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Social media is amazing. Click on a few buttons, like a page, follow a friend, and, voila!, you know everything that’s going on around you.

To politicians, that knowledge is invaluable. It allows them to hear the people, to listen to them, to feel their pulse.

But social media has an even bigger gift for politicians. It facilitates communication. It allows politicians to interact continuously with people, easily and directly.

Yes, social media is amazing. That’s why I, as a politician, am active on Twitter and Facebook. That’s also why I’m on Youtube and Bambuser and Linkedin and Instagram. And that’s why I maintain this blog.

Over the years, I’ve received many messages, mainly on Facebook. Many of them have carried good wishes and words of encouragement … and criticism

But I’ve received many other types of messages as well: some giving me advice, some complaining about public policy, some explaining their personal problems, some asking for help with their school research, some asking for money, some asking if I know their long lost friend, and some simply to say “hi!”

Of the thousands of messages I’ve received, my all time favorite came from a young boy. He sent me this desperate message last week:

“Uncle, I have a cute little pug dog who I love very much. Last time, my mummy has given to your brother as he has a female pug. And my mummy cannot remember his no. Please ask him to bring back my pug. I miss him very much. Please uncle!!!”

I had to attend to his request immediately. I tracked down my brother, then went back on Facebook. But before I could tell him the good news, this message was waiting for me:

“Thank you uncle. He brought it back. Me and my sister are very happy now. Mummy wanted to send him with Aunty but we didn’t let her send him. Please tell other uncle, he can bring his dog to our home to meet my dog sometime. We will also send our dog to his home. Again, thank you uncle.”

Social media is amazing.


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  1. Yes, i agree with OL about the fascinating aspects of social media, but on other hand, misuse of this marvelous human invention could backfire and destroy the basic norms and fabrics of human societies. These days, there are several examples to illustrate the plus and minus of social media. The recent disruptive roles played by social media like twitter is spreading hate among communities, particularly in the USA, muslim nations and India, which has caused hardship, death of innocence and instilled fear in the minds of several innocent citizens.

    My only advice is that we in Bhutan should cultivate habit of harnessing this powerful medium to spread good messages. For this, the responsibility especially lies with public figures like OL, PM and other MPs. They should set good examples and hopefully general public will follow it.

    I admire your habit of using social media to communicate with people. Keep it up.


  2. awesome story

  3. Very Cute little boy. Even more amazing is your readiness to help a little boy find his doggy.
    You are one amazing young politician, who has the capacity to not only dance to modern tunes but also to be the best dancer among all of us.
    Your presence on social media made you the most visible politician in the country, it was through you we understood what our policy makers are up to.
    You are the first promoter of free speech in the country. It’s hard to decide whom to thank first; you or social media!

  4. so cute.

  5. Touching human story!

  6. media is amazing and is important. However we need to further understand the value,the importance and the freedom of expression every citizen has. Recently in some papers,ECB wanted all internet service providers to trace and report social media users who violate ecb rules. Now where do we draw the margin between following electoral laws and exercising one’s freedom of speech and expression gauranteed by the constitution of the land.

  7. Social media is very useful. I got help through it and could help some through it. That’s amazing.

    Always stay active for people want to know more and more everyday and your presence will be priceless.

  8. A simple suggestion to your excelency.

    Are there any proposals that you will be linking with PM for the next election.

    the country will flourish laa

  9. Dear Lempo,
    All most every day i was logging on to ur website expecting that you will have some views regarding the Gyelposhing Land case but on the contrary i found nothing la. Is it that you also have some vested interest in it la???

    • Dear Namgyel,

      I have no vested interest la. But, like you, I’m still interested in the case. I am certain ACC is looking into the case, given OAG’s decision to drop it, so I’m waiting to see what they do.


  10. Why are you so silent now on Gelposhing Land corruption? ACC did its work to relief itself of the public accusation of not doing their job though it took a wrong process. And, OAG also releived itself of the public accusation by saying no legality to take up the case.

    Good show by all and very very pathetic and bad.

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