Happiness for me

More than 90 scholars from 25 countries have descended on Thimphu to participate in the 4th International Conference on GNH. The conference, which is organized by the Centre for Bhutan Studies, was inaugurated this morning.

Interest in GNH is growing. And every year, many more sociologists, economists, psychologists, politicians and even businessmen and women join the ranks of GNH believers. What do most of them do? They conduct study, research, survey, analyze, hypothesize, and propose theories. They publish. And we are blessed with a growing library on the important subject of GNH.

Let me also share my thoughts – simple and straight forward – on happiness for me.

I believe that to be happy I must enjoy a sense of security, a sense of identity and a sense of purpose. And increasing amounts of security, identity and purpose would lead to increasing levels of happiness for me, my family and my community. That would be good for GNH.


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  1. Mine would be achieved sustainability, developed capability, fulfilled dreams and the drive and passion to go on for the general good

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