Big Picture – 7

This week’s big picture is a recording of life in Bhutan. Listen to it. And guess what’s making the sounds. The first one to answer correctly wins something relevant to the big picture.


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  1. Hi lyonpo,
    How is everything going?

  2. Hi Lyonpo,
    How is everything? Keep- us also informed.
    KB Lama

  3. It is a Chukhor(Prayer wheel) without bell.

  4. Karma S. Phuntsho says:

    Chukhor Mani or water driven prayer wheel.


    its a sound of water mill.

  6. It is a prayer wheel (Chokor mani) in a stream without the bell

  7. The sound of Hon’ble OL walking along the aum mochu river, just below dorithasa.

  8. hand prayer wheel

  9. Water-run prayer wheel on a stream in Taba!

  10. JABAB PHUB DORJI says:

    Sound of a bird at the river side

  11. Linda wangmo says:

    typical Bhutanese water mill sir

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