalities or that proper channel, and what not.
    For all I know, any efforts to reform has been mostly rhetoric without the required resources and support. Performance in education reform has largely been measured by workshops conducted and media coverage and thereby publicity through invitations of high profile chief guests, or publications of some colorful reports, and NOT by what our students are able to do or be. It can be best described by the proverbial “shit wrapped in fine silk”. Even though it is encouraging to see a lot of changes being talked about in the media such as the “Education for GNH” and the plans to create better service conditions for teachers,etc., only time will tell whether they make a real difference to our children’s learning or whether it’s just another “make you feel good” strategy.

  10. if he can’t answer to the quires… why this blog , just to glorify his party and his candidature for next election.

  11. if he can’t answer to the quires… why this blog , just to glorify his party and his candidature for next election.
    his failure to answer the some of queries show that he will not take our views in to consideration.

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