Sunday biking

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Our Sunday bicycling group is slowly growing. Today, there were 12 of us. We met up at the Clock Tower Square, and rode together to Dechenphug monastery and back.

Contact Rinzin Ongdra at if you’d like to join the group. Or, just show up at the square at 10:30 AM on Sunday. To encourage you I’ve posted some pictures from today’s ride at the gallery.


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  1. Honorable OL,
    How did you find time to bike? I just heard the DPT MPs have no time to study the four issues proposed by you in the forthcoming session of NA. Or, did you get time to bike after they rejected your proposals? Or,has life of our Opposition MPs become like biking too: you try to ride the roughest terrain but if you can’t do it, you can always find a way around it?
    Cheers biking, in and out of NA.

  2. Dear Tangba,

    I’ve learnt that, through the roughest terrain or around it, the idea, when biking or serving as an opposition MP, is to stay stay alert lest you lose your balance.

    On issues, there are many more. Housing and the Tenancy Act. Unemployment. Land compensation. FDI. Pledge to keep Bhutan carbon neutral. Quality of farm roads. Education city. Education quality. Electricity tariff increase. Accounts for the SAARC summit. Minimum wage. Relief Fund. RTI. Crop insurance. Service delivery. Media independence. Financial regulations. State funding for Political parties. Salary increases. And, of course, CDG.

    We’ll discuss these issues and many others, here, in the media and in other fora, if not in the Parliament!

  3. Honorable OL,
    With due respect, I understand what it means to keeping your balance when it comes to riding your bike and overcoming all those rough terrains and moving through the precarious paths, but I do not quite understand what you mean by keeping your balance serving as an Opposition MP? Does it mean keeping the balance between your own status, perks and job security for the next four or so years and the interest of the nation and the people at large? Does it mean keeping the balance between facilitating a democratic face wash in the front of the people and the world and supporting tyranny of democracy at the back? Does it mean keeping your balance between good and evil? Does it mean keeping your balance between right and wrong? Does it mean keeping your balance between what is Constitutional and Unconstitutional? Is there such a balance? Could there be such a balance in the first place?
    I know that the DPT MPs are also trying to keep their balance between their party stability and party interests and the future of our people and the interest of our nation at large. If not, there is no reason for them to bulldoze the CDG, gups’ salaries, disallow live telecast of the NA sessions and so on.
    At the end of the day, the Opposition MPs and the DPT MPs are all trying to keep their balances. All of them are talking about serving the nation and its people but none of them is truly working for the country and its people with utmost dedication and sincerity. All are working for themselves. All are afraid they will lose their balances. All are busy keeping their balances.
    As an aging citizen, I can’t help but wonder, what will be the fate of this country in the end!!

    • Dear Tangba:

      I did not intend a play on the word “balance”. Instead I used the imagery of biking, referring to the fact that the small opposition must be extra alert in order to get’s its job done.

      That you may feel that the opposition, and the OL in particular, may have compromised their ideals and values is another matter.


  4. In a way, there is wisdom in what Tagba says about “keeping the balance”. Well, in a matters that affects whole Bhutanese population such as allocation of development budget, threats to national security, more than 30% of population under poverty, liberalization of FDI, Bhutan joining the WTO, selling Bhutanese culture for dollars, daming the major rivers for electricity, unavalibility of basic human requirement such as food and water, etc. etc. one can not afford to balance ones point of view. The balance should rather be tilted towards fighting these issues for well being of Bhutan and Bhutanese.


  5. I congratulate OL for taking up biking during weekends. I wanted to do the same thing but somehow scared of biking amidst maddening taxi, alto, prado, truck drivers. Instead i go for a long jogging everyweekend and play archery on traditional bamboo bow and arrow. I wish every hutanese take up biking as a habit or indulge in some games or past times that are non-polluting and eco-friendly.

    In today’s Kuensel there is a worrying article written on Sakten becoming warmer and locals strongly beleive that earth is heating up, possibly through man made activities and human greed. Sometimes, i wonder, whether what we plan as so-called development activities is really needed, if it leads to ultimate demise of planet earth and its inhabitants. Perhaps, through such development activities we are digging our own grave and hastening the process for everybodies to get buried.

    This leads to my view on FDI and Bhutan planning to accelerate economic development. On the hind sight, do we really need FDI and rapid economic development when facts and evidences are clear that doing so we are fast approaching the black hole created from our greed, materilism and consumerist societies??


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