Quiz – 2

Our first quiz generated a good deal of interest. So, naturally, I’ve decided to make quizzes a regular feature here. I hope you agree. Please participate. And please contribute questions.

Here’s the question:

What does HPM stand for?


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  1. Ask Uncle Google!!

  2. dungsamkota says

    HPM = Honorable Prime Minister
    HOL = Honorable Opposition Leader

  3. HPM: Hon’ble Prime Minister. Can this be used formally??

  4. As “tangba” suggested, I “asked Uncle Google” and there are at least a dozen full form for “HPM” abbreviation. However, to be honest I am not sure what it really stands for and which one is the answer in the Hon’ble OL’s mind. But, I feel that lot of people will be able to answer the questions, either by “asking Uncle Google” or friends. Instead of quiz, it would be interesting if the Hon’ble OL continued with his “photos/videos and questions” like before.

  5. Jabab Phub Dorji says

    HPM – Stands For Health Policy and Management

  6. High Power Microwave

  7. HPM = Human Performance Modeling

  8. HPM= Happy Parimeters Matrix

  9. HPM = High maintenance Prime Minister of Bhutan.

  10. kinzangchophel says

    HPM= Highly Personalized Minister

  11. High Pressure Minister/Monitor/Mercury

    Happy People’s Money/Mentality

    Happiness and Prime Minister (Happy Prime Minister)

    Happiness Philosophy for Money/Monkey

  12. Hypocritic Prime Minister

    Horrible Prime Minister

    How many answers are allowed?

  13. Howray Prime Minister

  14. hazardous prime minister…

  15. Hypocritical Parliament Members?

  16. kinzangchophel says

    If our Opposition leader asked such question in the discusssion blog, then all will write nonsense thing and democracy do like such thing but the creative one with excellent reason.

  17. sonam chophel says

    what i understand for “HPM” is HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL MINISTER.

  18. More than democratic discussion blog, this looks government critic box.

    Therefore, HPM = Hypocritical People’s Mentality

  19. Hugely Problematic Ministers
    Hen-pecked Ministers


    Highly Paid Ministers



  22. It seems that the OL does not have anything to do, thats why these silly quizzes.

  23. Sounds funny, but top of my head it says HPM == Masters in Public Health.

    Of course, opposite in order.

  24. No other country in the world has an opposition MP as a minister. Therefore, HPM must stand for “Honorary Pseudo Minister”


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