An overqualified sweeper?

Meet Sonam Choden. She’s 20 years old.

She completed Class X from Motithang High School in 2005. A year later, she did a six month certificate course in IT at RIIT.

She’s employed as a sweeper in the National Assembly.

Unemployment is real. It’s serious. And it’s growing.


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  1. lyonpo,
    i think u have mistaken her. she is not working with national assembly.

  2. Tshering Tobgay says

    You are correct: Sonam works for DNP and is part of a team looking after the NA and NC compounds. They sweep and look after the gardens. And actually Sonam isn’t even employed there, her mother is. But she’s been substituting for her mother for most of the last 18 months. Her “lajap” had given me this information when he saw me talking to her.

  3. Jimmy S Tensing says

    Your Excellency, this article shows the true face of democracy……who are we blaming at last?

  4. We are not blaming anyone but bhutanese. There is enough job opportunities available, enough job seekers but don’t know which one to choose.

  5. when i see Sonam choden, employed as a sweeper , it triggers my worries. It interprets that 10 years from now, bhutan will experience worrying situation that no university graduate will find a decent job. For me as a responsible citizen, i do take part in sharing worrisome & concerns because at one point of time i may have to face intense pressure of not getting jobs by my own blood ,” sons & daughters. Lets all work together to address this deadly challenges today. Tomorrow might be too late for the too early spurring employment problems. Because already big toll of living highly educated youth are facing the brunt of social problems principally stemmed from the unemployment challenges.

  6. there should be awareness created among the parents and teachers. there4 should know about their career since childhood. But not after completing class XII. Teachers are to be taught first; then students. What is the use of career education in schools?

  7. I feel that Lyonpo failed to appreciate dignity of labour. Even if she is a graduate and works as sweeper, and if she is well paid… I think we should encourage. We complain of unemployment problem but if we look at the trend, we tend to focus more on white collar job. I also have class IX passed sweeper in my office. She has also done computer training but she is now paid more than office assistant in some of the offices. She was ashamed of her job before but with encouragement and support, she is doing very well now.

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