Nervous and scared

Full of promise

The Class XII results are out. 8,576 students took the exams last year. And a good 86% of them passed.

They’ve completed school. Some of them will go to college. Some will undergo training. And the rest will enter the world of work. They’ve begun a brand new chapter in their lives, a chapter that should be full of promise and excitement. So we should be happy for them. And we should be excited for them.

But I’m not. I’m not happy. And I’m not excited. Instead, I’m nervous. And I’m scared.

More than 7,300 students passed the Class XII exams. The Royal University of Bhutan’s 10 colleges have room for only 2,000 students. And fewer than 250 students will receive scholarships to study abroad.

The rest of them – about 5,000 students – will have to fend for themselves. They’ll have to look for money to continue their studies. Or they’ll have to look for jobs.

Youth unemployment is already high. So securing jobs won’t be easy. That means that many parents will be forced to take out loans to send their children to study in India. And that means that the remaining thousands of students face the dreadful prospect of unemployment.

The government has promised full employment, especially for educated youth, by creating 75,000 jobs during the Tenth Plan. And most of those jobs were to be generated by the accelerating Bhutan’s socio-economic development (ABSD) program for which McKinsey was employed.

McKinsey’s consultants have come and gone. The Tenth Plan will be over by June next year. Youth unemployment is already high. And thousands of Class XII students will now need jobs.

So it’s time for the government to make good on their promise. It’s time to show us the jobs. Otherwise, it’s time for us, all of us, to get nervous. It’s time to get scared.


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  1. Respected sir,
    does that 250 scholarships available in DAHE includes other scholarships like SAARC Scholarship, ICCR Scholarship, Army Medical scholarship, Nehru Wangchuk scholarship? Thank you.

  2. 75,000 jobs??? we need to rethink and be realistic on it. can we take that seriously. it is huge exaggeration. 50 percent of that may be true…

  3. Dorji Lethro says

    Most of the class XII students expected the high mark score in biology, chemistry and physics and even other subject too. But as result declared it was found that most of their expectation was just a false.As sir said they are now quit nervous and scared of job market since 5000 student have to search on their own and jobs are very much limited. The government should please them to over come their problems. Thank you la.

  4. Torise Dragon says

    government says they have jobs,but i never got a better one related to my qualification.The only things that i see in the job market is above three years experience REQUIRED. that demoralizes the job seekers. MY personal question to the job provider and the labor ministry along with the ruling government is that…..if we are not given opportunities to gain experience how are we gonna have experience. by working we gain experience,same as we learn by doing,if we are not given chance to do how can the fresh graduates from any standard have experience. This thing must be kept note and please the ruling government do something about it,other wise it will be tougher in the future and i would proudly say this kinda conditions will lead to country’s loss of happiness.

  5. tormai-nyaro says

    Our ruling party’s equity and justice was a mere sham. Where are the jobs? Labour Minister has promised to bring the unemployment figure to 2.5% on paper by the end of 2012, we are being taken for a ride. Thousands of educated youths are going to be looking for jobs and this indeed, like the hon’ble OL says is worrisome.

  6. stabbing and drug abuse will exagerate in 2013.. what to do our adults have made this situation.. lets luve the way as bhutanese lack the ability to make decisions equally, socially, economically, legally and sustainably in reality. we ahve this only on paper.
    hope some of our youths will stab some of our cruel politicians.

  7. Kuzuzangpola!

    A quick note on the recent Stabbing Spree in Thimphu.

    Is this a call for a Knife Legislation in the country?

    Thank you

  8. I am from the private sector and working as a guide and also working in a hotel sometimes when I don’t go guiding. To some extent, there are jobs to take up. But unfortunately, our youth or say the job seekers dont want to take up any odd jobs. They don’t want to be seen serving the guests in the hotel. They don’t want to was dishes and clean floors. They want only the desk jobs even though not qualified to do so. The dignity of labour is not there at all. We Bhutanese have high egos and we cannot settle for small jobs. But I feel we should begin somewhere and end up somewhere better though serving. The MOLHR and MOE can do something together for this where our youth can be breifed or educated through school curriculum or through workshops to make them understand the value of jobs no matter how small.

    Finally, I am also worried about stabbing spree around Thimphu and elsewhere. These days there is no reason required for a person to stab another person. If they don’t like the look of your face then you are attacked. I am just hopeful that such an incident will not occur to the visiting tourists. We have to do something. If the government cannot come up with a solution, then we should request this responsibility to be taken up by our His majesty. Only he and he alone can make a difference. We already see so many initiatives like HM’s Tozey and other initiatives taken. Government should not shy away from taking help. There is not time to loose. It is fast becoming a very unsafe place to be especially in Thimphu.

  9. Who cares about stabbing and drug and alcohol abuses, the smokers are most dangerous people right, so we need to lock them up for 3 years instead of those hooligans. Thanks DPT, I am sure if we lock up all the smokers, everyone will go to heaven and our country’s crime rate will drop to 0.
    DPT has already brainwashed our innocent villagers into believing that smokers are the worst people on the planet, they just presented them with their point of view not the opposing views, so now the villagers are parroting like DPT koolaid drinkers.

  10. You forgot to add the 1200 or so students who didn’t get through…..they may choose to repeat, but will probably choose to either pay their own way through college or look for a job. so the number is actually higher. And very worrying. Add to this the fresh wave of graduates we will get who are just done with college and ready for jobs back home, and we have greater problems in our hands.

  11. Dear OL,
    Yes indeed it is worrying. To understand that the mentality and present perception of our present youth on jobs is a disgrace. A class X is willing to stay at home and earn “no income” for a year rather than to take up a free training in Culinary provided by the government and get a job in one of the hotels as sue chef which can get a pay of at least between Nu. 8,000-15,000 a month.
    This type of behavior change should have happened years ago. This urgency of jobs and projected youth unemployment was known 10 to 20 years back.
    So my Honourble OL where where you and what were you doing then as a “Director” in the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. Why were there no strong efforts that time to deal with the known fact that 50% of our population being youth were going to enter the job market?
    Did it have to take democracy to come in for you to wake up?

  12. Firstly, on the job market. Well I see a lot of opportunities everywhere, it’s just that our youth don’t want to try and take responsibility. Maybe something wrong with parenting and educational system.

    Secondly, on the stabbing spree, this has been a concern raised long long time ago subtly but government just talks and does nothing. Some of the high officials are actually complacent that our ancestors were like that.
    About the law………some of the repeat offenders are out of jail within hours of them being caught, why can’t we retain them for longer period of time with some disciplinary therapy. Let them serve certain term as prisoners but let them do community works in very remote areas or works that they normally detest. For instance, take them to work for Guru Statue building in Lhuntse,or Lake reduction site in Lunana perhaps they would learn some values in life. But let the rule/law be applied to all irrespective of their long links or no links…….

  13. Mr. Opposition leader, I have only one suggestion to sooth and calm your nerves.
    Please Lobby and PROMOTE each Dzongkhag with a developmental theme.
    For example
    Thimphu and Punakha-Administration city.
    Phuntsholing, gelephu, S/Jongkhar – Commercial city.
    Zhemgang and Tsirang- sporting city.
    Trashigang and Dagana- Educational City.
    Bumthang and Paro-Religious City.
    so on and so forth.

    If PDP AND DPT can take that kind of initiative than i am sure youth of Bhutan will not come knocking thimphu’s door and stabbing cases might go down as well.


  14. I have nothing to say about the job market as I am not qualified enough, however, it does look that things are going to get much more bleaker as more and more youth join the bandwagon in search of jobs.

    In regard to the stabbing spree that seems to be happening all over the country, maybe it would be good if new legislation is put in place which outlaws the carrying of weapons.

  15. There are no dearth of jobs in the country but no one wants to give them! Go to any department office and ask why they are taking so long to get a simple thing? Shortage of manpower. Why are we not able to control forest fire even around the capital? Short of manpower! Why is the police so inefficient? No manpower! Why there are no presence of RSTA and traffic cops on the highways to prevent road accidents? No manpower! Why the city Corp is unable to control the filth and the garbage in towns? No manpower! Why BHUs are in the state of neglect? No manpower! Well, I can go on till morning with this stuff. Recruit them, train them and put them to task. Everything will be okay. At least 95% OF THE UNEMPLOYMENT will be solved. Announce and exercise VRS/ retrenchment program vigorously since the govt. is crying hoarse about merit based promotions and all that jazz. Non performers, send them home because we have endless line of wait listed boys and girls raring to join and perform! Now where’s the problem?

  16. Domchosertong says

    75000 jogs by government I wonder how they going to create it, especially for fresh passout from school and college, every advertisement for Job require the certian year of experience. About the ABSD’s initiative of Government through McKinsey programme , I think is one of wrost money wastage by government on the young Indian, who have no experience and just presented the idea to Govn. what our common bureaucrat have been doing till now. Its high time that government should have faith on our young bureaucrat ideas than just hiring everytime from outside like Chelips, we know what the best methodology for our country than someone from McKinsey…ABSD is a total failure, the money spent on hiring them could have been used for alternative development activities…..with 5000 of our future youth entering the job market is impossible, lets pray that our so called land of GNH shouldnot turn into land of Gross National Harassment….

  17. No news yet on the Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarships? Six slots were offered in 2009 after which none have been announced. Looks like the Nu. 50 million for the scheme is exhausted.

    The Army Medical Scholarship is given discreetly to siblings of army officers who just need to get 60% in Biology and not based on merit.No annoucements or competition.

  18. There is nothing really wrong with children of the arm force fraternity getting the scholarship for the medical college as long as they get the desired entry mark of 60%. One should question only if candidates falling short of cut off mark are sent. Or have an open competition among aspiring candidates who have secured minimum of 60% and then select the best for both the civil and army medics. This will be fair.

  19. Bhutanese Refugee says

    And what about the Bhutanese refugee issue? Aren’t you aware that if you don’t address this issue, the ones that have been resettling in the West will sure pose some intellectual questions in years to come?

  20. Dear Bhutanese Refugee, Here we are discussing about the future of our Bhutanese Youth unemployment problems and the solution to solve the issue. I dont think that refugee issue comes in the middle of discussion

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