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Bhutanese golfers

Several of you have complained that Druk Star’s voting process is flawed.

Yes, you are right. Voters are permitted to cast multiple votes. But, they have to pay good money for each vote. So the candidate with the most money, or with the richest supporters, will, in all likelihood, get the highest number of votes. And win the coveted title.

The voting process, however, is purposely flawed. They are a business. Their primary aim is to make money. And what better way to do that than by turning a blind eye at the otherwise glaring fault.

But all elections are not flawed. In fact, that’s why we conduct elections: to select winners though a fair process.

And where would you expect to find the fairest elections? In the golf course, of course, among golfers, who dedicate their time to mastering the gentleman’s game – so called, because in golf, players expose their own transgressions, enforce their own penalties, and report their own scores.

So recently, when 36 gentlemen – yes, all of them were men – assembled in the Royal Thimphu Golf Club to elect a new president, not a single one of them doubted the process. The gentlemen cast their votes. And they counted them. The winning candidate had secured 16 votes. And the closest challenger had registered 15 votes. One vote, just one ballot, had determined who the next president of their prestigious club would be.

But one hacker – an incorrigible accountant, no doubt – totaled the votes. He counted 40 of them.

36 gentlemen had somehow cast 40 votes!


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  1. Tha is funny. Corruption at its best. If they cannot even conduct a fair voting system with 36 votes, how can they handle thousands, if not millions.

    Talking about golfers, Bhutanese golfers are the biggest cheats. Evey golfer from Bhutan tries to play at their worst before the biggest tournament so that they can get a crappy handicap. That way they can win the big tournament depending on their handicap.

  2. Yes, you are right, honorable OL. I play golf at weekends(will not tell you where). I know what it is like to play golf.Someone said, “golf is like a love affair.If you don’t take it seriously,it’s no fun; if you do take it seriously,it breaks your heart”. And often it makes me feel like a good walk spoiled but most important of all, it has taught me one important thing that I am beginning to realize now: the difference between golf and government is that in golf you can’t improve your lie!

  3. Cruel

  4. Wicked

  5. media detective says

    I heard some high senior officials of the govt/civil service bunked before the vote count. They knew something was fishy beforehand. If total vote count from 36 voters came to 40 votes, why was the voting not done again?

    Who ever got elected, I do not think you can afford to eat or sleep well, knowing you got to the post in the most unfair manner.

  6. media detective says


  7. This issue appears to be small but it is a serious concern. So much corruption in golf. By the way who is this guy who needed this post so much?

    Must be a dirt cheap character.

  8. Thank you Sir, was angry that a man would resort such cheap tricks to get to what I would say is not a very coveted post.

  9. Golf is known as the most expencive game specialy for Bhutanese and maybe for that reason we can see only the wealthy and high government dignetries on the course. That means, the ones who did unforgiveable action were among them but know that, not all. The other unmentioned words in the above articles is that;
    Just after the declearatin of the votes result, the members complained about the extra votes on the spot, but nothing happened, and another thing behind this story is that even the elected presedent knew about the colorless election at that current time. And another black thing about this voting election is that, few of the present and former govt. dignitaries voiced that the election is over and nothing can be done and started to leave the hall at that very moment. From this, sad to know but true, we the middle class and lower class citizens are loosing faith upon those high class people and specially the ones who hold powers of govt. Needless to mention what has to be done but should not be forgiven at any cost. Something should be done as fast as possible by the members of the club and other connected bodies.If not, will be just a story and know what will be the birth of this story.

  10. Character is often defined as doing the right thing when know one is looking. I think we can all agree that ship has sailed. It’s now a matter of behavior and doing the right thing while everyone IS watching. In the name of Democracy please step down and demand a new vote.

    Everyone is waiting for you to do the Right thing.

  11. Reasons Why says

    Practicing Character is not enough if we don’t know why we are practicing it. Without a belief in God, character has no foundation on which to stand. When that foundation is removed, it can do nothing but collapse.

    How do we know what character is without an objective reference? If human beings are left to our own devices we will invent whatever model of ‘good character’ seems right at the time. Without God there are no moral absolutes. Without moral absolutes, there is no knowledge of right and wrong. The Bhutan people are suffering from this and we now see it displayed in our increasing suicide rate, our drug problem, our domestic violence problem, and now at our local golf course.

    Today, moral values are often off limits because it is associated with religion. Can we even entertain the idea that people can create a secular morality? If God is dead, isn’t everything permissible? The people of Bhutan are a living example.

    Character in action is not self-serving, it’s ultimately practiced for one reason alone. To honor our living God.

  12. I am embarassed by the way these people have behaved. How could they keep quiet when they very well knew what happened was wrong. Dago should accept his immoral behaviour and turn down the post.

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