Big picture – 8

It’s been a while since we did a Big Picture. The first person to guess the big picture correctly wins a golden coronation badge of His Majesty the King.


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  1. jigme Tshewang says

    O.L la!
    is it patels of rhododhendron flowers?

  2. Its a rhododendron flower bud.


  4. My grandma says its a Zhudang Meto a.k.a eto meto.

  5. Partial bloom of the Rhododendron flower

  6. it is nothing. from the Buddhist point

  7. it seem like a rhododendron flower…but then its already guessed…lemme guess the second possibilities and it would be red chili..haha..just trying to win the badge….

  8. bhutanese ‘coloured tshok’ on altar!

  9. Linda wangmo says

    rhododendron in Haa Valley…. he he do I get the badge for being specific I am guessing this with you recent visit to Haa.

  10. Lay la go cho aue sen borang ga, Yee dang meto phog pay cham pa ga ge wa la. Kadrin che

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