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Dear friends,

I’m continuing my tour to the dzongkhags – to congratulate the new local governments, to report on the work of the opposition party, and to discuss what we should focus on during the remainder of our term.

I’m in Dagana. Today, after we visit the Impressive Daga Tashi yangtse Dzong, we go to Dagapela, and from there we trek to Lhamoizingkha. I’m looking forward to visiting this part of our country before they become accessible by car.

I haven’t been able to get my laptop online. That’s why I haven’t posted anything new. But I can access the Internet on my phone. So I’m able to update my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please stay in touch through them.

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  1. during this government’s review of the plan, almost all districts (excl. samtse) reported very high achievement of their activities..please confirm for us if this is true..if it is, please ask local government & district officials what they will be doing until the next plan begins..

  2. OL, who all have accompanied you from your opposition party and or who all are there in your team….

  3. Good! Now we have our own equivalent to Advani’s Yatra!!! Please bring home the flower garlands.

  4. It is rite time that you build your body. instead of touring to other constituency it would be wise to tour your constituency, because it is very important for you to win the next elected to be elected as the next pm. keep up and all the best. we are with you

  5. What do you think of Tshogpa salary raise? Frankly I think it is too much. The tshogpa’s don’t have to be in office full time like other jobs. I know this because my dad was a tshogpa before, for three years. You might work 10 days a month at the most. These days mobile phone has made easier to call meetings compared to past where they have to walk to every door to call meetings. I think 3,500 should have sufficed. The department of roads workers work full time yet they get paid only 4,000 plus a month.

  6. truth,

    i absolutely agree with u regarding tshogpa salary….just five years back, when my father was working as a tshogpa, he wasn’t even paid a penny. The only benefit he was getting was, he was exempted from occasional labour contribution, and other cash contributions which were made sometimes while conducting local tsechu, rimdos etc….And, i never heard him complaining about monetary benefit but rather he used to take it as privilege and honour as he was appointed because he is elderly man and trusted by many villagers. Now, maybe, changing time has made more materialistic!…..Perhaps, it should have been around 3500 as they will not be working full time. Anyway, hope 5000 will motivate them to work harder for the wellbeing of gewog/village community.

  7. Dear ALL,
    I think its a strategic move by DPT to gain support from the mass population (considering the no of Tshogpas and the family members) who will be casting their vote in 2013.
    Next election is just one year to go and this is the game DPT is playing and nothing more.
    I know OL will not go against the decission of Nu 5000 as salary but may be he will speak from constitutionality of the salary raised.
    if he go against the Nu. 5ooo salary, then he is sure to lose that many votes in 2013.

  8. OL has already informed the viewers that 2000 is constituionally unacceptable and raised voiced that minimum salary to be 3000. But what DPT has played a game by increasing to 5000 merely to garner the votes in 2013. m i rite.

  9. Paro Penlop says

    May god bless you whatever you do your work. May all your tour go smoothly and clean way la.

  10. Tenzin Penjore says

    The cunning mind of our leaders at the helm is obvious from the way thet have raised Tshogpa salaries. I hope the next party that comes into power promies to raise the salary to a minimum 10,000 without a care in te world

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