Tragic news

Tara Air's Twin Otter

Bhutan is in mourning.

Nepalese officials have confirmed that all 19 passengers and 3 crewmembers onboard the Twin Otter aircraft that crashed in eastern Nepal have died. The airplane, which crashed shortly after taking off from Lamidanda airport, was carrying 18 Bhutanese pilgrims. Our fellow citizens were returning to Kathmandu after visiting Maratika’s sacred caves.

A team from Bhutan, led by the Cabinet Secretary and two Zimpon Wongmas, are already in Nepal overseeing relief operations and providing support. The bodies of our pilgrims have been recovered and identified, and are expected to arrive in Paro tomorrow.

The Galpoi Zimpon’s office has established a Crisis Unit to provide support and respond to inquiries. The Unit can be contacted at 188 (hotline), 02-35589 and 1711-6667.

The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs has also established a similar unit. They can be reached at 233 (hotline), 02-327098 and 1760-9591.

The tragedy has shocked our entire nation. And we are united in our grief. Together we offer our condolences and moral support, our thoughts and our prayers, to the families and friends of the victims of yesterday’s tragedy.

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  1. This is so sad and tragic.I offer my condolences and prayers to the family and friends of the victims.

  2. This is really tragic. I read the updates on kuensel and it looks like some family members lost everyone.
    My condolences and prayers for everyone.

  3. It is really a tragic news and i too offer my deepest condolences to the bereaved family members.

  4. this is such a shock.
    My prayers to the departed. May their soul rest in peace.

  5. This is how our life is. No one can predict. well, from Buddhism point of view, people who died on pilgrimage one is considered to be good. but it may or may not be true. such news really make me feel sad. What to do; i only have one option, i.e. to pray for their soul to rest in peace. Relatives might be crying for such accidents but at least our government took initiative to bring back the death bodies from Kathmandu. I salute for such great task. My message to all grieved family not to feel sad. I first saw in and at last sentences, “it was written as bhutanese”; then i search in the google. All the family members had gone!!!!
    “May their soul rest in Peace; May they shall not wander in Bardo”

  6. eyes are filled with tears and heart heavy as a stone….when heart is full words are limited…Really sorry for those family…I will pray for U all

  7. My heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this terrible tragedy.

  8. aaaaiiii….please allow me too, to join in offering my sincere prayers to those who left us and my deepest condolence to those bereaved families. we all are so shocked and life is just uncertain…but one thing for sure is that we are over fortunate to be born and to be died in a country like ours, where every one, king, government, dratshangs and people of all levels share their everything and mourned not lesser than those bereaved families. above all, our king, the government and the dratsang lhentshog have really taken care both for the victims and the bereaved families…this is why we are bhutanese and we are fortunate to be bhutanese….

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