Druk Stars

Phurba Chencho

We were totally wrong.

Our poll predicted that Jangchub Choden would win the Druk Star contest. And that she would be followed by Jamphel Yangzom, Phurba Chencho, Sonam Tobgay and Chencho Norbu in that order.

In reality, yesterday, Jamphel Yangzom won the contest. She was crowned Druk Star, was declared the Voice of Drukyul, and drove off in a brand new Maruti Swift. Chencho came in second, followed by Sonam, Phurba and Jangchub.

We were completely off.

I’m happy for Jamphel Yangzom. And I’m happy for the other contestants who made it to the top 5. They’ve worked hard. And they’ve earned the adulation of the whole nation. Congratulations!

But I’m most happy for Phurba Chencho. He’s from Shari, a village of about 50 households in Haa. Before the competition, barely four months ago, he was a full time farmer tending to his cows, and preparing to plant wheat. He’d never been to school. And his singing was limited to impromptu performances during his neighbours’ chokus.

Phurba Chencho says that he’ll continue farming. But that he’ll take his singing a lot more seriously. Very good!

Photo credit: BBSC


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  1. I like Phurba Chencho too. His very typical nomenclature with his unique face cuts and coloration associated with such a warmness in his voice attracted my eyes and ears right from the beginning. He looks kinda cute, you know. And yes, he has shown us one thing: the beauty of giving a fair chance to everyone regardless of who you are!!

  2. I appreciate that the organisers have done a good job and opportunities were given to all irrespective of their background.

    I think the result was good and fair and Bhutanese have casted their vote with right Judgement. I appreciate all the contestants and they have given us a very good show, though they were all untrained singers. So we Bhutanese have the talents but we need a better platform to showcase it…

  3. Phurba chencho touch many hearts with his strong vocal quality and his sense of humor. He seems to be a complete package for Drukstar

  4. As a matter of fact, I am a huge fan of Phurba Chencho! He rocked when he sang “Hingi Meto…” (Rigsar). He really is a talent house! But I am even more impressed now, and yet left wondering how could be remember all those song lyrics (how could be read) given the fact that “He’d never been to school.” That’s amazing……
    I am very happy for him having climbed to this level in the entertainment industry!
    Good luck Phurba Chencho. (oh, BTW, I am wondering if he is in anyway related to popular singer Rubji Phurba, cos he sings all most exactly like him! haha)…

  5. Congratulation Phurba Chencho and ofcourse to all the rest. Phurb has done very well although he cam from a humble background. My heartfelt congratulation to the organizers for providing the platform. Such more programs should be organised for all the categories of people especially the children so that some of them can get specialised at the early age which means better opportunities for our children to become professionals.

  6. I watched the Druk Star Finale on BBS TV at home with my family. I did not bother to know about the prizes. I was just interested to see our budding stars. That’s all. Today I read about the various prizes in the KOL and the RICBL prizes left me with a very bad taste. The first prizes by Zimdra Automobiles (a Suzuki Swift car) and by Palden Steel (three air tickets to Bangkok) are very much commendable. The consolation prizes for the other top five guys, free air tickets sponsored by some private companies and the BBS audio-visual contract to each finalist are also very praise worthy. Miscellaneous prizes like the rice cookers, portraits, mobile phones, sim cards are also appreciable. What made me feel so sick is the RICBL prizes: sponsored a year-long personal accident insurance policy worth Nu 100,000,applied 100 percent only in case of death or permanent disability from an accident,and comprehensive insurance for a car for one year, worth Nu 438,000 to the winner; sponsored travel insurance policies worth Nu 450,000 each to the other five runners up. WOW!!WOW!!WOW!!Nu.100,000! Nu.438,000! Nu.450,000!Don’t the prizes look so very generous and lavish on the part of RICBL? Yes, but did you realize that Jamphel Yangzom will get nothing if she does not kill herself in some accidents or if she does not smash her new car within one year? Did you know that the other runner ups will get nothing too if they do not injure or kill themselves in some kinda accidents? Not only did RICBL bother to reward the winners with anything worthy but RICBL has shamelessly managed to advertise itself freely as sponsors of the prizes in the show. VERY DISGUSTING!
    What do you people think?

  7. I voted for the right star.

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