Big picture – 9

Jigme Tshewang won the last Big Picture. But Jigme didn’t claim the prize. So it goes to the first one who correctly figures out this picture.


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  1. P Chhetri says

    Is it Takin

  2. P Chhetri says

    Is it rein deer

  3. Looks like Yak calf

  4. Takin calf.

  5. i think its sheep’s head

  6. it’s been a while… a donkey

  7. its deer

  8. Yangchung says

    Drey Daza ( little mule?)

  9. Yangchung says

    actually…..its goat, right?

  10. lu..innbay (sheep)

  11. lamb face

  12. blue sheep

  13. looks like a foal

  14. cow calf

  15. I am not interested to know whether it is a donkey or a takin but I would appreciate much if OL could pass on some information about the construction of Bathpalathang Airport in Bumthang.
    1. Do we really need it?
    2. If yes, justify?
    3. How many people will it benefit?
    4. How many of our people can afford such air trips?
    5. How much revenues will it make to the government?
    6. Will there be so many tourists who will choose to fly to Bumthang directly rather than traversing across the Bhutanese himalays along Punakha, Wangdi, Trongsa and Bumthang?
    7.The cost of maintenance of the airport per year?
    8. Ever done any study regarding the aesthetic beauty of the place after the airport is built?
    9. And why the rush? Something going on somewhere?
    10. And why Phala Dorji still the Director of Civil Aviation? (he was in civil aviation for 20+ years)
    Personally I think the project is expensive and not necessary at all. They didn’t even finish the Dekiling town project and they are already starting another project. Will the Tingtibi story repeat in Bumthang? They built a huge hospital at Tingtibi at a great cost. It was supposed to be a Referral Hospital in that region but now the buildings are dumped with not even a doctor and the wards filled with broken beds and chairs? I am worried. OL, enlighten us on this.
    Thank you.

  16. I am of the opinion that it would be more appropriate for Tangba to direct his/her questions to the PM/Government.

  17. Tshewang, there is a saying, “if you want the right answer, you must ask the right person otherwise you will never see the light”. I do not want to ask the PM/ government because I think I already know what they will tell me. They will tell me all the good things about building the airport and they will hide and not utter a single bad word about it. That is why we need to ask an insider who knows and I think at this point of the time in our country our honorable OL is the only insider who can give us the right information. Please bear with me.

  18. Jabab Phub Dorji says

    It is SHAW….

  19. Sonam Thayee says

    It is Jigme Tshewang himself…

  20. sombeb gyeltshen says

    it is a black foal of a golden yellow mule who gave birth and surprised villagers in Dorikha, Haa,on June 7.

    (Black Foal)

  21. Jabab Phub Dorji says


  22. it is Mithun, i think

  23. Jabab Phub Dorji says

    Thra-Bum ( Local Cow)

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