Big picture – 10

We haven’t done this for a while. The first person to get the big picture wins a copy of “Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan”.


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  1. Thats a Bundle of Polythene pipes la…conveying water i guess.. common see in places like hejo..

  2. kinley tshering says

    A dozen of water pipes crammed up together.

  3. water pipes

  4. water pipes

  5. Different sizes of polyvinyl chloride – PvC (water pipes)criss-crossing.

  6. True Dukpa says

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC/uPVC) or Pipes

  7. Linda Wangmo says

    Polythine pipes to be taken to sombaykha

  8. mayisuggest says

    Multi-branched roots of the DPT govt.

  9. Water pipes.

  10. Water pipes..common sight in places like Hejo

  11. Looks like some electrical cables

  12. Water pipes going to different homes from a distribution point… one such kind can be seen in Taba

  13. PVC black water pipes distribution to houses seen near Langjuphaka(above SNV office)

  14. PVC Black water pipes distribution points seen at Langjuphaka(above SNV office)


  16. looks like coaxial cables, presumably for cable TV where the ‘big picture’ spans out!

  17. This is a depiction of the heights of organizational skills in our Asian economies. It starts from the source!like the jumbled water pipes!

  18. its a microscopic picture of hair.

  19. TMT bars/rods

  20. thats a bunch of telephone cable wire

  21. its a bundle of waterpipe which is laying there without care and it is not at all pleasent to see empty pipes without water.i feel sad to see empty pipes .lets keep our fingers cross that our countrys water remain forever ,for centuries to come

  22. tshewang dorji says

    HDPE pipe for RWSS for Sombaykha…….

  23. Slithering Sub-Alpine Serpents Serenading Each Other And Mating, a Cycle That Takes Place Every 12 Years When The Snake Skins Temporarily Transform Into Rubbery/Plasticly Textures…

  24. Its branches of a willow tree

  25. It is a STEMS of a Apple tree saplings.


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