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Earlier this year, when the education ministry announced that they were thinking about doing away with written examinations for students of PP to Class III, I asked if phasing out the exams was a good idea.

41% of you said YES, exams should be discontinued for Classes PP to III. But 56% of you said NO, written exams should not be discontinued. The rest said that they were not sure.

Thank you for taking the poll.

The idea of doing away with examinations was first mooted at a GNH for Education conference. The education ministry considered the proposal, but seem to have dropped it after concluding that, at this time, our schools do not have a suitable alternative to assessing student performance.

I agree. That, plus removing examinations from our classrooms sounds uncannily like NAPE  (new approach to primary education), another modern idea that our schools and teachers were not adequately equipped to implement.


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  1. I do have a massive assertions that there should be examination and at young age, children will learn a lot.
    I think Education system in Bhutan is mesmerized by research proof of western psychologist saying that phasing out exam at young age is good for children.
    Not good idea.
    50% for exam and 50% for others learning activities and oral.

  2. It is not the examination system that needs doing away with but rather a change in the types of questions emphasized (rote memorization) and change in the weighting to continuous assessment and what is assessed through continuous assessment. The examination is said to be ‘the tail that wags the dog’ and given the implication and power of this, changing the system of assessment and evaluation for student promotion to the next academic level is something most desirable in my view.

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