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Mountain Echoes, a four-day literary festival in the capital, organized by the India-Bhutan Friendship Association, has concluded successfully.

Coincidentally, Thimphu Primary School organized a lesser known, but no less important, literary festival of their own last week. Students pledged to stay away from television during all of “book week”, yielding, instead, to the delights of storybooks. They read books, wrote and told stories, designed book posters, donated books, bought books, and quizzed each other about books and authors.

And yesterday, at the final day of the TPS book week, the students put on a costume parade for their parents and teachers. Most of them dressed up as their favourite characters from their favourite books.

This week’s banner showcases the Class VI students of Thimphu Primary School. You’ll find more photographs of the costume parade – mostly from Class VI, I’m afraid – at the gallery.


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  1. We hope that our small initiative will lead to more children reading and loving books.

  2. Just dropping in to reiterate how pleased most visiting writers were with the finesses and confidence with which our Bhutanese counterparts at the fest carried themselves. The easy articulation in English of the Bhutanese writers, albeit with very little works of repute and with even little exposure to boot, enthralled most visitors.

    From some of the select sessions that I managed to attend, I particularly enjoyed the session where OL spoke on his blogging experiences.

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